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Are you brave ?

you see; until where have arrived your fears

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are you brave ? no i don't know yes.
you fear to: to all to shame the unknown - to die to die the unknown the hell - the unknown - to die the hell - to die the hell - the unknown the hell nothing.
why scream you ? to all aliens - monsters - vampires - wolfmen - zombies - slenderman - zalgo and so on devil - the grim reaper - ghosts - witches - elves and so on lose a dear person and pet lose a necessary work (or your job) phobias lose a dear pet lose a dear person a booooooo nothing.
you prefer extreme: none darkness height depth - tight spot speed every this.
you prefer see, hear, and/or feel none angels spiders and so on an angry tiger and so on nessie - big foot and so on dragons, unicorns, fauns, centaurs, fairy, dryads and so on demons.
you play a "invocation's game" ? i have fear no no; but i don't fear yes.
coming a series of experiments. are you ready ? postscript though you push:(no). anyway will continue with this. no yes.
you watch ! and continued no next yes next.
one yourself ? already had seen no had seen.
other ? already had seen no had seen.
i am sorry, but was necessary for this question. ok (no will have more "screamers" the test) when "you saw the cry" (now or also if you saw before) you.........? weep of fear cry of fright nothing; but is natural, a bit jumped nothing.
are you fear to some felonious ? (9=+ 0=-) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.
are you fear to the nature ? (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and so on) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.
the suicide song "gloomy sunday" (is true) are you ready ? no yes.
what do say between "koporsó" and "gyászlepel" ?.
the next is one photo (creepypasta) if you see "it"; "it" can too to you. are you ready ? no yes.
next ? no yes.
the next is other photo but of a painting ("the hands resist him") if you see this, your life......... are you ready ? no yes.
next ? no yes.
do know you to: "robert the doll" ? yes. next now yes. next.
YOU which is what say to robert (NO, what would you say): i love you i respect and regard you please, do not damage me i prefer no talk nothing i not believe in this i ignore you you are my toilet paper.
still ? i am sorry; pleace robert, forgive me i hate you i gotta that burn this rubbish and those colours ?.
i not believe in everything of before (the song, the photo, the painting and robert) even with death of peoples, because all is circumstantial. but already was enoug, and "the next" will be real. ok no yes.
Solway firth spaceman jim templeton to your daughter elizabeth on 23 may 1964 solway firth / cumbria / England the second photo (this) you can see "a" that at the first and the third NO. kodak offers reward; who can to give a explication. david clarke (sheffield hallam university's writer and lecturer) in 2014 said that the jim's wife, was "the being". but the topic is quite wide. and about British missile (blue streak) even travel time. no, next yes, next.
The specter of newby church reverend k.f. lord on 1963 newby / north yorkshire / England at this you can watch a spirit of 2,75m. unique photo of a ghost in all world, that not has any explication. also; has other, but is bit popular. no, next yes, next.
the next is, the "worse" psychophony of all history. are you ready ? no yes.
the illustrious spanish gérman de argumosa, made a evp at the library of a house in madrid, on the autumn of 1985. the time of the evp is 10 minutes around,but de argumosa never wanna (exception in 102,1 radio fortaleza. somes days after of recor it.) because he tink that only bits was appropriate and others sole. i am sorry for "the rudeness" which is the name what say the video ?.
the next is a video. are you ready ? no yes.
Not is a screamer. are you sure ? no yes.
the time is 49 seconds what is there on the video? note write just the words (without the article) ok.
you fear to GOD ? yes no.
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