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An organization’s lead times and the flow of tasks across value streams are being impacted because tasks often sit waiting in queues. Which technique can be used to overcome this challenge? Clarifying 'definition of done' Introducing a ‘push’ system Increasing batch sizes Limiting work-in-progress.
Which value chain activity ensures that products deliver stakeholder expectations for quality? Design and transition Engage Obtain/build Plan.
An organization is undergoing a significant cultural change as a result of introducing Agile and DevOps practices. How can managers use Toyota Kata to help employees adjust to these different ways of working? By encouraging the practicing of routines to unlearn old habits and learn new ones By creating detailed plans that predetermine how to approach large changes By making hard decisions for the teams and providing step-by-step guidance By encouraging widespread changes that involve the teams starting from scratch.
Which statement about user communities is CORRECT? User communities are created by service providers to investigate the cause of problems Communities set up by users may be recognized and supported by service providers Informal user communities should be disbanded and merged into official groups Every user community should have at least one super-user.
In service relationships, what is a benefit of identifying consumer roles? It enables effective stakeholder management It provides shared service expectations It removes constraints from the customer It enables a common definition of value.
Information that is needed to resolve problems is difficult to obtain because IT staff are worried that they will be blamed for mistakes. Which concept can MOST help to resolve this? Safety culture Design thinking Valuable investments Agile.
Which is an example of results-based measurement and reporting? Measuring and reporting the number of hours worked by service desk employees Measuring and reporting the number of supplier-related interruptions to a service Measuring and reporting the customer satisfaction with closed incidents Measuring and reporting the cost of providing a service to customers and users.
Which concept is PRIMARILY concerned with multiple teams moving to a cross-functional way of working? Organizational structure Employee satisfaction measurement Working to a customer-oriented mindset The value of positive communications.
An organization supports the users of its services using a tiered structure. There are many specialists in the second- and third-line resolution teams who have worked for the organization for a long time. The organization is in the process of deploying many changes to services. This is likely to result in a large number of complex incidents. In addition, there are long backlogs of work for the second- and third- line resolution teams to complete. Which is the BEST approach or technique to resolve this situation? Service integration and management Machine learning Swarming An information model.
An organization is designing a survey to assess the needs and expectations of its staff. What is this an example of? CI/CD Integration and data sharing Customer-orientation Employee satisfaction management.
Which statement is CORRECT when considering a transformation to high velocity IT? All organizations benefit from high velocity High performance is usually part of the change High-velocity IT should be applied throughout the organization Customer-facing systems should be excluded from the change.
A service provider is in a partnership relationship with a service consumer. The services provided are complex, with new functionality and improvements constantly being developed using agile methods. Which is the BEST approach for validating service value? Perform ad-hoc service reviews and produce reports of service outputs Work together to identify methods of checking service value and check that value propositions are still valid Produce service level reports and an analysis of the cost and risks of service delivery Regularly perform user satisfaction surveys and an analysis of the costs and risks removed from the service consumer.
What do design thinking and service-dominant logic have in common? Both require clearly defined requirements and acceptance criteria Both involve collaborating with customers to ensure their needs are met Both focus on product functionality and on building new features Both focus solely on the needs and problems of the consumers.
An IT department is able to rapidly develop services that meet functional requirements. However, overall satisfaction with these services is low. Which is the BEST way to start working on developing new services while addressing issues faced by the IT department? Develop a clear set of system requirements, and track each of them from start to finish to ensure that the delivered service meets the stated requirements Develop a clear understanding of the customers' intended goals and expectations, and track each of them from start to finish to ensure that the service supports the required outcomes Involve senior management as early as possible to define requirements, and help with 'organizational change management' to ensure successful implementation of the service Assess and improve capabilities of IT teams, prioritizing areas that are required to deliver the service in a way that meets customer expectations.
The CIO of a large multi-national organization has noticed that the whole IT department are performing poorly. The CIO is committed to changing the behavior patterns of their staff to improve performance across the whole IT department. Which of the following will BEST help to improve staff behavior? Running safe-to-fail experiments that provide learning opportunities Comparing the 'cost of delay' between work items to ensure that financially valuable work is prioritized Implementing CI/CD tools to deploy software quickly Adopting Kanban boards to visualize the flow of work across software development teams.
From the perspective of a service provider, how does the digital product lifecycle start? With the onboarding of customers With the exploration of market opportunities With the co-creation of value With the off boarding of customers.
How should the seven guiding principles be combined when an organization is making a decision? By using all the guiding principles equally when making any decision By using the one or two guiding principles that are most relevant to the specific decision By using the 'focus on value' principle and one or two others that are relevant to the specific decision By reviewing each guiding principle to decide how relevant it is to the specific decision.
An organization is implementing new technology that will significantly improve how they interact with their customers. Which term BEST describes this situation? Digital organization High velocity IT Digital transformation IT transformation.
A legacy financial system requires the user to manually enter the time and date of the transaction to meet regulatory requirements. A recent internal audit has shown that these fields are often blank. Which are effective controls that could improve compliance? 1. Modify the application to automatically add the current time and date when transaction is entered 2. Establish a communication plan to remind users of the importance of time and date on transactions 3. Develop a goals cascade so all staff know their role in achieving company goals 4. Create a report showing non-compliant records and take action to correct 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
Which ITIL guiding principle recommends using existing services, processes and tools when improving services? Progress iteratively with feedback Keep it simple and practical Start where you are Focus on value.
Which are elements of the service value system? Service provision, service consumption, service relationship management Governance, service value chain, practices Outcomes, utility, warranty Customer value, stakeholder value, organization.
An organization is planning to communicate information about a new improvement initiative by providing information on the IT portal, sending emails, and holding meetings with affected groups. Which communication principle are they applying? Communication is a two-way process We are all communicating all the time Timing and frequency matter There is no single method of communicating.
Which is included in onboarding? 1. Negotiating service targets with customers 2. Building awareness of the new consumer 3. Ensuring resources are prepared for service provision 4. Designing the service components and infrastructure 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
Which can act as an operating model for an organization? The four dimensions of service management The service value chain The ITIL guiding principles Continual improvement.
Which describes the value driven approach to service design? The practice of analyzing a business, defining its needs, and recommending solutions that create value for stakeholders An iterative approach based on frequent feedback, continual experimentation, and learning to ensure value co-creation A process improvement philosophy that prioritizes flow efficiency over resource efficiency Designing just enough features to satisfy early customers, and providing feedback for future development.
A large service provider with many staff has built a relationship with a customer and agreed a 10-year contract. Both organizations have shared information freely and responded to requests. Which is MOST LIKELY to be a threat to maintaining the relationship? Scheduling interactions between customer and service provider Changes in service provider and customer staff Failing to explain service provider actions that impact the customer Failing to deal with communication in a timely fashion.
An organization is attempting to improve the design, development and transition of new services. It recognizes that some ways of working are not focused on creating value. Which is an example of a working practice that the organization should STOP? Defining the features and functionality of services by relying on the developers' previous experience of designing similar systems for customers Involving users, customers and other stakeholders when communicating desired outcomes in the form of user stories Designing systems with the continual involvement of customers, to ensure that any changes in requirements are understood as early as possible Involving customers and users in testing activities, to understand whether the service meets the customers' and users' expectations.
Which high velocity IT objective considers an organization’s ability to continue providing business services when disruptive events affect its digital products? Valuable investments Resilient operations Fast development Assured conformance.
A software development team makes many hundreds of small changes every week. Who can BEST make the decision of whether to accept each change? The IT change manager The software development manager The sponsor in the service consumer organization The other members of the software development team.
What BEST describes the relationship between planning and risk? Planning is a high level function, risk management is a tactical activity Planning should always consider risks and how to mitigate them Planning focuses on what needs to be accomplished, risk management is part of how work is to be performed Risk management is the exclusive domain of dedicated risk managers.
In an organization, a service desk team employs experienced staff who have worked there for many years and have good relationships with support teams. The organization has a good improvement culture, and staff are encouraged to use their experience and identify improvements. They are developing a new policy for handling incidents. Which is the BEST approach for this new policy? Ensure that any identified exceptions are excluded from the policy to improve clarity Ensure that all teams involved in incident resolution collaborate in the development of the policy Implement the policy to the service desk staff initially before informing other affected support teams Engage with stakeholders to ensure that as much detail as possible is included in the policy.
A web hosting provider has decided to apply more of a 'shift left' approach to service support. The provider knows that users like video tutorials as well as communicating via instant messaging and social networks. What should the service provider use to expand how users access support and improve the user experience? Omni channel management Service level management Service interaction method Benefits dependency network.
A company has begun a new, global line of business that has changed how IT supports the new systems. Recognizing the urgent need for two-way communication on the required changes, IT managers are trying to find better ways to obtain feedback than a standing agenda at staff meetings. Which describes the BEST approach for establishing effective feedback channels? Research how individual teams communicate internally, and use the most popular collaboration tools to collect feedback Establish office hours where staff are encouraged to drop by without appointments and discuss any concerns they have Initiate a project to select and implement a collaboration tool to facilitate two-way communication with staff Publish a printed weekly newsletter that clearly and consistently communicates change.
When an organization has initiated an IT transformation project, which 'organizational change management' activity should it carry out FIRST? Create a clear picture of what is changing and why it is valuable Develop a value stream map of the desired future changes Create corrective action plans for staff who are resistant to the change Communicate areas of waste that can be eliminated.
Which is a purpose of the customer journey? To understand the interactions between the user and the service provider To maximize the co-creation of value from both an outcome and experience perspective To understand the service consumer resources required to deliver the service To maximize the number of contacts with the customer in order to enhance the service.
An organization with established processes for managing incidents, changes, and problems, receives a high volume of calls from users complaining that their issues are not being resolved efficiently. What is the FIRST step the organization should take to start to improve the situation? Use value stream mapping to help understand the end-to-end flow of user support Encourage teams to collaborate so they can focus on value for users Improve the integration of tools to ensure there are no gaps between processes Review skills and competencies of user support staff to ensure they have the required capability.
Which BEST describes the primary role of a governing body? To establish and regularly review the goals cascade throughout the organization To develop and regularly review IT measures and metrics To annually review and approval of IT projects to maximize business value To establish and regularly review the effectiveness of risk management and internal controls.
Which charging mechanism could cause the price of a service to change depending on the time of day? Cost Cost plus Market price Differential charging.
An organization is reviewing the support of its IT services. Which is an example of an 'outside in' approach? Understanding how infrastructure and application suppliers are involved in the end-to-end value chain for the support of services Conducting customer and user satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on how customers and users perceive the support of IT services Asking for feedback from the internal technical teams to ensure they are able to deliver against the support requirements Contacting the organization's ITSM software tool provider to learn about software updates which might improve the support of the services.
Which is a method for value-driven, data-driven and user-centered service design? Stakeholder analysis Balanced scorecard Design thinking The MoSCoW method.
An organization is experiencing difficulties with the way it resolves incidents. The service desk staff are often unsure which team to escalate an incident to. The incident is then passed between different teams until it reaches the correct team. Also, the service desk analyst does not always know the correct type of information and level of detail which will be require by the team that resolved the issue. The organization is considering moving away from a formally organized system of tiered support groups. Which in an alternative to this structure that would help to improve the situation? Continuous Integration Robotic process automation Swarming Data Analytics.
An organization´s customer have historically been satisfied with the functionality and performance of its service. Recently, however. The organization is getting complaints about both the performance of the services and areas such as sales and customer support. How BEST can the organization collect the information needed to address these complaints? Gather customer service performance metrics and map to SLAs Collect customer experience and service level metrics Conduct satisfaction surveys after service interactions Use feedback from service reviews to assess value realization.
Which two stakeholders co-create value in service relationship? The investor and supplier The consumer and the provider The provider and the supplier The investor and the consumer.
Who defines the strategic aims of an organization, and provides leadership and reporting to ensure these aims are met? Management Governance Shareholders Audit committee.
Which is a method for value-driven, data-driven an user-centered service design? Stakeholder analyst Balanced scorecard Design thinking The MoSCoW method.
What should be included in an organization`s approach to risk management? An approach to ensuring that risk management in continually aligned with objectives An approach to ensuring that any risks are managed by the people who discover them An approach to setting risk tolerances so that decisions about threats are made by senior managers An approach to achieving a single perception of risk throughout the organization.
Which describes the customer journey? The action that the service provider takes to attract new customers The end-to-end experience customers have with service providers The experience the service user gets from the service provider The actions that the user undertakes to be able to use the service.
An organization wants to limit additional work create by putting controls in place. What is the BEST approach for them to take? Reduce the number of controls that are required by regulations authorities Automated controls so that the people do not have to consciously follow them Measure compliance to requirements instead of putting controls in place Define policies that the people should follow instead of defining controls.
A service provider is planning a major change to its services and the way it delivers them. The project will include many changes to the working practices of staff. The service provider expects resistance to these changes and would like to manage communication in a sensitive way Which is the MOST appropriate approach? Use instant messaging for both communicating and receiving feedback to ensure a quick response for all affected staff Use a mix of communication methods an ensure that a feedback mechanism is included that allows anonymity to be retained if desired Send an e-mail to the affected staff and ensure that as much detail as possible is included to promote transparency Use a mix of communication methods and ensure that any feedback received is shared openly on a public forum to promote visibility .
A service provider has a small technical support group in a remote location providing support to a critical service: the support group have a reputation for providing excellent service. Head office, who control budget decisions are implementing an improvement project for the service. What should the service provider do FIRST to identify the support group’s involvement in the project? Inform the support group that they will receive regular e-mail updates Initiate a discussion with the support group to understand their preferred method of communication Agree a method for involving the support group in financial decisions Use the same method of communication as agreed with all project stakeholders.
A customer is retiring a service and has terminated the contract for the service with the service provider. The service provider will continue to deliver other services to the customer. Which should the service provider include in the plans to offboard the service? Ensuring the user access rights are revoked for all services Creating training schedules for users on how to use the service Providing information to users about how to contact the service desk Identifying and making request for outstanding payments for the service.
In which TWO situations should the ITIL guiding principles be considering? 1. In every initiative 2. In all relationships with stakeholder 3. Only in specific initiatives where the principle is relevant 4. Only in specific stakeholder relationship where the principle is relevant 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
What is the expected outcome from using a service value chain? Service Value Streams Customer engagement Value realization The application of practices.
A designer has been asked by an organization to design a new office chair. The designer has proposed a plan that they have been asked to validate in “design Thinking” What should the designer do to BEST validate the plan? Ask the user to communicate their needs for the chair Ask the user to provide feedback on a prototype of the chair Adopt the user`s point of view of using the chair Decide for the user what is important for the chair.
An organization has IT divisions distributed globally. As the organization has grown, it has become difficult to align the activities of the IT divisions with the organizations objectives? Put compliance controls in place to ensure that all centers of expertise are following the same practices Prioritize risk mitigation strategies in alignment with the organization´s risk appetite Establish increasingly detailed objectives at each level of the organization that align directly with the objectives of the layer above Collect feedback from both organizational and IT leadership from each region.
What is the MOST efficient way for a service provider to maintain a sustainable relationship with corporate users? Design user-friendly interfaces Cooperate with service consumers at every step of the customer journey Avoid unrealistic expectations by not involving users in the testing of the services Constantly monitor user feedback on social media.
Which describes the value driven approach to service design? The practice of analyzing a business, defining its needs and recommending solutions that create value for stakeholders An interactive approach based on frequent feedback, continual experimentation, and learning to ensure value co-creation A process improvement philosophy that prioritizes flow efficiency over resource efficiency Designing just enough features to satisfy early customers and providing feedback for future development.
Which guiding principle considers the importance of customer loyalty? Progress iteratively with feedback Focus on Value Optimize and automate Start where you are.
After a significant expansion, an organization´s employees have started to complaint about the way they are managed. Complaints include difficulty contacting managers, short and impolite feedback and micro-management In this situation, what would contribute to improving the “trust and be trusted” behavior? Implementing continuous delivery Improve safety culture Using design thinking Reducing technical debt.
What is the MOST LIKELY reason for an organization to delay a transformation to high velocity? The organization needs to maintain high levels of information security The organization is not ready for a cultural change The organization needs high levels of IT service availability The organization is facing rapidly changing customer needs.
A service support agent adjusts support actions following a call from a frustrated user. Which concept describes this behavior? Team culture Employee satisfaction management Customer orientation Positive communication.
Which is NOT a method for users to request services? Contact the service desk to request a new computer Use a self-service portal to download an application Ask a technical support engineer the price of providing a new service Use a Chabot to get information about the availability of a service.
An organization wants to become more efficient by reducing the amount of unnecessary work they do Which approach would be MOST helpful? Safety culture Lean DevOps Site reliability engineering.
Which dimension considers data, security and privacy? Organization and People Information and Technology Partners and suppliers Value streams and processes.
When investing in products and services, an organization wants to ensure its decisions benefit society and also benefit its employees and shareholders. Which approach does the organization need to embrace? Theory of constrains Principles-based ethics Design thinking Site reliability engineering .
Which guiding principle would help the MOST in breaking down silos and eliminating conflicting goals? Optimize and automate Stat where you are Collaborate and promote visibility Progress iteratively with feedback.
What do Lean and Agile consider a barrier to high performance? Large batch sizes of work Limiting work-in-progress Pulling vs pushing work Making work visible.
What describes how components and activities work together to facilitate value creation The ITIL service value system The ITIL guiding principles The four dimension of service management A service relationship.
A service provider and customer are in the engage step of the customer journey Which example demonstrates that the service provider is building trust with the customer? The service provider ensures that all the contacts with the customer are owned and followed up in a timely and open manner The service provider shares a full catalogue of a service offerings without understanding the basic needs of the customer The service provider ensures that the services levels are agreed before disclosing the risk associated with the service consumption The service provider ensures that the customer demonstrates adaptability to the service provider needs.
Which is within the scope of “organizational change management”? Obtain support and sponsorship from senior management for improvement initiatives Ensuring changes to IT assets are assessed for cost, risk and impact Ensuring improvements projects address the most urgent needs of the service consumers Minimizing change fatigue by limiting improvements projects to one a year.
A software development team is intending to develop many new applications and services. They will need contributions from various practices to achieve this How should these activities be combined? Each practice should defined the outputs it will produce and the required inputs it needs to succeed A value stream should be designed to include activities from all practices that are needed Practices should operate as suppliers to each other, using guidance from the supplier management practice The software development manager should define requirements for all practices an ensure that they contribute to the overall service.
Which is the method of tracking service value? Using scorecards to collect as many technology metrics as possible Preforming surveys to establish customer satisfaction Reviewing service provider risks for the last period Monitoring the cost of providing service desk support.
An organization wants to introduce a new service. There are many teams that will contribute to design, development and transition of the service Which approach should the organization follow when creating a value stream for this new service? Create a separate vale streams for every project phase to ensure that each milestone is achieved in an agile manner Create one value stream for the entire project, to enable end-to-end holistic vision of the service Create one value stream for each team, to allow the teams to focus on their different objectives Create separate value streams for practices, people, tools and suppliers to ensure that the four dimensions are considered equally.
What is necessary for successful decision-making? Ensuring that decisions about high-risk situations are made closest to the people performing the work Ensuring that the all decisions are made at the highest levels of the service provider organization Ensuring that all staff involved in projects have the smallest scope of control possible Ensuring each person in the service provider organization has clearly defined roles and scope control.
Which is an example of digital organization? An organization which uses IT to change its strategic direction An organization which uses IT to support its operational processes An organization which uses IT to improve its “service desk” practice An organization which has undergone an IT transformation.
Which are the possible sources of demand for a value stream to restore a live service? 1- Someone is unable to log into their user account of the service 2- A monitoring tool detects a service failure 3- The service desk call a user to provide a status update for an incident 4- A user provides feedback to the incident manager when an incident is closed 1 and 2 2 and 3 3 and 4 1 and 4.
Which is the BEST example of the “organization and people” dimension in the context of high velocity? Automating the flow of data between Dev and Ops Integrating business and IT staff in a single team Using shared communication systems to improve collaboration Understanding how suppliers contribute to a value steam.
An organization manages the support of its services in an efficient way, organizing its activities and people in a hierarchical structure. They have established processes, procedures and measurements. However, there are many complaints from staff in various support teams about the lack of flexibility in their roles. The staff think that they are being constrained from using their creativity to provide better support to users when the incidents are complex. Which approach would help to improve this situation? Machine learning Shift left Algorithmic task Heuristic task.
Which High Velocity IT objective can be based on competences, such as improved decision making, that result from the effective use of IT products and services? Value investments Fast Development Resilient operations Assured conformance.
An organization is compiling information about how a new service will be used. It is considering how each set of stakeholders will experienced the service. In the past, the suppliers have been unreliable, so the organization wants to identify the main risk and dependencies for the introduction of the service. What is an example of? An agile approach Shift left Value stream mapping Workforce planning.
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