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Basic English part I

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Basic English part I

Personal information, objects, alphabet, occupations, food, etc

Teacher Niurka Quintero
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Match the question with the correct answer What's your name? How are you? What's your phone number? What's your email address? What's your favorite color? Where are you from? How old are you?.
What is it? (select the correct option). It's an umbrella. It's a pencil. It's a marker. It's a crayon.
What is it? It's a notebook. It's a book. It's a sharpener. It's an eraser.
What is it? It's a briefcase. It's a lamp. It's a whiteboard. It's a backpack.
What is it? It's a hairbrush. It's an eraser. It's a sharpener. It's a bed.
Check the options that are correct. (+More than 1). She is wearing... Pants a hat a backpack a purse a jacket or coat a dress shoes.
Complete with the correct options. (+More than 1). She's wearing... a t-shirt. a cap. shoes. sandals. a purse. a dress. a skirt.
Match the questions with the answers: What does she do? Where does she work? How old is she? How does she like her job? Where is she from?.
Match to the correct option. What's his name? How old is he? What does he do? Where does he work? How does he like it?.
Check the correct options about her appearance: She's an old woman. She has blond hair. She has short hair. She wears glasses. She has blue eyes. She's beautiful. She has a mustache.
Imagine you are Maggie!! Match with the correct names of your family members: My mother's names is My father's name is My brother's name is My sister's name is My aunt's name is My uncle's name is My grandfather's name is My cousin's name is .
For a cesar salad, we need some... lettuce tomatoes carrots bread mayonnaise ham orange juice.
For a hamburger, we don't need any... lettuce raw fish bread sugar cereal tomatoes tuna.
What time is it? It's five o'clock. It's two after five. It's twelve o'clock It's two o'clock.
What time is it? It's a quarter to five. It's a quarter after five. It's five o'clock It's three o'clock.
What time is it? It's six o'clock. It's half past seven. It's half past eight. It's a quarter after six.
In the living room... There is a blue sofa, a coffe table, a sink and a lamp. There are two windows, three televisions, and two curtains. There is a TV, a green sofa and there are some windows. There are some green sofas and three lamps.
What's the correct pronunciation of vowels: ei-ai-i-ou-iu ai-i-ei-ou-iu ei-i-ai-ou-iu.
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