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• I ______ from Bill yesterday Hear Heard Hears Hearing.
• Select the correct sentence. To town James went this morning This morning James to town went James this morning to town went James went to town this morning.
• I guess I’ll just have to do it ________ Himself Myself Herself Yourself.
• Give me something for my headache. I need ________ A hat Some advice Some food Some medicine.
• Joe was putting’ the money in his pocket Removing Inserting Mixing Counting.
• The vegetables were fresh. They were ______ Direct from the garden Frozen Direct from the storage Dehydrated.
• There is nitrogen in _________ Copper Gold Air Oxygen.
• John can play tennis John is able to play John likes to play John is probably playing John ought to play.
• If it is a nice day, we ________ go shopping Are Do Did May.
• Sgt. Anderson should not have been _________ Is reprimanding Reprimand Reprimanded To reprimand.
• Sgt. Brown enjoys writing letter. He likes _______ them Write To write Written Wrote.
• Did you ‘recognize’ me in my costume? Admire Laugh at Know Envy.
• I turned off the light because ________ No one wanted to read It was too dark to read I like to read I wanted to read.
• Although it was raining yesterday, we went to the Taylors’. We went to the Taylors’ in the rain The Taylors were out in the rain We didn’t go because of the rain We went out after the rain.
• In our galaxy, there are approximately thirty billion stars. It is possible that many star, like our sun, have planets which are capable of producing life as we know it. However, it may be that the Earth is the only planet in out galaxy capable of maintaining life. According to this paragraph, the Earth is the only planet _______ Around the sun Known to have life In the Galaxy Which has a sun.
• Emily ‘worked out’ the problem Discovered Solved Avoided Caused.
• My shoes are ‘worn out’ To small Too heavy Too dark Too old.
• The computer system we currently use is out ________ date. By To For Of.
• Lucinda wrote test items ___ Leann compiled word lists. Where Which While That.
• It is better ______Paul go. Or else But also That Than.
• We saw the adjutant ______ Next door to the Joneses lives who Next door to the joneses who lives Who lives to the Joneses next door Who lives next door to the Joneses.
• My headache is ‘getting better’ The best More Worsening Improving.
• I would like to own a large car, but I am afraid that I can not afford the ‘upkeep’ Original cost High price of gasoline Cost of maintenance Opinions of my friends.
• This piece of wire must be ‘insulated’ Cooled Cut Covered Soldered.
• Falling snow is made up of crystals of ice formed in the atmosphere at freezing temperature. Snow crystals are basically six-sided or hexagonal. The patter is the same, but the variations are endless. Some say there are never two crystals just alike. Nature has made snow fascinating and beautiful. What us the best title for this paragraph? Snow: Crystals of death Snow: The white tragedy Snow: The great adventure Snow: The great variation.
• When did you ______ your altimeter? Sit Seat Set Sat.
• It took James about a week to ‘get settled in’ Make the trip Buy a car Move into his house Do his taxes.
• The town _____ in that novel is my hometown. Describing Describes Described Describe.
• The accumulation of mud on his tires was ________ that he thought Worse Worst As worse as More worse.
• When are they _____-? Buries Bury Being buried Having been buried.
• The eagle has been admired by man throughout the ages. Its likeness has been the emblem of many governments. In real life, the eagle is actually a bird of prey that lives off small animals. According to this paragraph, the eagle _______ Eats other animals Is just an emblem Has a very long life Is protected by governments.
• The woman was ‘seized’ Harmed Captured Destroyed Aided.
• The student has gone back to his country ‘for good’ For the time being For health Permanently In a hurry.
• I had to drop out of the judo class. I had to _____ Stop attending the class Cancel the class Take numerous falls Pick myself up.
• Texas has ____ roads than Nevada The most The same More Like .
• ____ day is today? What Who That How.
• How do you know ____? When class leave I When leave class i I leave class when I leave class when .
• Mr. Jones wants a car for ___ Exercises Transportation Eating Sleeping.
• Do you have sufficient fuel in the tank? Synthetic Solid Enough Some.
• Janice needed more "data" in order to finish the job. Time Facts Money Machines .
• The judge told Joe to make an immediate decision Joe must decide quickly Joe can give the answer tomorrow The judge wants to decide about Joe Joe wants to talk to the judge.
• We saw some ____ dishes on the floor Breaking Broke Broken Break.
• Tonight ____ we go downtown with you? May Are Have Permit.
• The letter _____ yesterday Was mailed Mailed Mails Was mailing .
• I will be at the meeting if I _____ get away. Ought to Will Might Can.
• Many of our libraries, especially in the smaller cities, were made possible by Andrew Carnegie. Born in Scotland, he came to the United States when he was thirteen. His money started many of the libraries in small cities of the United States. According to this paragraph____ Libraries were not tax supported until Andrew Carnegie started them Andrew Carnegie was a native-born citizen of the United States Libraries not founded by Carnegie were closed down In smaller cities, many if of the libraries were founded with Carnegie’s funds.
• He cut the meat into pieces before serving it Bought Cooked Cleaned Carved .
• Bill refused to give up, so he tired to open the door _____. Before Also Into Again.
• To learn something by yourself means to ______. Study or practice with friends Leave it alone Learn by special classes Learn it without help.
• Jack had to "insert" a new sheet of paper Buy Remove Exchange Put in .
• I’d like to go to the air show next week, but I can’t make it I’m going to the air show I don’t care about the air show I want to go, but I’m going to be busy The air show took place last week.
• George ____ do better work in school if studied harder Will Shall Would Must.
• Did you hear that Janelle is _____ Mary? About About for About to About for to .
• The NCO expects his men _____ the proper uniform. Wear Be wearing To wear Are wearing .
• They call him Bart He has called bart He will call Bart He is called Bart He is Called Bart.
• Traffic on our streets is regulated by traffic lights. By the same token, vitamins might be called the stop-and-go lights of the human body. Vitamins are necessary in order for the body to properly use the food it receives. The body needs only small amount of vitamins, but they are important for protection against diseases. According to this paragraph There is a lot traffic on the streets You must stop for a red light Vitamins help prevent diseases The body needs a large amount of vitamins.
• You may keep that shirt You have to wear it You don´t have to return it You have to return it You don’t have to wear it.
• It "happened" at 10 o’clock Came Went Took charge Took place.
• You should go on sick call right away, you should _______. Go to the right Go at once Walk straight Run away.
• When will you wind up the job? Star Finish Motivate Join.
• Mr. Stein’s recital was _____ one yet The most pallid Most pallid More pallid More pallid than.
• Those immigrants ____ two months by the first of October Should be detained Can detain Will have been detained Will detain.
• People In cowboy clothes would probably look out _____ place at a symphony concert Of On To By.
• When we heard the explosion, out first _____ was to hit the floor Noise Impulse Thing Jump.
• When you loosen this nut, it will _____ Be tightened Come off Crack Stay tight.
• The evidence presented by the lawyer was not admiss ______ Ion Ible Ibly Ive.
• Matthew loves to ___ about his exploits on the football field Distort Utter Boast Impart.
• She hopes she _________ better work next year. Will do Did Has done Must .
• Just as the teacher called his name, he walked ____ the room. Into With Up On.
• I brush With a toothbrush after every meal my teeth After every meal with a toothbrush my teeth With a toothbrush my teeth after every meal My teeth with a toothbrush after every meal.
• One of the prisoners “Escaped” Was wounded Got away Was released Wouldn’t work.
• The driver kept watching the “Instrument” Speedometer Road Windshield Map.
• John has fast reactions. He has ________ Quick responses Two Movements A new disease Many friends.
• It is popularly believed that the study of Latin and Greek is a prerequisite for the study of medicine. This is not true. However, the composition of medical vocabulary makes it evident why this belief persists. Approximately 75% of our medical terminology is derived from Latin and Greek. According to this paragraph. A doctor should be able to converse in Latin and Greek. Many medical terms come from Latin and Greek words A medical student should not study Latin and Greek until after he becomes a doctor Medical terms in this country are primarily of English origin.
• In the future, _______ to improve your writing. Will you trying Have you trying Will you try Are you trying.
• She mailed the letter ___ the post office On Of Over At.
• The wind began ______ Blow Blows Blown To blow.
• Frank needed some stamps, ______ he went to the post office. For So As If.
• In English, a word may have several different meanings, for example, the word “precipitation”. Any form of water or ice which falls on the earth is precipitation. Rain is a common example of the form. Snow, sleet, and hail are examples of the frozen form of the precipitation. According to this paragraph. Rain and snow are the same form of precipitation Precipitation may fall in different forms Rain falls in many different places Precipitation has only one form.
• The doctor _____ the medicine for the patient Prescribed Took Wrote Established.
• The students are “polite” Strange Courteous Patient Eager.
• Dave took all the measurements with “precision” Experience Practice Exactness Ease.
• These two metal pieces repel each other They attract each other They move away from each other They move as one piece One looks like the other.
• This pill is coated with sugar Counted Made Covered Taken.
• _______ Over the crest of the hill, he saw the ocean. Look Looking Looks Looked.
• Joe was _______ his watch Winding Wound Wind Winds.
• Many people _______ Americans speak English Between Besides Beyond Through.
• _________ to the radio is very good practice in language comprehension Listened Listen Listening Listens.
• A person who has an ailment should _________ Go back to work See a doctor See a lawyer Be very happy.
• If your clothes become soaked with water, they will _________ Stay dry Become lighter Become partly wet Become completely wet.
• When you go to the gymnasium to work out, you need to take your own combination lock with you along with your gym clothes and towel. The facilities are excellent and well-designed. However, the gym is a high-theft area and your things must be secured even when you are taking a shower. According with to thr paragraph, you should_______ Maintain your physical fitness Lock up your things at the gymnasium Report thieves caught in the gym Utilize the gym’s excellent facilities.
• Did they “mind” the delay Want Prefer Cause Object to.
• Watch out for speeding cars on the expressway Look at Be careful of Glances at Take care of .
• Mary should _____ more film for her camera when she was shopping Had gotten Get Be getting Have gotten.
• Henry has acquired three classic cars. He is going to keep ______ and give the other __________ to his sisters. Both, ones One, ones Another, one Ones, one.
• __________ the major spoke to student, he was unaware that a test was being snatched. Whenever As Whereas If.
• Mr. you him Wilson is a very dependable young man. When he tells you that he will do something for you, you can always __________ him to do. Cross up Count on Depend in Count to .
• Ms. Warren, the newly hired teacher, was asked to speak extemp _________ concerning her teaching experiences while in China. Oraneity Orary Orize Oraneously.
• Joe couldn’t see the car beside him because his ___________ vision was poor. Latent Rearview Occluded Peripheral.
• Family-owned farms are? few and far between’ these days. Uncommon Concentrated Usual Occupied.
• It was spring ______ he moved to San Antonio Where When What Why.
• Talking _____ that subject revives many memories Beside For About After.
• Select the correct sentence Always on time he is He is always on time Always is he on time He on time always is .
• The river has its ‘origin’ in Minnesota Waterfalls Ports End Beginning.
• Tom bought a gallon of _______ Butter Eggs Milk Cheese.
• John asked. “is this seat taken” He asked if the seat was ________ Broken Reserved Moved Fixed.
• Karen asked the clerk, “How much is this item?” She wanted to know _______ The price The condition The way out The kind.
• He _______ to listen to the tape. Should Would Ought Must.
• Jane: could they have done the shopping? Phil: no _____ They could have done it They couldn’t have did it They couldn’t have done it They couldn’t have doing it.
• Daniel went to the butcher personally _______ the correct cut of lamb. To order Ordered Orders Was ordering .
• Select the correct sentence Weren’t the trees by Mr. Brown planted las year? Weren’t the trees las year by Mr. Brown planted? Weren’t Mr. Brown planted the trees by las year? Weren’t the trees planted by Mr. Brown las year?.
• Don: Will you and your friend both come to party? Allen: _______ Yes, I will come Yes, he will come Yes, we will come together Yes, we will see him.
• Many of our libraries, especially in smaller cities, were made possible by Andrew Carnegie. Born in Scotland, he came to the United States when he was thirteen. His money started many of the libraries in small cities of the United States. According to this paragraph. Libraries were not tax supported until Andrew Carnegie started them Andrew Carnegie was a native-born citizen of the United States Libraries not found by Carnegie were closed down In smaller cities, many of the libraries were founded with Carnegie’s funds.
• Mr. Brown said the weather is normal for this time of the year. The weather is _________ As usual Very fine Dry Stormy.
• The lecture is very boring It is very interesting It is on a subject I like It is a fine lecture It is a dull.
• The student told his roommate, “You can count on me”. Count for me Count my money Depend on me Tell my age.
• He ‘thought about’ buying the book Intended to Taught Looked for Considered.
• The boys _____ soon; otherwise, they will be late for the movie. Can arrive Were arriving Should arrive Have arrived.
• The students bought their books. The books are ________ Their They Theirs Them .
• If I _____ you, I would have charged more. Have been Am being Am Had been.
• William is interested in ______ a new car. Bought To buy Buying Buy.
• The diamond is a beautiful, brilliant gem. Although it is commonly used in engagement rings, its greatest use in in industry. Today, the automotive industry is the main buyer of the industrial diamonds. In fact, there are 15 different uses for this mineral in an automobile factory. According to this paragraph. ______ All diamonds are used in engagement rings Industrial diamonds are used in automobile factories 15 minerals are used in automobile factories All diamonds are used in industry.
• The entrance was narrow. It was ______ Not high Loose Not wide Crowded.
• If you are broke, you ____ Are well trained Should see a doctor Have no money Prefer soft drinks.
• You should go on sick call right away, you should _________ Go to the right Go at once Walk straight Run away.
• The sound level was measured at 80 ______ Decibels Acres Decimals Degrees.
• The deer ______ the fence to get into the vegetable garden Arranged to Stood up Leaped over Climbed into.
• I’d like to have this suit Cleaned Cleanly Cleaning Cleans.
• Our teacher didn’t come on, so we _______ Told Tell Were told Were telling .
• According to their records, Mr. Henley __________ on five times by the end of the year. Will have been operated Is going to operate Can operate Is being operated.
• Alexander the Great made a lasting impression on mankind. He was a great king and leader. However, he met his equal or even his superior in Diogenes, who was a great philosopher. Now, however, anybody who is familiar with history knows Alexander, but few know Diogenes. According to the paragraph. Diogenes may have been superior to Alexander Alexander lived earlier that Diogenes Alexander was a philosopher Diogenes was a king .
• Is there any condensation on that pipe? Yes, the heat has dried the pipe Yes, the pipe has been well polished Yes, the smoke has made the pipe dirty Yes, the steam has changed to water.
• The same word ________ on a different list Contained Reappeared Typed Introduced.
• The silver vase is ‘tarnished’ Valuable Antique Shiny Discolored.
• He is trying _____ some new words quickly To learn Learns Learned Has learned.
• The new student _______ In class at all this morning This morning at all wasn’t in class At all wasn’t this morning in class Wasn’t in class at all this morning.
• Select the correct sentence He has to get from the repair shop this afternoon his watch He has to get this afternoon his watch from the repair shop He has to get his watch from the repair shop this afternoon He to get his watch has this afternoon from the repair shop.
• When the came to this country, he had to change many of his habits. He had to _____ Make adjustment Change his clothes frequently Write letters home Interview the teachers.
• A pharmacist is a person who _____ Works at the farm Works at the grocery store Prepares medicines Sells clothing.
• He was a standing ‘in back of’ the others. Between Besides Besides Beside.
• He was a standing ‘in back of’ the others. Between Besides Behind Beside.
• This is a ‘hazardous’ area Safe Dangerous Comfortable Busy.
• Joe got on the wrong bus this morning, Bill did too Joe rode on two buses Bill missed the bus Joe and bill didn’t take the right bus Bill didn’t ride the bus this morning.
• Unfortunately, last night the team forfeited the game because they ____ begin without their coach Can’t Couldn’t Shouldn’t Mustn’t .
• The report was ready for _____ To print Printing Printed Be printed .
• _______ of the tickets were very expensive All A little Nothing Much .
• There was a ‘sudden’ flash of light Strong Quick Slow Long .
• Was it a long ‘journey’? Story Time Picture Trip.
• The ‘survivors’ were located Ones who killed Ones who were dead Ones who were alive Ones who were missing.
• Your ‘determination’ will bring you success Firmness of purpose Study of grammar Better grades Physical strength.
• For billions of years, the sun, which is a large star, has been burning intensely without dissipating itself. The reason for this unique action Is the performance of thermonuclear reaction, which gives off heat and energy without a great loss of fuel. The light and warmth that we enjoy each day are a result of the sun’s thermonuclear reaction. According to this paragraph, the sun _______ Gets hotter Emits heat and energy Gets cooler Is dissipating intensely.
• Mr. Smith had a slight accident. His accident was _______ Not serious Very big Not fatal Not here.
• I ______ live here than in the center of the city Might Must Have to Would rather .
• All of the people contacted were to come to the meeting. The people who ________ were to come to the meeting. Had been contacted Would be contacted Had contacted the others Should have contacted the others.
• We’ll write him as soon as we ____ when we’re going. Will know Should know Know knew.
• My friend is neither at home ______ in the library. Nor Or For And.
• This seaport carries on a ‘great deal of’ trade with other countries Limited Much Some Important.
• He didn’t have an umbrella or a rain hat, so he had to _____ his head to the weather Expose Conceal Allow Cover.
• Today is the first day of spring and a _______ Religious holiday Religion holiday Religiously holiday Holiday religion.
• You exert _____ when you pull a lever Attention Pressure Influence Authority.
• Occasionally a language will not have a word to describe. A certain occurrence or new product. In such cases a word is often borrowed from another language. This borrowing is particularly common with scientific and technical terms. According to this paragraph A language may drop technical terms New words can be added to languages by borrowing All languages have words to describe certain occurrences Borrowing scientific terms is not common.
• Mary has decided to ‘take up’ art Collect Picture Teach Study.
• This washing machine has ____ nice features even thought it’s not _____ most expensive model The, a A, the Some, a Some, the.
• The mood of the times _____ reflected in his poetry Has Were Are Was.
• Natural light is made ____ various colors. For Into Up of Out to.
• We were able to ‘achieve’ our goal Define Reach Review Increase.
• In an era of increasing emphasis on the role of global military air power, it became necessary to increase the distance airplanes could travel. The propeller-driven airplane with its slow speed and limited range became largely obsolete. It was replaced by planes with supersonic speeds made possible through jet propulsion. Today, with the introduction of in-flight refueling, even planes like fighters and bombers have achieved much success in increasing their range capabilities. According to this paragraph, greater distances can be flown by bombers through the use of ______ Jet propulsion In-flight refueling Supersonic speeds Increasing air power.
• Pam’s husband was ‘pulling her leg’ Hurrying her Ridiculing her Teasing her Encouraging her.
• Dick was very ‘awkward’ Intense Amusing Clumsy Handsome.
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