are you a joshua phillips baker kinnie

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are you a joshua phillips baker kinnie

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claudia truiz
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how easy is it for you to laugh? i laugh at a fly and i'm absurd i only laugh at extremely brilliant and built up jokes i laugh all the time to hide my endless suffering i relate to the first two answers.
How easy is it to earn your mistrust? i try to deliberate on each of my friend's actions and make like a little pie chart in my head about how trustworthy they are i can get into friendships but its hard for me to completely trust anyone around me and i will regret opening up to someone if i did i'll stay by someones side no matter how many times they fail me i put everyone i meet through an attitude gymkhana to see if i can trust them .
What is yout greatest regret? Things I didn't do Things I did I have lost all sense and concept of the feeling of regret I think regret is a coping mechanism i try not to live by but sometimes i regret things.
Who do you respect the most and why? people who make a safe space for me to be myself people who pave a path for me artists and musicians who have inspired me when i had nothing to cling onto myself.
What is the perfect romantic date? I'd just like to do whatever is convenient with the person i'm into and just chill being corny and overly romantic once in a while won't hurt you just both of us wearing headphones and headbanging to hardcore music as we stare at each other from across the room intensive and consistent railing until i loose my mind .
Who or what, if anything, would you die for? I try to deconstruct the concept of death as much as possible, if i ever think about it, i do it in a poetic way I would die for my parents I dont see myself dying / barely think about it I'd like to die in vain.
Is there anything you would absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? (wich means you'd do the rest) take narcotics/alcohol because i know i'd go insane Tell one of my friends that my other friend has a crush/ is desperately in love with them cause a world wide riot and wave of terrorism because i'm horny wich will ultimately end my life watch an episode of courage the cowardly dog on acid .
Do you like yourself? I'm extremely insecure about my looks even tho people haven't necessarily put me down about them i just can't keep worrying . my personality ok tho i'm really scared of being loud or visible. I wanna be a quiet and cute little doll i've been put down for many things about both my personality and looks but i know i got myself and i let myself shine through whenever i can. i'm still insecure sometimes I'm the absolute most gorgeous kind and worked out person to walk earth and i bless everyone who looks at me and knows me .
What is your most prized possession? Objects I own wich are charged with energy and have stories to tell my memories There's nothing I possess. We are on a massive rock that's floating through space My ass because i paid millions to get it done .
Are you a leader or follower? i'm a follower that dreams about being a leader but doesnt know how to get to it i've got no chance but to follow there's no followers or leaders. just bastards i'm a naturally born leader .
Where did you learn most of your skills/abilities? I went to catholic school and i haven't evolved on any skills since then I'm surprisingly good first trying anything i want so i'm able to do so many things its ridiculous. specially when it comes to coordination. but there's something i'm really bad at so don't tell anyone ok? i don't give a shit about being good at something entertaining. it doesn't make you a better person. haven't tried to do anything in my life tho . once i stacked breadsticks but they fell apart and that just proves my theory no se como borrar esta o`pcion.
Name some habits or strange quirks you have? i can't stop biting my nails and scratching my hair i'm overly sensitive to any loud noises i can't stand in place i always got a wonky leg going on sometimes i forget to blink for an alarming period of time.
Are you spontaneous, or do you feel you always need a plan? I'm just so brilliantly spontaneous i can't even believe it . my life was built up by amazing casualities I'm constantly fucking everything up and can't figure out how to solve it can someone please help me can't stop switching between making extremely poor decisions and really smart ones I make the worst decisions for myself and the best for everyone else .
What shocks/offends you? How do you deal with stress? I can't stand when things don't turn out the way i want and i feel like its my fault and i could have always changed them / I haven't found a healthy way to cope so i either impulsively cope with something dangerous or sooth myself with drugs or something that isn't really what i need I can't stand when people don't collaborate and tell me it's my fault. I will blame them and leave, then pat my own shoulder and get a comfort food sometimes i do both .
What words/phrases do you regularly use? slang and curse words. I'd call everyone disgusting names even when i'm being endearing slang but i don't often curse. I do tho in ocassions. sometimes i surprise myself with how much i can curse in just one phrase I try to keep myself clean when it comes to talking. what goes through my mind is something else i'm both answer 2 and 3 .
and bonus, what morning routine do you relate the most to Im not a night owl or morning owl or all that shit i'm just an owl maybe to be honest i don't even check the time when i wake up . then i do basic hygene and dress up according to my mood even tho i always try to wear something that's signature of me so people remember it and i do too. i like to remind myself who i am visually . I eat literally whatever for breakfast but if i'm lucky i'll have grape jelly toast wich is my fave and i usually do all of this while i play background music . i'll do some tasks until 12 and then do something i enjoy i wake up filled by dread , sadness and depression but i always keep something in my room that i can see in the morning to remind me that its not that bad. i throw some shit on, have a cigarette for breakfast or a cup of something and then i violently blast music until i'm bored . i might go and fall asleep again and then wake up covered in sweat and get up to do some tasks all sweaty and confused sometimes it be both.
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