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cambriadge 4



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Nestor, this is a wedding. I don’t think you are dressed ________. correct appropriately at all.
Medardo, you are _______ for the test! Sorry, teacher! There was a lot of traffic. lately late later .
I lost my car keys in my office. __________, a friend found them and gave them back to me. Probably Fortunately Hardly.
Do you want to go _________ riding tomorrow? No, thanks! That sounds scary. biking windsurf horseback.
Which city has _______ people in the world? I think Tokyo does. the most most the more.
I went to see the Nile River when I was in Egypt. Really? Isn’t that ________ river in the world? the longest longest the long.
This lasagna tastes great! ________. It just could be!. It sure does! Where were we?.
Chimborazo is a really beautiful volcano! _________ It really isn’t It really is! At least it is!.
Can you please calm down? You are ________ too loudly. pressuring bonding yelling .
Who do you spend Christmas with? Only with my _________. My parents and my brother. extended family immediate family blended family.
11. I loved our vacation in Hawaii! _________. Where were we? Did you? Congratulations!.
What do you think about this year’s Emelec team? _________, they are playing really well. If you ask me The thing is know.
I can’t hear what the teacher is saying. I can’t either. He doesn’t speak _________. enough loud loudly enough too enough.
I don’t want to travel with him. He drives ________ recklessly. too many too enough.
Can you bring two _______ of bread from the supermarket? cants loaves loaf.
Do you like hot peppers? I have a _______ of pickled jalapeños if you want. mug glass jar.
Do you want some sugar for your coffee? No, thanks. _________ You know what I’m saying? I’m fine. Really Though.
Do you want to watch the news or a movie? _________. Whichever you prefer. That’s true Either one if fine The thing is.
Are you excited about you trip to India? Of course! I’m really looking ________ to it. after forward fowards.
I’m traveling to India next month! That’s sound like a great trip. _______ sure you take some pictures. do make commit.
Who is Gabriel Garcia Marquez? He is the author ________ wrote “A Hundred Years of Solitude”. which in which that.
Who was the guy _______called you? My boss. that whom where.
Do you want to buy the car? I’m still thinking _________ it. on about along.
If I got the _________, my master’s degree wouldn’t cost anything restitution scholarship tuition.
________, I would try to get a scholarship in Germany. That’s a good idea. If I were you I’d better go . It seems like.
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