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Universal Containers wants to create a report to show job applications with or without resumes, What considerations should the app builder be aware of when creating the custom report type? An app builder is unable to create custom report types for objects they do NOT have permissions for. Once the report type has been deployed it is unable to be deleted. A primary object selection is locked once the custom report type has been saved. When a custom or external object is deleted the report type and reports remain but cause an error when the report is run.
Universal containers is piloting new features in an existing sandbox and wants to prevent outbound email sends during testing. What should the app builder do to meet the requirement? Email configured for SMTP authentication. Email deliverability set to no access. Email relay to the configured host enabled. Email deliverability set to system email only.
Due to the complexity of the Universal Containers sandbox release schedule and requirements, it is advised that change sets are used as often as possible to migrate from one environment to another. Which three common items can an app builder move when using a changeset? Choose 3 answers Web-to-lead Standard fields Custom object Apex class Custom field.
An app builder has been tasked with creating separate Opportunity views for three different teams. Each team follows a different sales process and should see different values for the same fields. Which three declarative options should they use to accomplish this? Choose 3 answers Profiles Apex Trigger Page Layouts Path Schema Builder.
Cloud Kicks has a shipment date on each shipment that is sent out. Dispatchers need more details on the day and time the shipment was sent out. The app builder needs to change the current field type that is used from Date to Date/Time. What should the app builder be aware of when it comes to data already in the system? The field name will change. Data loss will be experienced. Historical data will be updated to 12:00 timestamp. The change will be instant.
DreamHouse Realty has a mentorship program that pairs experienced Realtors with new Realtors. Each experienced Realtor can mentor one or several new Realtors, and each new Realtor is required to work with a single experienced Realtor they report to for a probationary period. What type of relationship would an app builder set up to meet this specification? Many-to-many Indirect lookup Master-detail Lookup.
An app builder wants to create a custom object and 10 fields. What should they use to create the object, fields, and relationships quickly from one place? Lightning Object Creator Developer Console Schema Builder Manage Field Permissions.
Ursa Major Solar has made a great app that leadership wants to share with the world for free via AppExchange. What should an app builder consider about the type of package when uploading to AppExchange? Unmanaged packages allow for patches on programmatic changes but not Apex. Unmanaged packages can be set up to prevent user customizations. Managed packages need a per-user charge on AppExchange. Managed packages provide intellectual property protection on Apex code.
Universal Containers asked the app builder to ensure when an account type changes to ‘Past Customer’ the contacts directly related to that account get an updated status of ‘Re-Market’. What automation should the app builder use to accomplish this task? Lightning component Screen flow Process Builder Workflow rule.
Cloud Kicks wants to efficiently increase the company's adoption of Salesforce while simultaneously moving away from their reliance on spreadsheets. An app builder is given a spreadsheet everyone is sharing that needs to be added to Salesforce. The object with fields needs to be created and the data inserted simultaneously. What tool should be used? Lightning Object Creator Import Wizard Data Loader Schema Builder.
An app builder uses Process Builder to create a Chatter post. Which two items should be avoided to ensure a post is successfully created? Choose 2 answers Message starts with a field reference Message has a space at the beginning Message is posting to a private Chatter group Message is posting to a Community user or group.
At Ursa Solar Major, only users with the Outer Planets profile need to see the Jupiter field on the Solar System object. How would the app builder satisfy this requirement? Field-Level Security Defer Calculations Sharing Rule Classic Encryption.
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