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My teacher says I _____ a good student. is are am.
I think She ________ a journalist. is am are.
They ______ in a good mood today. is am are.
My name _______ Daniel. is am are.
We ______ from Venezuela. are am is.
______ it a good idea? is am are.
This _______ my book, It ____ mine. is, is am, is are, are.
She ______ twenty-seven years old. is not am not are not.
Didi _________ as sharp as a tack. is are am.
Select the correct answer to this expression "Bless you!" you're welcome thanks I do not care.
Select the correct answer to this expression "Nice to meet you" Well, I have to go now. I will meet her today. Nice to meet you too.
The movie is about a worm. _____________ name is Barry. It's Her His Its.
Sophia has an album. __________ name is Greatest Disco Hits 77. Its She Hers Her.
Allen and Dorothy's mother is at the door. ___________ mother is not happy. Their Her Theirs Hers.
He talks to Bonnie. __________ voice is very loud. His Her He Its.
He's wearing a suit and a tie. __________ colors are black and white. It His Its It's.
__________ is a big nest. That These Those They.
All your guests pass under __________ door? those that these it.
Oh, ________ is too bad! Now we have to go home! this these they its.
________ is called hang-gliding. That Those These They.
A: Are __________ your nest mates? B: Yeah, ________'s my family. they , them these, that those , they this, that.
Is __________ what humans do when they are sad? those that they it's.
When we are sad, we do _________ . They that is our.
Fifteen million,seven hundred forty-eight thousand, nine hundred thirty-six. 15,748,936 15,749,663 50,749,693 50,748,936.
60 sixty sixteen sixtieth sixteenth.
There ____ an important conference _____ San Fernando plaza _____ Friday _____ 6:15 am is, on, the, to the are, at, on, at is, at, on, at are, on, the, to the.
There ____ some horror movies ____ Vizcaya theater ____ sunday. They start ___ 6:45 pm. are, at, on, at is, on, at, on are, on, the, to the is, on, the, to the.
Kentham ______ an old town. ___________ ______ old buildings aren't, there isn't, any isn't, there isn't, some aren't, there aren't, some isn't, there aren't, any.
Judy: How long (be) _________ in Canada? Claude: I (study) ____________ here for more than three years. have you been / have been studying were you / have been studying is being / have been studying.
A: Did you like the movie "Star Wars?" B: I don't know. I (see, never) _______________ that movie. saw never have never seen never see.
Select the correct form of the verb in past participle awake overtake spring steal spend speed sow withstand teach think.
She ___________ _______ to the gym with __________ husband usually,went,her went, usually, her usually, went, his.
Match the sentences 1 - 5 How often do you exercise? How do you go to school? Where's peter going? Have you ever been lost in New York?.
How was John's trip to Mexico? It was great, He has no word to describe it. Yes, when pigs fly I do not know but it's a good Idea He's awesome.
_____ there ______ shopping malls around here? are, any are, some is, any.
_______ there _______ school next to the library? is, a are, a is, some are, some.
A: Have you seen my wallet? B: I put it ________ the table. in on at.
How old are you? You are 44 years old I'm 27 years old I have 27 years old You have 44 years old.
Every Monday, Sally _________ ________ kids to football practice. drives, her drive, its drives, their drive, her.
I'm sorry I can't hear what you (say)_______ because everybody (talk) _____ so loudly are saying, is talking are saying, are talking say, is talking is saying, talks.
A:________ you think it's a good a idea? B: Yes, it is Do have Is Did.
Make a question with these words "is/at home /your mother" Is your mother at home? Is at home your mother? Your mother is at home?.
Match with the correct meaning cousin Granny Granddad great grand mother.
Alicia, __________ the windows please. It's too hot in here. opens open opened will opened.
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