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A1 Test

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A1 Test


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Read and choose the correct word. A. Is the sharpener in the cabinet? B. Yes,_________________________ a. They are b. It is c. They aren't.
Her_______________is Zip code Last name E-mail address.
His________________is 164-62 Main Street Address Fist Name Cellphone number.
Pablo_____________________________now are working is work is working.
A:_____________________________you have the flu? B: No,______________________________________ Do /I do Does / I do not Do / I don't.
Read the sentences below and choose the correct one Patricia has a earache Patricia has an earache Patricia have an earache.
Read and complete the following sentence. Where_________________________the pencil? Is on are.
Is she from Canada? Yes, she is Yes, he is No, she is.
The teacher isn't talking today. He has a__________________- earache backache sore throat.
Is the computer on the table? No, they are Yes, they are Yes, it is.
Read and choose the best question. In/ drawer /is / the /stapler /the/? The stapler is in the drawer? In the drawer is the stapler? Is the stapler in the drawer?.
Look at the picture. Choose the correct answer tall cute old.
Choose the words and phrases in the correct order is /so / Anna / pretty is Anna so pretty. Anna is so pretty. Anna is pretty so.
What's Michael's occupation? He works on the weekends? He's a photographer He's very busy.
Look at the picture. Write the correct sentence Don't walk to the park Don't walk to the hospital Don't walk to the pharmacy.
Ms. Adams does a lot of research. She is a ___________- doctor scientist engineer.
Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verb to be. A: Are they managers? B: He__________________a manager, but she's not are is isn't.
Reading: Anna and Sara are very good friends. They are also neighbors. They go to the same school, and they are classmates in the English class. Miss Park is their English teacher. Every day they go to school together. Anna's father and Sara's father are colleagues. They're both bankers. Anna's mother is a chef. Sara's mother is a doctor. Anna and Sara want to be doctors, too. Maybe they can work together. Then they can be colleagues, too. Anna and Sara are__________ bankers doctors neighbors. .
Look at the picture. Complete the statement with the correct form of be. Choose the correct answer. I__________________a chef am not am are.
Are you Ruth? Yes, I am not Yes, I am No, I am.
Choose the correct answer. Select a, b or c Antonio Banderas is Spain from From Spain is Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas is from Spain. .
Complete the sentence or conversation. A: What _________________________your phone number? B: My phone number is 0976543432 are yours is.
Look at the picture. Choose the correct title Miss Ramirez Mr. Ramirez Mrs. Ramirez.
Look at the picture. Complete the sentence with the correct possesive adjective. He's Bart. Rick is __________________classmate. he his your.
Look at the picture. Complete the sentence with the correct possesive adjective. She is Maura Lindsey is ____________________friend his she her.
Choose the correct answer. Select a,b or c Mattew ____________________________two sisters have has haves.
Complete the question. Choose the correct answer. A___________________the concert? B: Saturday What time's What day is Where's.
Choose the correct times to each clock. Each clock has two answers. It's six thirty / It's half past six. It's six ten. / It's ten after six It's six thirty five / It's twenty five to seven.
Read the paragraph again. Complete the questions When___________________________? On Sunday at noon. is the classic movie is the concert is the basketball game between the US and China.
Complete the question. Choose the correct answer A:___________________is the movie? B: It's at 9:45 What day What What time.
Read the advertisement and choose the correct answer The store has__________________ cd's computers shoes.
Choose the words and phrases in the correct order. don't like / yellow /They / the / jacket _______________________________ They yellow jacket don't like the They like don't the yellow jacket They don't like the yellow jacket.
Choose the correct answer. Select a,b, or c. ________________________________Nancy's sisters? How old is How old are How old am.
Choose the correct answer. Select a, b or c The concert is in May. What time is the concert? Where is the concert? When is the concert?.
Choose conversation. Choose the correct answer. A: What do you do? B: ___________________________ I'm Helen Frist I'm an artist She's a scientist.
Complete the sentence or conversation with in, on, or at. Choose the correct answer. The game is______noon___________Saturday at, on on, in in,on.
Complete the paragraph with the simple present tense or the present continous. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses (). We never______________________ vegetables eats eating eat.
Choose the words and phrases in the correct order. are /Sandra and Mike /young /very Sandra and Mike very young are Sandra and Mike are very young Sandra are very and Mike young.
Complete the conversation with the correct form of be. A. Is she Cecelia? B. No, she______________ I'm Cecelia are is isn't.
Short Answer Choose the activity that most people do first in a typical day. clean breakfast eat breakfast make breakfast.
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