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AWS DVA-C01 :: Practice Exam27

aws certifications


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Which environment variable can be used by AWS X-Ray SDK to ensure that the daemon is correctly discovered on ECS? AWS_XRAY_DAEMON_ADDRESS AWS_XRAY_TRACING_NAME AWS_XRAY_CONTEXT_MISSING AWS_XRAY_DEBUG_MODE.
A financial services company has developed a REST API which is deployed in an Auto Scaling Group behind an Application Load Balancer. The API stores the data payload in DynamoDB and the static content is served through S3. Upon analyzing the usage pattern, it's found that 80% of the read requests are shared across all users. As a Developer Associate, how can you improve the application performance while optimizing the cost with the least development effort? Enable DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) for DynamoDB and CloudFront for S3 Enable ElastiCache Redis for DynamoDB and CloudFront for S3 Enable DAX for DynamoDB and ElastiCache Memcached for S3 Enable ElastiCache Redis for DynamoDB and ElastiCache Memcached for S3.
You have been collecting AWS X-Ray traces across multiple applications and you would now like to index your XRay traces to search and filter through them efficiently. What should you use in your instrumentation? Annotations Metadata Segments Sampling .
You would like to paginate the results of an S3 List to show 100 results per page to your users and minimize the number of API calls that you will use. Which CLI options should you use? (Select two) --max-items --starting-token --page-size --next-token --limit.
Your company wants to move away from manually managing Lambda in the AWS console and wants to upload and update them using AWS CloudFormation. How do you declare an AWS Lambda function in CloudFormation? (Select two) Upload all the code as a zip to S3 and refer the object in AWS::Lambda::Function block Write the AWS Lambda code inline in CloudFormation in the AWS::Lambda::Function block as long as there are no third-party dependencies Upload all the code to CodeCommit and refer to the CodeCommit Repository in AWS::Lambda::Function block Upload all the code as a folder to S3 and refer the folder in AWS::Lambda::Function block Write the AWS Lambda code inline in CloudFormation in the AWS::Lambda::Function block and reference the dependencies as a zip file stored in S3.
A popular mobile app retrieves data from an AWS DynamoDB table that was provisioned with read-capacity units (RCU’s) that are evenly shared across four partitions. One of those partitions is receiving more traffic than the other partitions, causing hot partition issues. What technology will allow you to reduce the read traffic on your AWS DynamoDB table with minimal effort? DynamoDB DAX DynamoDB Streams ElastiCache More partitions.
Your client has tasked you with finding a service that would enable you to get cross-account tracing and visualization. Which service do you recommend? AWS X-Ray VPC Flow Logs CloudWatch Events CloudTrail.
Your development team has created a popular mobile app written for Android. The team is looking for a technology that can send messages to mobile devices using a mobile app. Mobile app users will register and be given permissions to access AWS resources. Which technology would you recommend for subscribing users to messages? SNS SQS Kinesis SES.
When your company first created an AWS account, you began with a single sign-in principal called a root user account that had complete access to all AWS services and resources. What should you do to adhere to best practices for using the root user account? It should be accessible by one admin only after enabling Multi-factor authentication It should be accessible by 3 to 6 members of the IT team It should be accessible using the access key id and secret access key It should be accessible by no one, throw away the passwords after creating the account.
Your client wants to deploy a service on EC2 instances, and as EC2 instances are added into an ASG, each EC2 instance should be running 3 different Docker Containers simultaneously. What Elastic Beanstalk platform should they choose? Docker multi-container platform Docker single-container platform Custom Platform Third Party Platform.
You are running a video website and provide users with S3 pre-signed URLs allowing your users to securely upload their video content onto your buckets. The average file size uploaded to your buckets is 500MB and you would like your users to efficiently send the content. What would you recommend doing in the client SDK? Do a multi-part upload Upload as one part Use SSE-S3 encryption Zip the video file before sending.
Your company is new to cloud computing and would like to host a static HTML5 website on the cloud and be able to access it via domain You have created a bucket in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), enabled website hosting, and set the index.html as the default page. Finally, you create an Alias record in Amazon Route 53 that points to the S3 website endpoint of your S3 bucket. When you test the domain you get the following error: 'HTTP response code 403 (Access Denied)'. What can you do to resolve this error? Create a bucket policy Create an IAM role Enable CORS Enable Encryption.
A security company is requiring all developers to perform server-side encryption with customer-provided encryption keys when performing operations in AWS S3. Developers should write software with C# using the AWS SDK and implement the requirement in the PUT, GET, Head, and Copy operations. Which of the following encryption methods meets this requirement? SSE-C SSE-KMS Client-Side Encryption SSE-S3.
A developer created an online shopping application that runs on EC2 instances behind load balancers. The same web application version is hosted on several EC2 instances and the instances run in an Auto Scaling group. The application uses STS to request credentials but after an hour your application stops working. What is the most likely cause of this issue? Your application needs to renew the credentials after 1 hour when they expire Your IAM policy is wrong A lambda function revokes your access every hour The IAM service is experiencing downtime once an hour.
You are implementing a banking application in which you need to update the Exchanges DynamoDB table and the AccountBalance DynamoDB table at the same time or not at all. Which DynamoDB feature should you use? DynamoDB Transactions DynamoDB TTL DynamoDB Streams DynamoDB Indexes.
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