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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEBeginner test - units 1 - 6

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Beginner test - units 1 - 6

Test nivel inicial


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_____ you Andrea? Are Is Am.
_____ they Andrea and Patrick? Are Is Am.
_____ he Patrick? Are Is Am.
Where __________ from? they are are they they’re.
A: Is she American? B: No, _______ . she not she isn’t is not.
A: What are your children’s names? B: ______ names are Mark and Jenny. Their Our Your .
I have a sister. _______ name is Harriet. His Her She .
Where is _________ father? Jack Jacks Jack’s .
They are very __________ watches. expensives expensivs expensive.
It’s _________. a nice bag a bag nice nice bag.
He’s ________ . old man a old man an old man.
______ she like tea? Do Is Does .
Mark and Jane ________ German at school. teach teachs teaches .
Anne _______ eat meat. doesn’t don’t do not.
Where _________ work? they work work they do they.
He _______ pasta for lunch. has have haves .
I _________ . drink never wine never drink wine drink wine never.
Alex _______ Italian at home. studys studyes studies .
________ play football tomorrow? You can Can you Can you to.
What´s your name?.
Where do you live?.
Where are you from?.
How old are you?.
Do you like dogs?.
Do you speak French?.
Are you Argentinian?.
Is your teacher Chinese?.
Does your teacher live in Europe?.
Order the sentence: a flat in I live big.
Order the sentence: cooks She dinner never.
Order the sentence: I like summer don´t.
Order the sentence: she drink Does coffee?.
Order the sentence: My Europe in sister lives.
Order the numbers: one nine three five four ten seven two eight six.
Order the numbers: eighteen nineteen nineteen twenty twelve thirteen seventeen eleven.
Order the sentence: my is He grandfather.
Match the questions with the answers. Where is he? When is your birthday? Do you have pets? Does your sister like coffee? Do your parents enjoy swimming? Are you cold?.
Match the word with the meaning. Key Husband Purse Wife Daughter ID card Flag Postcard Boyfriend Mug.
Match the word with the meaning. Meat Bread Rice Until Sausages Customer Magazine Meeting (noun) Often Before.
Match the WH words with the question. Where When What Why How.
Match the words with the explanation. This That These Those.
Translate: "Vivo en un apartamento".
Translate: "Mi hermana desayuna a las 8 a.m.".
Translate: "No leo el diario".
Translate: "¿Quieres café?".
Translate: "Estudio inglés".
Translate: "Son las ocho menos cuarto".
Translate: "Son las siete y media".
Translate: "Son las tres en punto".
Translate: "Son las nueve y diez".
Translate: "Me gusta hacer las tareas de la casa".
Translate: "Mi madre mira TV".
Translate: "Mis padres hablan francés".
Translate: "Mi hermano come verduras".
Translate: "Mi abuela canta Opera".
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