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____ name is Carlos. a) I b) Me c) My d) Mine.
I____ from Brazil. a) is b) am c) are d) was.
How old ____you? a) Do b) Is c) Are d) Does.
The computer is ____ desk. a) In b) Next c) On d) Between.
I ____ not David. a) ‘m b) ‘s c) ‘re d) Isn’t.
Where ____ your books, Karen? a) Do b) Does c) Is d) Are.
____ brother is 24 years old. a) She b) Her c) She’s d) Hers.
_____ questions are very easy. a) That b) Them c) These d) This.
I usually get home____ 5:00. a) At b) In c) On d) To.
____ you say that again, please? a) Can b) May c) Should d) Shall.
Do you have ______brothers or sisters? a) A lot b) Much c) Few d) Any.
My birthday is ____ November 23rd a) At b) In c) On d) To.
My _______ name is Angelia. a) Mother has b) Mother’s c) Mother is d) Mother does.
______ your best friend very tall? a) Do b) Is c) Are d) Does.
He _____ crazy about jazz. a) ‘s not b) Doesn’t c) Don’t d) Don’t aren’t .
____ your older sister have a pet? a) Do b) Did c) Is d) Are.
Can you____a computer? a) Do b) Use c) Doing d) Using.
What singer do you____? a) Like b) Likes c) Liked d) Liking.
I usually____ home at :30. a) Leave b) Left c) Leaving d) Have left.
20- My father____ today. a) Work b) Is work c) Working d) Is working.
how ____ do you do homework? a) Many b) Much c) Often d) Hours.
What kind of TV shows ____you like watch? a) Do b) Is c) Are d) Does.
Ricky___ to music right now. a) Listen b) Listens c) Is listening d) Listened.
_____ you at school yesterday? a) Are b) Were c) Do d) Did.
My house is across ____ a park. a) To b) On c) Of d) From.
My friends ride____ bicycles to school. a) Its b) Them c) They d) Their.
Mr. Brown usually gives ____ homework. a) Often b) Many c) Any d) A lot of.
_____ magazine is that? a) Who b) Whom c) Whose d) Whoever.
Jenny likes to meet people. She is really____. a) Shy b) Friend c) Friendship d) Outgoing.
there isn’t ____ milk left. a) Any b) A little c) A few d) Many.
Let’s meet in ___. a) Saturday b) May 18 c) The morning d) 2:00.
where ____ yesterday? a) Did you went b) Yes, did go c) Did you go d) You were go.
I usually babysit_____ a week. a) Two b) Twice c) Two time d) Twice times.
I always____ is(a) shower in the morning. a) Take b) Taking c) Am taking d) Taken.
My old shoes aren’t ____ enough anymore. a) Big b) Bigger c) Biggest d) The biggest.
We ___ very busy last weekend. a) Didn’t b) Wasn’t c) Don’t d) Weren’t .
I___ to the store. Do you want anything? a) Go b) Am going c) Will going d) Might.
I ____really hard for the test last night. a) Am going to study b) Was study c) Studied d) Am study.
Who___ you going to go to the park with? a) Do b) Is c) Was d) Are.
We ___ some English song at jane’s party. a) Singed b) Singing c) Sang d) Sung.
I ___ play with dolls when I was younger. a) Use to b) Used to c) Using to d) was used to.
I was born in Hong Kong ___ I didn’t grow up there. a) And b) But c) Do d) Because.
She ___ the test the first time. a) Fail b) Failure c) Failed d) Failing.
Is Laura ___ Martha? a) Old as b) Older than c) More old as d) More older than.
Yesterday was a really ___day. a) Rain b) Rainy c) Raining d) Rained.
___ Ice cream should I get for the party? a) How much b) How often c) How long d) How many.
I was watching TV when you___. a) Telephone b) Telephones c) Telephoning d) Telephoned.
Your parents are worried. You ___ call them right away. a) Must have b) Would c) Might have d) Should.
If it rains tomorrow, I might ___ home. a) Stay b) Stays c) Staying d) Am staying.
Who’s ___ student in class? a) Smart b) Smarter c) Smartest d) The smartest.
You ‘re in the volleyball team____. a) Do you b) Have you c) Don’t you d) Aren’t you.
I only___ a couple of hours last night. a) Sleep b) Sleeping c) Slept d) Have slept.
What chores do you ___ so(do) at home? a) Have b) Have to c) Ought d) Ought to.
That old movie was pretty boring___? a) Does it b) Wasn’t it c) Isn’t it d) Doesn’t it.
My brother hates cleaning his room and ___. a) I do, too b) I hate, too c) I don’t either d) I hate, too.
I’m so excited! My family___ on a trip tomorrow! a) Go b) Will going c) Is going d) Are going.
Which tour is ___ expensive? a) Less b) The lesser c) Less than d) The most least.
I’m not sure, but I think I’ll have___ a Cheeseburger or a fish burger. a) Either b) Neither Both d) Frequently.
If you need anything, I___ get it. a) Go b) Will c) Have d) Please.
He doesn’t like to wait for things. He’s king of____. a) Patient b) Unpatient c) dispatient d) Impatient.
I haven’t decided I ___ see a movie tonight. a) Will b) Might c) Probably d) Am going to.
How long___ here? a) You live b) Do you live c) You lived d) Have you lived.
I’ve known her___ last semester. a) For b) During c) Since d) About.
I___ sushi, but I didn’t like it. a) Never ate b) Have eaten c) Have never eaten d) Have ever eaten.
Have you finished___? a) Yet b) Soon c) Ready d) Today.
Paul walked___ to the front of the class. a) Quick b) Quickly c) Quicker d) Quickness.
The questions of the test were___ than everyone expected. a) Easy b) Easier c) More easy d) Easiest.
What was he doing when he___ his leg? a) Breaks b) Breaking c) Broke d) Broken.
Most scenes in a movie ____ several times. a) Filmed b) To be filmed c) Are filmed d) Were filmed.
____ a club is a good way to meet new people. a) Join b) Joining c) Belong d) To belong.
I’ve never been interested ___science. a) For b) In c) To d) At.
My uncle taught __ how to play the Guitar. a) He b) His c) Himself d) Myself.
When I was a boy, I ___ fishing almost everyday after school. a) Had been b) Have been c) Used to d) Used to go.
My family has lived in Canada____ about two and half years. a) For b) After c) Before d) Since.
I can’t swim ___ my brother. a) Good as b) Better c) The best d) As well as.
I rode a horse when I ___ in elementary School. a) Had been b) Have been c) Am d) Was.
I’m always trying___ weight. a) Lose b) Losing c) To lose d) To have lost.
You___ drive to long without taking a break. a) Shouldn’t b) Oughtn’t c) Won’t have d) Must have.
There’s a shop here ___ you can buy batteries. a) That b) Such c) Which d) Where.
If I___ time, I’ll come by and see you tonight. a) Have b) Had c) Will have d) Will have had.
You weren’t absent from class again___ you. a) Are b) Were c) Aren’t d) Weren’t.
I’m sorry I’m late. I ___ left earlier. a) Could b) Had better c) Should have d) Probably will have.
By this time next year, I ___ in New York. a) Live b) Am living c) Have lived d) Will be living.
What would you do if you__ a ghost? a) Saw b) Have seen c) See d) Seeing.
The game___ by the time I got there. a) Begins b) Began c) Had already begun d) Will have already begun.
She___ to Peter in many years. a) Talks b) Talked c) Had talked d) Had not talked.
If I____ a million dollars, I’d travel around the world. a) Win b) Did win c) Won d) Had won.
Her boyfriend is ____ older than her. a) Much b) Very c) Some d) Many.
Jim___ his work before he left. a) Had already finished b) Has almost finished c) Had yet finished d) Had finished already.
“Imagine”_____ by John Lennon. a) Wrote b) Was wrote c) Written d) Was written.
Before she had to give her speech, Sara felt more and_____ a) Quite nervous b) More nervous c) Much nervously d) Less nervously.
Our new printers operate____ than our older models. a) Quietly b) Quietlier c) More quietly d) More quietlier.
Jane’s performance was so___ she made some people cry. a) Impress b) Impressed c) Impressive d) Impression.
____ he didn’t win the marathon, Luis was glad he ended up in the top ten. a) Nevertheless b) Regardless c) Even though d) In spite of.
the earlier___ the sooner we will finish. a) We start b) We will start c) We are starting d) We have started .
Tom was___ poor student that he never bothered to carry a pen. a) So a b) A very c) An overly d) Such a.
Am I to late____ the concert? a) To enter b) To entering c) For enter d) For entrance.
Every year an increasing amount of pollution. a) Is producing b) Is produced c) Was produced d) Had been produced.
My parents asked who___ to the party. a) I go b) Did I go c) I went d) Did I went.
If I were you, I ____ call her back. a) Will b) Mustn’t c) Shall not d) Wouldn’t.
READING TEST Hi Maria, How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you for a few days. Are you still feeling under the weather? You know what I do when I have a cold? My mom makes me chicken soup and I drink lots of lemon tea with honey and garlic. Try it. It might work for you. Now I need your advice! Do you remember my cousin Kym? She’s older than me, but we’re really close-like sisters. She’s the one who goes to the University of Victoria. Well, she wants to go somewhere warn for the Christmas holidays. She’s what we call a ‘’snowbird’’ in Canada-you know, someone who likes to fly south to escape the winter. She was talking about where to go this year, and I suggested she consider your country, Costa Rica. She thinks it’s a great idea. So she asked me if I would contact you and get some inside information about where to go, what to do, and where to stay. She’s planning to go with two of her friends and they’ll have to travel on a pretty tight budget. Kym and her friends are not typical tourists that like to hit all the big tourist spots. They’re pretty adventurous and like to explore out-of-the-way places. What do you suggest? Of course, I’d like to tag along, but I don’t think I can talk my parents into it. But I had a good idea. You’ve never seen snow before, have you? why don’t you come and visit me this Winter? Kind of like a snowbird in reverse! We could go up to Whistler Mountain - it’s just a few hours inland from our place in Vancouver and we have a chalet up there! My dad went in on it with my uncle a couple of years ago and they’ve been spending the last few summers fixing it up. It’s really something now. And Whistler is totally awesome. It’s considered one of the top resorts in Canada. There’s always snow – and there are 33 lifts (and quite a few beginner slopes). There’s also a wonderful winter wildlife tour that we can go on! Whistler is very international, with restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world! and Whistler Village is set up for strolling, so we can get almost anywhere we want without worrying about transportation. And you don’t have to worry about the altitude either – it’s not too high and people rarely have trouble. Anyway Maria, you just have to come! I promise it’ll be the best Christmas you’ve ever had. Ask your parents and tell me what they say! Your friend Tanya next next..
What is wrong with Maria? a) She’s ill b) She’s cold c) She doesn’t like the weather d) She’s hungry and thirsty.
Who’s Kym? a) Tanya’s instructor b) Tanya’s close friend c) Tanya’s older sister d) Tanya’s uncle’s daughter.
What don’t “snowbirds” like? a) Flying in summer b) Cold weather c) Warm weather d) Flying in winter.
What did Kym ask Tanya to do? a) Get travel tips from Maria b) Go with her to Costa Rica c) Talk her parents into going with them d) Give suggestions about different countries.
About how much can Kym and her friends spend? a) A large sum b) A fairly small amount c) A huge budget d) nothing at all.
What kinds of places would Kym and her friends like to see? a) All the big tourist spots b) Well-known towns and cities c) Famous sightseeing spots d) Unusual places.
9. Where is Whistler Mountain situated?(reading) a) In Vancouver b) On the ocean c) Away from the coast d) Below sea level.
Who would Tanya like to visit Costa Rica With? a) With her parents b) With Kym and her friends c) by herself d) With her parents and Kym’s group.
How did Tanya’s family get the place at Whistler Mountain? a) Her father bought it from her uncle b) Her father went in and bought it c) Her father and uncle bought it together d) It has been in her father’s family a long time.
How can Tanya and Maria get around in Whistler Village? a) On foot b) On the lifts c) In a stroller d) By public transportation.
Which attraction doesn’t Tanya mention as she describes Whistler? a) Skiing b) A monorail system c) Food from different countries d) Excursions to see native animals.
LISTENING TEST Listening A. Read items 1-3. You have 30 seconds. Then listen to a girl tell about her day. Circle the letter of the correct answer. next next..
1. The girl goes to school_____ a) At 7:15 b) late c) by car d) by bus.
2. She finishes school at____ a) 3:00 b) 3:15 c) 3:45 d) 3:50.
3. After school, she does not ____ a) Watch TV b) meet friends c) do homework d) look for something to eat.
4. Joe and his friends found a man___ a) At a party b) on the street c) in the park d) at a school performance.
5. It was_____ idea to call the police. a) Joe’s b) Joe’s sister’s c) Alex’s d) Joe and Alex’s.
6. When it started to rain, Joe____ a) Called 911 b) hurt himself c) got in the ambulance d) put his jacket on the man.
7. Jeff sprained his ankle because he____ a) Was running b) jumped and fell c) stepped on soap d) slipped on wet pavement.
9. He thinks skydiving seems less dangerous than____ a) Taking a shower b) jumping out of a plane c) taking up tennis d) jumping out of a window.
Sabrina wants to do ____ a) Police work b) cybercrimes c) computer programming d) computer systems repairs.
Sabrina thinks it’s difficult to catch____ a) Escaped criminals b) credit card data c) people who hack d) people who use other’s credit cards.
Sabrina is studying____ a) Information processing b) computer manufacturing c) at a police academy d) how people break into systems .
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