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cambriadge 4

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Do you know anybody _______ is interested in joining a salsa class? I need a partner! who he which.
Livia, we are on vacation! You should forget ________ your job at least for a few days. about of with.
I can’t see without my glasses. Let me ________. on to put them put on them put them on.
Can you remember _______? I think your mom did. who called called who which calls.
Have you seen “Shrek” yet? It was ________! I couldn’t stop laughing! hilarious suspenseful a thriller.
That is the worst _______ movie ever. It’s not scary at all. horror sci-fi can’t be.
What is that horrible noise? Felipe ________ practicing the clarinet. must be mightn’t be can’t be.
I can’t find Adalberto. Do you know where he is? It is 1 o’clock, so he might be ________ lunch. eats to eat eating.
I really like nature. That is why I studied biology. Oh! ________. it sure must I see You see.
My friend was _________ yesterday by his employer, so he is inviting me to dinner tonight. paid paying pay.
Steve was _______ during last week’s game. He is not going to play today omitted injured damaged.
Have you seen Picasso’s paintings? Of course! He is ________ amazing¡ real absolutely very.
Have you ever gone ________? No! I am afraid of heights. spelling backpacking cliff diving.
________ is your pool, Ignacio? I think it’s eight feet deep. How deep Which deep What depth.
I am not sure where to go during the break. Go to Machala! It has ________ beaches in Ecuador. nice nicest the nicest.
My sister has one son. My ________ name is Danilo. nephew’s son-in-law’s niece’s.
________ kids watch too much TV nowadays. You are absolutely right. Did I tell you I was wondering if It seems to me that.
Can you repeat what you said? You speak ______ quickly, too much many too.
If you throw away the clothes you don’t use, you will have more ________ in your closet. clutter room fit.
Well, ________ is a collection of things you never use and that takes up space. cleanup clutter storage.
Who is Ana? She is the person ________ helps me with math. who’s who’d who.
Do you see that man by the door? He is the one _______ asked me to dance. whom which who.
_______ would you react if your wife forgot your anniversary? I would be very hurt. What How Why.
I want a bigger TV, but I don’t think I can ________ it. I don’t have much money at the moment afford expense borrow.
Excuse me, Agustin, but your music is too loud, and I just can’t fall asleep. Sorry, Clara. I will ________ right now. turn it down turn down it it turn down.
The ending to that book is amazing! Don’t tell me I’m _______ reading still already about.
I really want to travel to Cuenca next December. I haven’t been there _________ months. since ago in.
I really want to travel to Cuenca next December. I haven’t been there _________ months. since ago in .
Do you know who that guy standing by Gabriela is? I’m not sure, but he ________ her new boyfriend. would be could be must be.
I couldn’t buy your gift yesterday. ________, I had a lot of work and was busy all day long. You see I see That must.
Did you see the game last night? Enner Valencia was ________ and will not be able to play for six months. injury to be injured injured.
There was an earthquake in Chile yesterday morning. Luckily, it only did ________ damage. minor tiny detailed.
My neighbor’s house was destroyed by a fire this morning. The firefighters ________ the fire was started by a candle. suspect seem appear.
My friends told me the new teacher’s very angry. Do you know her? Yeah! I had a class with her. She is ________ horrible! terrible extreme absolutely.
Visiting Thailand has been ________ experience of my life. more incredible the most incredible the more incredible.
__________ is New York in winter? When cold Which cold How cold.
Let’s reach __________. I come the house and you cook. That sounds good. a dispute an agreement a concert.
I’m trying to work ________. I am very tired and need to rest. less fewer lesser.
I think there will be thirty people at our party. Really? I don’t think we have ___________. drinks enough too much drinks enough drinks.
Do you want to eat out tonight? I’d rather stay home. Can we get _________? cupboard reservations takeout.
Why do you still have that ugly old radio? You never use it, and it is _________ space. holding storing taking up.
Apple is the company _________ makes the iPhone and the iPod. which who like.
I have to be careful with the money ________ I earn. I want to save enough for a car. that what who.
Can you ________ the TV? It is very late. turn off it turn it off . turn off.
This printer is not working anymore. __________. Throw away it Throw it away Throw away.
A good action movie has a lot of fight _________. scenes scenery schemes.
Did you hear how well Johanna sings? Yes! She _________ a lot. must be practice must to practice must be practicing.
In 2010, the Nobel Prize in Literature was ________ to Vargas Llosa. awards awarded awarding .
Hi, Francisco. I am going to be late to the meeting. My flight was ________. Don’t worry, Claudia. We will wait for you. severed destroyed delayed.
Do you want to go to the beach this weekend? I do. ________, my car is not working. I see The only thing is The best thing is.
You should try to find a job that a has a better salary. _________, I really like my current job. The thing is That would be awesome At least.
Wow, Dante! You a _________ talented violinist! pretty absolute total.
You are ________ good at tennis, Stephane. Can you teach me? so absolute fair.
The spaghetti is horrible. __________? Never. This is my first time. Have you ever cooked before Were you cooking Did you cook.
Do you like the Beatles? Actually, _________ 60’s bands. I haven’t never liked I did never liked I’ve never liked.
My son is really smart. He won a science _________ in school last year. course contest race.
Have I told you about my trip to France? Yes, you’ve told me about it __________ times! several severe twince.
Where do you want to go for your birthday? I want to go to the ________ expensive restaurant in Quito! the best the most the more.
I can’t get __________. I think it Is broken! my car to work to work my car my car work.
My father _________ work for IBM. Now he is retired. would have used to would.
I like staying at home a lot more than going out. I guess I am a _________. couch potato daydreamer homebody.
I failed my exam. That is because you didn’t study ________. enough too much fewer.
What is your favorite kind of seafood? I love ________. cabbage shrimp lamb.
I don’t like lemons. They are too _______. prickly sally sour.
Can you help me with my chores? Sorry, I can’t. I’ve ________ finish my homework. get got to gettin.
I have eaten very _________ chocolate lately. I’m on a diet. few little least.
I’m really busy right now. Can we get together some other day? No problem. ___________. Do you mind? I bet I’ll catch you later.
I have a meeting in 10 minutes. ____________. It sure does I’d better go Where were we?.
Where are you going, Monica? To Mariah’s house. She wants to show me the clothes ________ she bought. with that who.
What ________ you do if you won the lottery? I would travel around the world! could should would.
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