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a320 electricalpower

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a320 electricalpower

avion a320 fam

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What should you do if the T/O checklist has not appeared in the MEMO display? Wait, it´s only two minutes. Use the paper checklist. Push the T.O CONFIG pb and the checklist appear.
You are working on a level 2 failure (amber caution), when the FWC notices a level 3 failure (red warning). What happens? The level 3 failure will not appear. The level 3 failure is put at top of the list. A level 3 failure is less important, so it will be put at the end of the list.
FWS SDAC 1+2 FAULT. What information do you now receive from ECAM? All system pages except the STATUS page. Red warnings; for example, ENG FIRE. No system pages, only the STATUS page.
FWS FWC 1+2 FAULT. Why doesn´t the Master Caution light iluminate and why doesn´t the single chime sound? This refer to a memo message. We only have Master Caution and SC on the STS page. Because both FWCs have failed, no warnings can be initiated .
How can you display a Cancelled Caution on the E/WD? By pushing the EMER CANC pb. again By pushing aCLR pb. Hold down the RCL pb, for more tan 3 seconds.
Of the three types of EIS displays, which one has the lowest priority? The ND. The PFD. The E/WD.
If a PFD falls, does anything happen automatically? The ATT HDG switch must be used on the switching panel in order to recover PFD information. The image automatically transfers to the display formerly occupied by the ND. The image automatically transfers to the UPPER ECAM.
What does a pulsing green engine parameter indicate? An ADVISORY, the parameter is about to reach the limit. An ADVISORY, the parameter is out of the limits. A MEMO, the parameter has a faulty indication.
How can you obtain a normal indication on PFD1, ND1, and E/WD after diagonal lines appeared on the displays? By switching EIS DMC selector to F/D 3. By switching ECAM/ND selector to CAPT. By switching EIS DMC selector to CAPT 3.
What is displayed on the E/WD (Engine and Warning Display) in case of an advisory? When both display unts are operative an ADV icon flashes. Nothing. Only when one ECAM display unit is lost an ADV icon flashes.
Which computer determines the fligh phases? The SDAC The DMC The FWC.
Each DMC is able to supply... two EFIS displays and one ECAM display. two EFIS displays and two ECAM displays. all EFIS and ECAM displays.
How is the DC Bus 2 supplied after the AC Bus 2 has failed? After AC Bus 2 fault DC Bus 2 is also lost. The DC Bus 2 is now supplied by the DCESS Bus. The DC Bus 2 is now supplied by the TR unit 1 through the DC BAT Bus.
If during a normal flight the BUS TIE push button is depressed to OFF, what effect would this have on power to the busses? None. The power transferwould switch to the opposite bus. This is not posible as the bus tie contactors are locked out during flight.
If the source of power for the ESS AC bus is lost, does another source of power automatically power the bus? Yes, transfer is automatic. Yes, only if AUTO was selected on the AC ESS FEED push button. No, this must be done by the crew.
If the battery voltajes are below the mínimum, how do you charge therm? I have to chck that the BAT pushbuttons are on and switch the external power on. I have to switch the external power to ON and switch the batteries off. I have to start the APU as the batteries can only be charged by the APU generator.
If both engine generators are powering the system, and one subsequently fails. are any busses unpowered? Only the AC ESS shed bus. No, but some loads are shed in both main galleys. Yes, those associated with the failed generator.
When are the Essential Shed buses powered by the battery? Never. The purpose of the shed buses is to reduce the load on the batteries. In case of doublé generator failure. After every IDG connection.
Having starting the APU, how can you get the APU generator to power the electrical system? The APU generator must be switch on. By pushing the EXT PWR pushbutton thus disconnecting the external power. By pushing the BUS TIE pushbutton.
The BAT FAULT light will iluminate when: Battery voltaje is low. Charging current increases at an abnormal rate. Charging current decreases at anbnormal rate. .
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