C150 HYD

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C150 HYD

Hydraulic system


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1.- To extend the landing gear with the Gravity Extension Handcrank requires ______ turns of the handle. A.- 3 counter-clockwise. B.- 2 counter-clockwise. C.- 3 clockwise.
2.- The maximum degrees of nosewheel steering available when using the handwheel is _____. A.- +/-60. B.- +/-75. C.- +/-95. D.- +/-105.
3.- The green DECEL light on the Autobrake switch illuminates when the actual airplane deceleration corresponds to ______ % of the selected rate. A.- 80. B.- 90. C.- 100 D.- 110.
4.- The brakes pressure indication on TRIPLE PRESSURE INDICATOR reads which system pressure? A.- Yellow. B.- Blue. C.- Green.
5.- Which hydraulic systems have engine driven pumps? A.- Green and blue. B.- Green and yellow. C.- Blue and yellow.
6.- Fluid can be transferred between hydraulic systems. A.- True. B.- False.
7.- Which hydraulic systems have engine driven pumps? A.- Green and blue. B.- Green and yellow. C.- Blue and yellow.
8.- The RAT pressurizes the Blue hydraulic system to approximately _____ psi. A.- 1500 B.- 2500 C.- 3000.
9.- The PTU is automatically activated when the differential pump pressure output between the ________ and _______ systems is greater than __________ psi. A.- Blue, yellow, 1000. B.- Green, yellow, 500. C.- Green, yellow, 1000.
10.- The PTU Fault light illuminates when the: A.- PTU is inoperative. B.- Green or yellow reservoir has low air pressure. C.- PTU pump has overheated.
11.- The A-320's three hydraulic systems are normally pressurized by: A.- Two engine driven pumps and one electric pump. B.- Two electric pumps and one PTU. C.- Two electric pumps and one engine driven pump. D.- One electric pump and one engine driven pump.
12.- For hydraulic system malfunctions, when will the RAT deploy? A.- Automatically with the failure of both the green and blue hydraulic systems. B.- Automatically with the failure of both the green and yellow hydraulic systems. C.- Only when the guarded RAT MAN ON push button is selected by the crew. D.- When airspeed drops below 100 knots with the gear up.
13.- When will the yellow system electric pump operate? (AC power is available) A.- During the second engine start B.- When the first engine MASTER switch is moved to the ON position C.- If any N2 RPM is less than 45% D.- When the yellow electric system ELEC PUMP push button is selected to ON or the ground crew activates a cargo door switch.
14.- When using the alternate brake system on accumulator pressure only; the accumulator supplies: A.- Partial brakes. B.- At least seven full brake applications. C.- Alternate brakes with antiskid.
15.- After extending the RAT, is it possible to check it's position and status? A.- Check to see if the blue system ELEC PUMP FAULT light is not illuminated. B.- Yes, select the ECAM ELEC PAGE. C.- No. D.- Yes, select the ECAM HYD page.
16.- It is possible to pressurize the green hydraulic system on the ground via the PTU when the parking brake is set. A.- True. B.- False.
17.- The Eng Pump Fault light extinguishes when the engine pump switch is selected to off except for: A.- Reservoir low level. B.- Pump low pressure. C.- An overheat.
18.- With the airplane on the ground and the blue electric pump switch in AUTO; the blue pump will be energized when: A.- One engine is running. B.- The BLUE PUMP OVRD switch has been pressed. C.- First two statements are correct.
19.- The _______ hydraulic system provides power for gear extension/retraction. A.- Yellow. B.- Blue. C.- Green.
20.- As long as the landing gear lever is up a hydraulic safety valve closes to cut off the hydraulic supply to the gear when the airspeed is: A.- Greater than 260 Kias. B.- Greater than 230 Kias. C.- Less than 260 Kias. D.- Less than 230 Kias.
21.- Auto braking is initiated by: A.- Strut compression. B.- Reverser action. C.- Ground spoiler extension command. D.- Less than 230 Kias.
22.- How many pumps have the yellow system to provide pressure (not counting the PTU)? A.- 1 B.- 2 C.- 3 D.- 4.
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