Are you a true WDW fan?

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Are you a true WDW fan?

Are you a true WDW fan? Good luck!! ;D

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Easy: Join the nickname with the name. Noodles Rosy Cheeks Giraffe Jojo Bean Dani Hoenah Zachypoo Noodle Hair Cornbean.
What's Dani's favourite drink? Milkshake Lemonade Apple Juice Coca-Cola.
A -little- bit hard one: How many songs are in the ''8 letters'' album?.
You should nail this: Join the member with the b-day Zach Herron Corbyn Besson Daniel Seavey Jack Avery Jonah Marais.
Easy one: What's their ''big brother'' called?.
Order the wdw members from the youngest to the oldest: Daniel Jonah Jack Corbyn Zach.
Choose: Zach's full name is: Zach Dean Herron Zachary Drake Herron Zach Dean Heron Zachary Dean Herron.
What's the BIGGEST wdw ship? Jachary Darbyn.
Complete the lyrics: I swear I'd ____, I'd ____ and even learn to fly, Just to see you smile. Run Walk.
Hm..Where's this lyrics from?: We way up on lonely island, put that ringer up on silent, if it goes off, don't you try it, girl, I need you undivided. M.I.A. Choose Hard Turn it off Nobody Gotta Know.
Join the WDW member with its celebrity crush: Jonah Marais Daniel Seavey Jack Avery Corbyn Besson Zach Herron.
What's Jonah's favourite sport? Basketball Football Tennis Baseball.
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