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1. I don’t have time to work because I study full – time; I’m a Biology_________ a. teacher b. career c. major.
2. I love cats B: _. a. I do too b. Me neither c. I am too.
3. I want to invite Raul to the party. Great! I really like _. a. he b. him c. her.
4. I can’t stand reality shows. I hate _ _. a. it b. them c. watch.
4. Do you play cards? Yes, but only with my friends. _ in my family likes to play. a. Everyone b. Nobody c. They.
5. I really enjoy because I love taking care of plants. a. gardening b. hoarding c. growing.
6. When I play soccer, I_____a lot of water. a. drink b. am going to drink c. will drink.
I’m____out to party these days. But I’ll go out with you tonight a. not going b. not c. don’t go.
9. I run 10 miles every weekend. _ . That’s amazing! a. Well b. Not really . No way!.
10. I had a very high fever last night. _ . That is not good! You should see a doctor a. I bet b. Are you serious? c. All right.
11. I wear my wedding on my left hand . loop b. ring c. rim.
12. Homer is my favorite Simpson’s . a. character b. portrait c. person.
13. My favorite hobby is knitting. I love making caps, sweaters,_______ a. I guess b. and things like that c. and else.
14. Do you enjoy swimming? Um,_____. Only if the water is warm a. generally b. sure c. it depends.
15. I was an animal lover when I was a child, I _ a lot of pets a. would have b. had c. was having.
16. How many of your friends speak English? _ them do a. A lot b. Some c. A lot of.
17. I think I was thirteen, twelve, when I first read The Lord of the Rings a. no, wait… b. gosh c. I guess….
18. Do you want to go the movies tomorrow? Sure! , I just remembered I have a doctor’s appointment. a. You are kidding b. To be honest c. No, wait.
19. Where is your office? It is Mariana de Jesus Ave a. at b. between c. on.
19. Is there _ around here? I need some cash a. an ATM b. a maching c. a P E.
21. My friends have a nice beach house in Tonsupa. Do you want to go? I’m sorry. ? a. how so b. how far c. where.
22. The gym I go to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s _? a. how far b. how many c. how much.
23. I’m going to fail the math exam. so hard to remember all the topics! a. It is b. They’re c. They are.
24. Excuse me, do you work here? Yes, I do! I’m here _. a. for give help b. to help c. in helping.
25. Be careful…don’t touch the _ _. It is really hot. a. stove b. dresser c. cabinets.
26. Put the dishes in the . I’ll wash them later. a. sink b. bathtub c. shower.
27. Do you mind going with me to the store? . I need to go, too. a. No problem b. No, not at all c. Sure.
28. Do you mind if I am a little late? There’s a lot of traffic. . Take your time! a. Of course I do b. Oh, no. No problem c. Well, I do.
29. You didn’t answer the phone. you sleeping when I called you? a. Were b. We’re c. Was.
30. Was Fernando with you when he fell? No, he was skating _ _ himself. a. for b. by c. with.
31. I was walking when it started raining. But I had my _ with me, so I didn’t get wet a. kindness b. briefcase c. umbrella.
32. Yesterday, I got into a fight, and a guy punched me. That’s why I have a _ eye a. blue b. black c. purple.
33. I had seafood for lunch. Really? _ it was delicious. a. I mean b. I realize c. I bet.
34. Yesterday I broke my girlfriend’s favorite sunglasses. Oh, no! _ she got really mad at you a. I bet b. I’m not sure c. Maybe.
35. Mr. Anton is not here right now. Would you like to a message? a. call in b. drop c. leave.
36. Mrs. Cordero doesn’t live here. I think you have the number. a. wrong b. bad c. worse.
37. Do you and your sister look ? Not at all. We look very different. a. like b. after c. alike.
38. I think _ got the curliest hair in my family a. I’m b. he is c. I’ve.
39. I assist doctors and take care of sick people. I am a a. waiter b. nurse c. lawyer.
40. Could you recommend a good ? I need a new dresser. a. carpenter b. producer b. producer.
41. Does he want this last piece of pizza? . a. No, he doesn’t b. I do too c. Ye, he do.
42. Do you like to dance? Yes, I do. I really enjoy reggaetton! a. dancing b. in dance c. to dance.
43. I love _ _ the guitar. a. playing b. played c. am playing.
44. Do you want to come to the party? from the office is here. a. All b. Every c. Everybody.
45. _____I feel run down, I usually stay at home. a. Shouldn’t b. If c. While.
46. Do you like pizza? I love it, but at the moment I to eat more healthy foods a. am trying b. trying c. will try.
47. I love skiing. It is my favorite sport. I do too! How come? Really? How embarrassing!.
48. Hell, Mrs. Galindo. Can I see Gina? You can’t see the _ before the wedding. It is bad luck a. bride b. girl c. groom.
49. My doctor recommends eating five____ a day. a. foods b. lunches c. meals.
50. Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket? _ Let me ask her. a. I’m not sure. b.Really? c.Not at all.
51. Are you older than me? I’m not sure______ a. When were you born? b. When you born? c. When did you born?.
52. Did you study French last year? No, I didn’t. I_____German, a. took b. take c. were taking.
53. My mother wants to invite you to lunch…____ dinner tomorrow. a. really b. not at all c. I mean.
54. The coffee shop is across the street __Banco Guayaquil. a. of b. in c. from.
55. Cotopaxi will be on your left. You can’t __it! a. pass b. lose c. miss.
56. Do you want a Smart Phone? It’s not difficult____ . a. to have used b. to use c. for using.
You___fix your car. It is making a horrible noise a. should b. would to c. could.
58. How many ___of laundry do you wash every week? a. inputs b. sets c. loads.
59. Can you help me with my homework?______. What do you want me to do? a. No, thanks b. Go ahead c. No problem.
60. When my friend told me the address, I was thinking about something else. I ____listening, actually. a. didn’t b. wasn’t c. was.
61. I was sitting in the park when a bird___me. It was very funny, actually! a. was attacking b. attacking c. attacked.
62. Yesterday at work, I fell in front of everybody. Everybody laughed! I was so ____! a. surprised b. mad c. embarrassed.
63. If you don’t sit correctly, you could hurt your . a. toes b. back c. front.
64. _____ you father is going to love this book. He loves to read. a. I mean b. I bet c. I mind.
65. On my trip to Paris, I visited the Eiffel Tower. It was so amazing! ___. a. Oh, that’s funny b. I bet c. I guess.
66. My phone ___was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars! a. connection b. bill c. fact.
67. Does anybody in your family______you? No, I’m the only one with blue eyes a. look like b. seem like c. look at.
68. Who’s the girl___to Clark Kent? You don’t know her? That’s Lois Lane a. speaks b. speaking c. spoke.
69. My ____next year is to eat less junk food and do more exercise a. up b. out c. off.
70. My tooth hurts a lot. I’m going to make an appointment with my______. a. nurse b. doctor c. dentist.
71. I have four pets. I guess I am _____ a. a veterinarian b. a big fan c. an animal lover.
72. I really like my ___. It has a nice park a. house b. neighborhood c. garden.
73. I don’t like soccer. I can’t believe it! Everybody I know______ soccer a. likes b. like c. liked.
74. I really like Messi. He is really good ____ a. to play soccer b. for play soccer c. at soccer.
75. Monopoly, Scrabble, and Parcheesi are types of ____ a. jigsaw puzzles b. board games c. skills.
76. I hardly ever____to other countries, but I really want to visit Italy. a. am traveling b. am going to travel c. travel.
77. There are too many____on your birthday cake. You are getting old! a. flames b. candles c. toppings.
78._____ are the things you wear when you graduate. a. A cap and scarf b. A hat and suit c. A cap and gown.
79. Did you pass your final exam? I did. I answered _____of the questions correctly. a. none b. a few c. most.
80. If you want to get to my house,_____a left on Pichincha Street. a. walk b. turn c. make.
81. I want _____to draw, so I need to buy some pencils and stuff. a. to learn b. for learn c. learning.
82. I’m going to climb Chimborazo. I am very excited! Awesome,______take a lot of pictures. a. You would b. You need c. Don’t forget to.
83. Where can I find a clean glass to drink water? You can get one from the______on the right. a. carpet b. cabinet c. stove.
84. If you want very loud music, you should buy bigger____. a. cushions b. speakers c. equipment.
85. Could you please wait a few minutes? We have another call. _____ I’ll wait. a. No problem b. I bet c. Actually.
86. When my sister____my new sweater, she spilled coffee on it. a. wear b. had worn c. was wearing.
87. I______my ankle last weekend. It still hurts a lot. a. sprained b. slipped c. turned.
88. Did you bring the chocolate ice-cream I asked? Sorry, I bought vanilla by___ a. error b. wrong c. mistake.
89. Sorry I didn’t answer your call. My cell phone is _____ a. hurt b. broken c. sprained.
______got red hair in your family? a. Who’s b. Who is c. Whose.
91. Do you know the name of the famous ____who wrote that article in the newspaper about corruption? a. receptionist b. business executive c. journalist.
92. My boss is very busy and needs someone to help him with everything. If you need a job, I can talk to him because he’s looking for ______ a. a neighbor b. an architect c. an assistant.
93. Do you want to go shopping? I don’t think I can. I’m_____ a. broke b. rich c. expensive.
94. Are you interested _____ politics? a. at b. wtih c. in.
95. Driving in the rain can be really dangerous. With the water, the road gets very _____ a. careless b. unreliable c. slippery.
96. I think I have the flu, doctor, but I ____ any medicine. a. don’t want b. don’t wanting.
97. Christmas is a family _____ a. meeting b. date c. holiday.
98. What do you like to put on your sandwich? I like mayonnaise, cheese and_____ a. ham b. mashed c. candle.
99. Cristina, were you born in Machala? Yes, I ____ . a. was b. did c. were.
100. Did you play any instruments when you ____a kid? a. were being b. was c. were.
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