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Which iPadOS setting should you set to control the maximum decibel level so that it’s comfortable to use your iPad with headphones? Sounds General > Audio Control Center > Audio Accessibility > Audio/Visual.
How much free iCloud storage do Managed Apple IDs that are created with Apple School Manager receive? 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 500 GB.
Which feature prevents unauthorized use of a remotely wiped iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac if the device is lost or stolen? Find My Face ID Activation Lock Secure Enclave.
Aileen often works offline on her MacBook Air. When she makes changes to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files, she relies on the autosave feature and iCloud to keep her documents updated. How does macOS handle changes to local documents that are stored in iCloud? It caches the changes, then silently pushes them when an internet connection to the iCloud servers becomes available. It caches the changes locally, then sends you a message to sync with iCloud when an internet connection becomes available. It caches the changes and provides you with an Apple Push Notification when an internet connection to the iCloud servers is available.
Where can you check the real-time service status of Apple network services? Internet Accounts settings About This Mac > More Info apple.com/support/systemstatus developer.apple.com/system-status.
Which macOS feature lets multiple users log in at the same time and access some of the same resources? Touch ID Launchpad Mission Control Fast user switching.
Escoge 2: Which two System Settings can you use to change your login password if you are logged in to your user account? Apple ID Users & Groups Internet Accounts Privacy & Security Touch ID & Password.
Escoge 4: Which four options are available from the macOS Recovery window? Safari FileVault Disk Utility Reinstall macOS Wireless Diagnostics Restore from Time Machine.
A Relocated Items folder alias appeared on your desktop after you updated macOS. Why did this folder appear after the macOS update? Some of your files’ previous locations were incompatible with current macOS Security settings. Some files that were previously stored in iCloud were relocated because they could not be read. Some of your older files were created with 32-bit apps that are no longer compatible with macOS. You have apps on this Mac that were created by an unregistered software developer or were signed with an invalid Developer ID.
What happens when you revive an Intel-based Mac with Apple Configurator for Mac? It restores the Mac to factory settings It updates the firmware on the Apple T2 Security Chip. It installs the latest available version of macOS for the Mac. It installs the original version of macOS that came with the Mac.
What should you use to revive a Mac with Apple silicon that becomes unresponsive when the macOS installation process is interrupted by a power failure? macOS Recovery Apple Diagnostics Apple Configurator for Mac An external storage device.
Which feature of macOS Recovery should you use when you need to transfer files from a Mac with Apple silicon? Disk Utility Share Disk Share Files Target Disk Mode.
How do you start up an Intel-based Mac in safe mode? Press and hold the Shift key during startup and log in as Administrator. Press and hold Command-S during startup and log in as Administrator. Open Terminal, type reboot -safe, press Return, and log in as Administrator. Press and hold Command-Option-P-R during startup and log in as Administrator.
You want to install macOS 13 on an Intel-based MacBook Pro with the Apple T2 Security Chip using an external installer you created on a USB drive. The Mac is connected to your local network using Ethernet and you have successfully restarted the Mac into Startup Manager. Although Startup Manager allows you to select the USB drive as a startup disk, it displays the message, “Security settings do not allow this Mac to use an external startup disk.” How can you use the external USB drive as an installer without completely disabling security on this Intel-based Mac? Turn off firmware password protection using the Startup Security Utility. Temporarily change the Secure Boot setting in the Startup Security Utility to medium security. Temporarily change the External Boot setting in the Startup Security Utility to allow booting from external media. Change the External Boot setting in the Startup Security Utility to allow booting from external media, and change the Secure Boot setting to medium security.
What’s the minimum amount of storage that a Shared iPad device must have? 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB.
Escoge 4: Which four iPad models support Shared iPad? iPad mini 4th generation or later iPad 4th generation or later iPad 5th generation or later All iPad Pro models All iPad Air models iPad Air 2 or later.
Which folder is normally hidden in the Finder view of the user home folder? Drop Box Library Preferences Public Sharing.
Which folder does content you download from the internet go to by default? Desktop Documents Downloads Safari.
Which read-only folders does System Integrity Protection protect by preventing malicious software from modifying macOS files and folders? /System, /usr, /bin, /sbin /Users/Shared, ~/Public ~/Downloads, ~/Library /private/var, /private/etc.
How should you open and close a file preview window after selecting a file in the Finder? Option-click Control-click Control-Option-click Press the Space bar.
Which additional type of App Store apps can you install if you have a Mac with Apple silicon? Apple Apps Rosetta-compatible apps Apps designed for Apple silicon Designed for iPhone and iPad apps.
What do you call apps designed for use on both an Intel-based Mac and a Mac with Apple silicon? Catalyst Other Rosetta Universal.
Where should you configure Mail settings on iPhone? Settings > Mail > Accounts Settings > Accounts > Mail General > Mail > Accounts General > Internet Accounts > Mail.
Where should you add a Mail account on a Mac? System Settings > Internet Accounts Settings > Internet Accounts System Settings > Mail Settings > Mail.
How can you identify which messages are encrypted in the Messages app on your iPhone? Blue messages are encrypted, green messages are not Green messages are encrypted, blue messages are not Blue messages are encrypted if you turn on encryption in Messages > Security Blue and green messages are encrypted if you turn on encryption in Messages > Security Blue indicates group messages are encrypted, green indicates the group includes unencrypted messages from non-Apple devices.
Nisha is experiencing odd behavior with a custom app on her iPad. Which steps should you use to generate a sysdiagnose? Reproduce the issue, then immediately turn on debug logging. Reproduce the issue, press and hold the top volume button, and wait for her device to vibrate. Reproduce the issue, then simultaneously press and release both volume buttons and the side (or top) button for 1 to 1.5 seconds. Reproduce the issue, then simultaneously press and release the bottom volume button and the side (or top) button for 1 to 1.5 seconds.
Escoge 2: Which two ways should you use to transfer a sysdiagnose from your iPad to your Mac? Sync your iPad with your Mac. Use AirDrop to send the log to your Mac. Navigate to Settings > General > Wi-Fi and choose send file. Put iPad in recovery mode and navigate to the sysdiagnose lo.
Which tool should you use to review macOS log files? Console Log Viewer Archive Utility Activity Monitor.
What should you use to troubleshoot macOS installation issues? Installer log Single user mode Apple Diagnostics macOS Recovery Assistant.
How should you turn on the firewall in System Settings on a Mac? Go to General > Sharing > Turn On Firewall. Go to Internet Accounts > Turn On Firewall. Go to Network > Firewall, then click the slider to turn it on. Go to Privacy & Security > Lockdown Mode, then click Turn On.
Which macOS firewall setting prevents a Mac from responding to any unauthorized network connections, including network diagnostic protocols such as Ping, Traceroute, and Port Scan? Stealth mode Silent interface Private browsing Block all incoming connections.
What adds cryptographic validation to the macOS startup volume that enables it to grant only files with valid signatures the ability to execute instructions or access other files? VM volume Preboot volume Signed system volume Encrypted APFS volume.
Where can you find the Activation Lock status if your Mac has the Apple T2 Security Chip? Find My > View > Devices About This Mac > Overview Privacy & Security > Privacy System Information > Hardware.
Which part of a configuration profile contains settings for an Apple device such as a VPN setting or Wi-Fi network? JSON Payload Supervision Optimization.
Where can you find configuration profiles that are installed on iPhone or iPad devices? Settings > Control Center > VPN & Device Management Settings > About > Profiles & Device Management Settings > General > VPN & Device Management Settings > Profiles & Device Management.
What allows an administrator to standardize settings for Mac computers? Screen Time Parental Controls Configuration Profiles Administrator Controls.
At which iPhone battery capacity is it considered to be degraded? 80% 85% 90% 95%.
Which software feature reduces the time your iPhone spends fully charged to reduce the wear on your battery and improve its lifespan? Low Power Mode Fastlane Charging Optimized Battery Life Optimized Battery Charging.
Which connector allows for two-way power and data exchange with accessories like the Magic Keyboard with iPad? USB-C Connector Smart Connector Magnetic Connector Thunderbolt Connector.
Escoge 3: You’re having trouble using Face ID. You updated to the latest software version, checked Face ID & Passcode settings, and restarted the device. Select three responses. What other troubleshooting steps should you try? Reset Face ID Set up “FaceID with a Mask” Reset the TrueDepth camera Add an alternate appearance Check that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera.
Escoge 2: What are two reasons why Institutional Recovery Keys (IRK) are NOT recommended for institutional management of FileVault on Mac computers with Apple silicon? They’re difficult to remember It uses polytomous encryption Target Disk Mode is NOT supported Secure enclave does NOT support IRKs IRKs CANNOT be used to access recoveryOS.
Escoge 3: Which three are required to have a secure token on a Mac? Enable FileVault Change Network settings Approve system extensions Approve macOS software updates Install applications from unknown sources.
Who becomes the first volume owner in a Mac with Apple silicon? The system administrator The organization that owns the Mac The MDM solution used to manage the Mac The user who first configures and creates an account.
What does macOS use the bootstrap token for? To unlock the macOS keychain To recover the FileVault password To allow standard users to install applications To grant a secure token to any user logging in to a Mac.
Escoge 2: Which two methods should you use to transfer data from your current iPhone to a new iPhone using Quick Start? Transfer over Wi-Fi Download from iCloud Transfer directly from your previous device Transfer directly from a backup using your Mac Select an iCloud backup from a list of options that appear.
What’s required to use Migration Assistant with two Mac computers with the same version of macOS installed? Bluetooth must be on and Wi-Fi is optional Migration Assistant requires a wired connection Wi-Fi must be on and the Mac computers must be placed near each other Wi-Fi must be on and connected to the same network on both Mac computers.
Escoge 3: Which three transfer sources can you use with Migration Assistant? Another Mac A Time Machine Backup Another Mac through USB connection A PC with the latest version of Windows installed A PC with any Debian-based operating system installed.
Mario is setting up a new iMac to replace his previous Mac mini. What’s the name of the step in Setup Assistant that Mario should use to transfer information from his old Mac to the new one? Time Machine Transfer Data Transfer information Restore from Backup.
Escoger 3: Which three devices support Activation Lock? HomePod mini iPhone 11 Pro MacBook Air 13-inch (2017) MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019) Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) Apple Watch with watchOS 2 or later installed.
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