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Cambridge tres

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Cambridge tres

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I don’t have time to work because I study full – time; I’m a Biology ______. teacher career major.
I love cats B: _____. I do too Me neither I am too.
I want to invite Raul to the party. Great! I really like _______. he him her.
I can’t stand reality shows. I hate ______. it them watch.
Do you play cards? Yes, but only with my friends. _______ in my family likes to play. Everyone Nobody They.
I really enjoy ________ because I love taking care of plants. gardening hoarding growing.
When I play soccer, I ______ a lot of water. drink am going to drink will drink.
I’m ______ out to party these days. But I’ll go out with you tonight. not going not don’t go.
I run 10 miles every weekend. _______. That’s amazing! Well Not really No way!.
I had a very high fever last night. _________. That is not good! You should see a doctor. I bet Are you serious? All right.
I wear my wedding ________ on my left hand loop ring rim.
Homer is my favorite Simpson’s _________. character portrait person.
My favorite hobby is knitting. I love making caps, sweaters, _________. I guess and things like that and else.
Do you enjoy swimming? Um, ______. Only if the water is warm. generally sure it depends.
I was an animal lover when I was a child, I _______ a lot of pets. would have had was having.
How many of your friends speak English? _______ them do. A lot Some A lot of.
I think I was thirteen, ______ twelve, when I first read The Lord of the Rings. no, wait... gosh I guess...
Do you want to go the movies tomorrow? Sure! _______, I just remembered I have a doctor’s appointment. You are kidding To be honest No, wait.
Where is your office? It is ______ Mariana de Jesus Ave. at between on.
Is there _______ around here? I need some cash. an ATM a maching a P E.
My friends have a nice beach house in Tonsupa. Do you want to go? I’m sorry. _______? how so how far where.
The gym I go to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s _______? how far how many how much.
I’m going to fail the math exam. _____ so hard to remember all the topics! It is They’re They are.
Excuse me, do you work here? Yes, I do! I’m here _______. for give help to help in helping.
Be careful...don’t touch the ______. It is really hot. stove dresser cabinets.
Put the dishes in the ______. I’ll wash them later. sink bathtub shower.
Do you mind going with me to the store? _______. I need to go, too. No problem No, not at all Sure.
Do you mind if I am a little late? There’s a lot of traffic. ________. Take your time! Of course I do Oh, no. No problem Well, I do.
You didn’t answer the phone. _______ you sleeping when I called you? Were We’re Was.
Was Fernando with you when he fell? No, he was skating ______ himself. for by with.
I was walking when it started raining. But I had my ______ with me, so I didn’t get wet. kindness briefcase umbrella.
Yesterday, I got into a fight, and a guy punched me. That’s why I have a ________ eye blue black purple.
I had seafood for lunch. Really? _________ it was delicious. I mean I realize I bet.
Yesterday I broke my girlfriend’s favorite sunglasses. Oh, no! _______ she got really mad at you. I bet I’m not sure Maybe.
Mr. Anton is not here right now. Would you like to ________ a message? call in drop leave.
Mrs. Cordero doesn’t live here. I think you have the ________ number. wrong bad worse.
Do you and your sister look _______? Not at all. We look very different. like after alike.
I think ________ got the curliest hair in my family. I’m he is I’ve.
I assist doctors and take care of sick people. I am a __________. waiter nurse lawyer.
Could you recommend a good ______? I need a new dresser. carpenter producer builder.
Does he want this last piece of pizza? ______. No, he doesn’t I do too Ye, he do.
Do you like to dance? Yes, I do. I really enjoy _______ reggaetton! dancing in dance to dance.
I love ______ the guitar. playing played am playing.
Do you want to come to the party? _______ from the office is here. All Every Everybody.
_______ I feel run down, I usually stay at home. Shouldn’t If While.
Do you like pizza? I love it, but at the moment I _____ to eat more healthy foods. am trying trying will try.
I love skiing. It is my favorite sport. _____ I do too! How come? Really? How embarrassing!.
Hell, Mrs. Galindo. Can I see Gina? You can’t see the _______ before the wedding. It is bad luck. bride girl groom.
My doctor recommends eating five ______ a day. foods lunches meals.
Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket? _______ Let me ask her. I’m not sure. Really? Not at all.
Are you older than me? I’m not sure. ________ When were you born? When you born? When did you born?.
Did you study French last year? No, I didn’t. I _______ German, took take were taking.
My mother wants to invite you to lunch... ________ dinner tomorrow. really not at all I mean.
The coffee shop is across the street _______ Banco Guayaquil. of in from.
Cotopaxi will be on your left. You can’t ________ it! pass lose miss.
Do you want a Smart Phone? It’s not difficult ________. to have used to use for using.
You _______ fix your car. It is making a horrible noise. should would to could.
How many ________ of laundry do you wash every week? inputs sets loads.
Can you help me with my homework? __________. What do you want me to do? No, thanks Go ahead No problem.
When my friend told me the address, I was thinking about something else. I _______ listening, actually. didn’t wasn’t was.
I was sitting in the park when a bird ________ me. It was very funny, actually! was attacking attacking attacked.
Yesterday at work, I fell in front of everybody. Everybody laughed! I was so _______! surprised mad embarrassed.
If you don’t sit correctly, you could hurt your ________. toes back front.
________ you father is going to love this book. He loves to read. I mean I bet I mind.
On my trip to Paris, I visited the Eiffel Tower. It was so amazing! _________. Oh, that’s funny I bet I guess.
My phone _______ was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars! connection bill fact.
Does anybody in your family ______ you? No, I’m the only one with blue eyes. look like seem like look at.
Who’s the girl _______ to Clark Kent? You don’t know her? That’s Lois Lane speaks speaking spoke.
My _______ next year is to eat less junk food and do more exercise. up out off.
My tooth hurts a lot. I’m going to make an appointment with my _______. nurse doctor dentist.
I have four pets. I guess I am _______. a veterinarian a big fan an animal lover.
I really like my _______. It has a nice park house neighborhood garden.
I don’t like soccer. I can’t believe it! Everybody I know __________ soccer. likes like liked.
I really like Messi. He is really good ________. to play soccer for play soccer at soccer.
Monopoly, Scrabble, and Parcheesi are types of ________ jigsaw puzzles board games skills.
I hardly ever ______ to other countries, but I really want to visit Italy. am traveling am going to travel travel.
There are too many _________ on your birthday cake. You are getting old! flames candles toppings.
________ are the things you wear when you graduate. A cap and scarf A hat and suit A cap and gown.
Did you pass your final exam? I did. I answered ________ of the questions correctly. none a few most.
If you want to get to my house, _______ a left on Pichincha Street. walk turn make.
Driving in the rain can be really dangerous. With the water, the road gets very ________. careless unreliable slippery.
I think I have the flu, doctor, but I _________ any medicine. don't don’t want don’t wanting.
Christmas is a family _______. meeting date holiday.
What do you like to put on your sandwich? I like mayonnaise, cheese and ______. ham mashed candle.
Cristina, were you born in Machala? Yes, I ________. was did were.
Did you play any instruments when you _____ a kid? were being was were.
Is your family going with you to Manta? _______, not all of them. My brother Juan has to work. At least I mean Well.
Can you tell me where the tattoo shop is? Sure, it is _______ the corner of Montufar and 10 de Agosto Ave. within through on.
The gym I do to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s ________? how far how many how much.
I want to read “The Hobbit” in English. My friend told me it is a good way________ English. for learn to learning to learn.
When you are in another country, it is really important ________ your passport with you at all times. for having have to to have.
What were you doing when I called? I _______ home. was walking was walked walked.
My mom called _________ I was playing soccer. I didn’t answer. if yet while.
I like cooking, but I can’t ________ vegetables. I am afraid of knives. cut bump chop.
I love that silver watch. Put it on your ________ to see how it looks. elbow thumb wrist.
Hi, Dimitri! I’m in a conference right now. Can I call you _______ in an hour? return back off.
I lost my cell phone. Could you call me on my ________ phone? traditional simple regular.
I worked hard and got really good grades in college. If I don’t get a good job, I will be very _______. relaxed sore disappointed.
Do your friends like to watch tennis? _________. They are big Rafael Nadal fans. No, he doesn’t Yes, they do Yes, they are.
I really like to travel. ________. We have a lot in common. I can’t too I don’t either Me too.
My girlfriend Alejandra is coming. Do you want to meet _________? his he her.
So you want to learn to play the trumpet? Yes, I am looking for ________. practice lessons training.
I always ________ when I have a sore throat. cough am coughing will cough.
Where _______ these days? I haven’t seen you in so long. do you work do you working are you working.
Everyday I wake up at 5:30 am. __________ How come? You are kidding! Sure. Um, kind of.
A ________ is a kind of jewelry. belt necklace sock.
A:Do you know any good Italian restaurant around here? B: There is one nearby. It has pizzas, pasta, ________. more or less and elsewhere and stuff like that.
_________ in my class play an instrument. Most of people None the people Most of the people.
When _________ you get your Biology degree? About a year ago. did do were.
Hi, Jessica. I’m here waiting for you. I’m almost here. I’m three ______ away. stations jogs blocks.
Did you go to the theater last night? Yeah! The _________ was amazing, actually. act sight play.
I want to eat shrimp ceviche. Excuse me, ________ of ceviche? what kind how kind what cost.
I’m new in town. Can you tell me how to get to the bus terminal? Sure. It’s not hard _______ find. to of for.
Your kitchen _________ is not working. I can’t get any water. faucet stove sink.
Does your ________ work? I need it to bake some cookies. stove oven kitchen.
You were telling me something about your pet _________ those guys interrupted us. as when where.
I was doing my homework, and I _________ to call you. Sorry! am forgetting have forgotten forgot.
I don’t like black and white movies. They are so _________. bright boring bored.
What does Maria look like? She is ________. fun very nice tall and thin.
Do you see that house across the street? I think there is fire there. On, my gosh! Call the ________. firefighters water boys officers.
_________ Juan work in Banco Guayaquil? Do Does What does.
Do you like to study? Yes, my favorite ________ is Math. major activity class.
What do you guys want to do on the weekend? We want to climb a mountain. Would you like to come with _________? it we us.
I need to buy a cake. Do you want to go to the _________ with me? bakery shopping vet.
What _______ when you feel bored? do you do are you doing will you do.
_______ us travel to Salinas Beach in the holidays. Most of No All.
I don’t know how to ride a bike. Really? I’ll teach you. It ________ to learn. was hard would be easy is easy.
I’ll cook if you ________ the dishes. do make water.
Tell me more about _______. What do you like to do on weekends? self yourself you’re.
Daniel’s coffee spilled on the floor, so I ________ mine with him. exchange shared complained.
I want _______ to draw, so I need to buy some pencils and stuff. to learn for learn learning.
I’m going to climb Chimborazo. I am very excited! Awesome, ________ take a lot of pictures. You would You need Don’t forget to.
Where can I find a clean glass to drink water? You can get one from the _______ on the right. carpet cabinet stove.
If you want very loud music, you should buy bigger ________. cushions speakers equipment.
Could you please wait a few minutes? We have another call. ______ I’ll wait. No problem I bet Actually.
When my sister _______ my new sweater, she spilled coffee on it. wear had worn was wearing.
I ________ my ankle last weekend. It still hurts a lot. sprained slipped turned.
Did you bring the chocolate ice-cream I asked? Sorry, I bought vanilla by _______. error wrong mistake.
Sorry I didn’t answer your call. My cell phone is _______: hurt broken sprained.
_______ got red hair in your family? Who’s Who is Whose.
Do you know the name of the famous ________ who wrote that article in the newspaper about corruption? receptionist business executive journalist.
My boss is very busy and needs someone to help him with everything. If you need a job, I can talk to him because he’s looking for ________ a neighbor an architect an assistant.
Do you want to go shopping? I don’t think I can. I’m________. broke rich expensive.
Are you interested ______ politics? at wtih in.
I had a horrible day yesterday. I dropped something heavy on my foot and broke a ________. hip finger toe.
Could you ________? I have another call. hold on hold off allow.
Do you know the girl ________ the dark blue shirt? Yes, that’s my sister. on by in.
I don’t have water in my house. Can you call the _______? letter carrier plumber gardner.
If my boss likes my work, I might get ________ and earn more money. an improvement a promotion a degree.
No, I don’t have any sisters. In fact, I’m ________. an only child single alone.
I don’t like going to the mall. It is too _________. I prefer places with fewer people. crowded quiet boring.
What ́s your favorite sport? I like to go the gym and ________. practice study work out.
______ your stuff? We leave in 10 minutes. Should you pack Do you pack Are you pack.
Only _______ actors have won an Academy Award. a few of the most a few.
I think I lived on 10 de Agosto Avenue until 2009. No, you _________. You moved in 2007! don’t didn’t weren’t.
Can I drive my car there? No! There is only a walking ________. way ferry path.
The new iPhone is 650 dollars. Sorry, it costs ________? what kind how many how much.
Your sofa is uncomfortable. You should buy softer _________. pillow fabrics cushions.
________ are you? I think I’m five feet tall. How big How tall What tall.
________ I train everyday, I might run a marathon. If When Maybe.
_______ favorite food? Are you What’s your What is you’re.
I love bachata; I can listen to it all day. B: _________, but I prefer salsa. I am too I does I can too.
Do you like to use Twitter? Of course! I enjoy ________ Twitter to share online articles with my friends. use in using using.
Do you want to ________ a dance class? You can go with me. join get go out.
Mario is a huge Liga de Loga fan. He _______ to the stadium every Sunday. is going goes does go.
Cuenca’s independence is celebrated _____ the 3rd of November. in at on.
Can you please clean the table? And, put the dirty dishes in the ________...I’m too tired to wash them by hand. cabinets shower diswasher.
Could you put this glass of water on my _______? cushion faucet nightstand.
I think you didn’t give me the correct number. When I called, a _______ answered. regular mistake stranger.
Do you see that guy? He’s my best friend. Which one? The one _______ the spiked hair or the other one? in by with.
Who is the guy ______ the guitar? Are you serious? That’s Paul McCartney! playing to play plays.
Are you travelling ______ next year? No, I’m staying here in Ecuador. abroad outdoors here.
Do you like to have milk with you breakfast? I can’t drink milk. I’m ________. vegetarian allergic sick.
Do you go out on Friday nights? ________. I really like to party. No, he doesn’t No, I don’t Yes, I do.
Are you ______ baseball? Not really. I prefer other sports. good into well.
Can you teach me to knit? I want to learn a new _______. skill game interest.
The weather ________ for tomorrow is rain. Get your umbrellas ready! alarm predictions instruction.
________ me, Ma’am. Can you help me find Diego de Almagro Ave.? Excuse Bless Sorry.
I _______ at my phone when I crashed my parent’s car. I don’t know what to do now. have been looking was looking am looking.
When I to the gym, I enjoy ________ weights. carrying raising lifting.
_______ do for fun? Do you Are you What do your friends.
Where do you work? _________. I have a part-time job. Well, I work in Quito Yes, I do.
All you do is play video games. You need to get a job and stop being so ________! amazing good with your hands lazy.
Hey, Paul, do you want to go out for lunch with me? Hi, Vanessa! Sorry but I can’t right now. I _______ a lot of work during the middle of the day. am always having always have should always have.
What are you doing after graduation? I want to get a _______ in History. title degree class.
I love your vacation home. It was a wonderful ________ of the ocean. look view landscape.
I’m going to France next month. What _______ I buy for your? should have to need to.
Why is your backpack a lot ______ than mine? Because I have all my books in there. heavier wider stranger.
_______ your girlfriend look like? How does How is What does.
I live __________. It’s only a few minutes walking here nearby far away.
I work on weekends, so I don’t have a lot of ________. responsibilities free time homework.
What are you doing? I am planning a huge surprise birthday party I __________ for John! should throw throw am going to throw.
My father never answers the phone. You should send _________ an e-mail, then. her him his.
Today I am visiting the _________. I really want to see the Virgen del Panecillo. sights views landscapes.
What ________ I do to help you? Well, you can make dessert. can’t would can.
_______ you recommend a movie? Sure! You should watch “Back to the Future” Can Are Will.
Are there any good theaters around here? There is _______ nearby. It is called Cinemark. some any one.
I’m traveling to Tena tomorrow. ________ insect repellent. There are so many mosquitos there! You’ll take Take Take to.
I need to take a bath, but there is no _______. soap paste jam.
Can you buy me a _______? I need to cut some newspaper articles. pair of scissors pack of scissors set of scissors.
Are these your sister’s high heels? Those are not _______, they are mine. hers her she’s.
How old are your kids? Eight and twelve years old. How old are _______? your your’s yours.
I’m so tired of ________ my bed every morning. changing making doing.
Well, I’m going outside to skateboard. Oh, that is dangerous. Don’t hurt ________. yourself yourselfes you.
You should buy a car. It is more convenient. I don’t think so. Taking the bus is _________. more cheap cheaper than cheaper.
I need to spend _______ time playing video games and more time studying. less few fewer.
Do you like guys who have long hair? Yes, but only if the wear it in a _________. ponytail tail curly.
I have black hair, but I prefer to wear it blond, so I _______ my hair every month. paint bleach spike.
A new computer _______ be cheap, so I need to save some money. maybe may won’t.
What are you doing to study after you _________? graduate are going to graduate will graduate.
Does Pablo _______ to the movie theater with you a lot? comes came come.
I need to buy some snacks. Do you want to go to the _______ with me? restaurant shopping store.
A: When are you going to the movies? B: Right now, __________, because the movie starts in 15 minutes! maybe hope actually.
A: Do you exercise a lot? B: Yes, I like to go the gym and ________. work out study practice.
A: Do you like surfing? B: _________, I prefer swimming. I do, too Me neither Not really.
A: I had a horrible dream last night. B: Oh, you mean a ________. scary nightmare sleepwalker.
You are invited tomorrow. We _________ Mexican food and drinks! It will be fun! might prepare were preparing are preparing.
I hate working as a waiter. I think I’m going to _________. quit stop drop.
I’m looking for shoe stores. _______ any around? Are there There’s Is there.
A: I need to buy a camera, but I don’t have much money. B: If you a used one, you can get a good ________. relative bargain reservation.
A: If you go to Greece, you need to take a phrasebook. B: _________, but I already speak Greek. It depends That’s a bad idea I guess I could.
A: Can you share your sandwich with me? I’m very hungry and forgot my food. B: You have to ask Benjamin because it is _________. him he’s his.
I was chopping some onions when I cut _________. my myself me.
A: Should I buy a car or a new refrigerator? B: I think a car is _________ right now. more important than important than more important.
Hi, mom! Sorry, but I can’t talk right now. I’m very _________. useful busy difficult.
Can you hold for ________ a minute? Someone else is calling me. something just rather.
My brother and I are ________. That’s why we look exactly alike! twisted replicas twins.
A: Have you ever traveled to the capital of England? _________ B: You mean London? What do you call it? What were you saying? What was her name?.
Do you think _______ a famous singer someday? she’d been she’ll be she’d be.
Can you do me a favor? I need you to help me carry these chairs. B: _______. Right All right I bet.
A: What is your _______? B: Everyone calls me Pepito. short name middle name nickname.
A: Your sofa looks very comfortable. B: _________, it is a little hard. Really Actually I guess.
Pedro would like to learn Russian. He really likes _________. to languages languages speak languages.
Are you into videogames? No, I actually prefer __________. working out at exercise to working out.
Do you like the house? I love it! Can you show _________ the pool area? I my me.
Hi, Esteban. Did you bring all the ingredients? I think so, I _________ bread, cheese, and ham. Is that everything. was bringing brought bring.
I’m lost. Could you _________ me find Centenario Park? helped help to help.
Teacher, how is my chemistry exam? Great! _________ no mistakes. There’s There are There’s.
My head hurts. I need to find a _________ and get some aspirin. medicinal drugstore boutique.
_________ easy to drive around Quito? No, not really. Is it Be it Is there.
You look at a lot taller when you wear _________. high shoes high heels sandals.
The weather is really hot in Brazil. Take _________ clothes. soft light warm.
I liked the first apartment we visited. _________ did you like? Whose one What Which one.
Whose is this calculator? I guess _________ Pablo’s. It has his name on ti. its it’s it.
You should put a nice _________ on the living room under your coffee table. mirror rug stove.
You have to turn off your cell phone during class. The teacher gets mad if it _________. rings raps knocks.
I hurt my _________ playing tennis. Now I can’t bend my arm. cushion elbow ankle.
She’s in better shape than me. I exercise a lot _________ than she does. lesser fewer less.
I find novels _________ movies interesting than more interesting than more interesting.
If you move to Guayaquil, do you promise we will keep in _________. cushion touch equipment.
I want to start wearing earrings. Really? How? You don’t have _________! pierced ears piercings spiked ears.
I can’t read the words on the TV. You might need to get some _________. mirrors glass glasses.
What are you going to do on Spring Break? I don’t know yet. _________ I will go to Loja. Maybe Might May.
Do you live with your bother? No, I don’t. He ___________. lives alone live with his wife lives with me.
What is your favorite outdoor activity? I really like _______. to ski in mounta in climbing camp.
My car is not working. Can you ________ it? work fix solve.
Were you a good student when you were young? Well, actually, I was a great student. I _______ good grades. was getting have got got.
Wait for me. I need to go to the _______ and wash my hands. restroom showroom laundry room.
You don't have a ticket yet? It is very important to ___ it early! getting get got.
I _________ when I saw an insect in my food. It was disgusting! were eating am eating was eating.
When I go to the gym, I enjoy ________ weights. carrying raising lifting.
My best friend Raul has a great job and _______ a really high salary. wins earns pays.
I'm selling some Poodle puppies. Do you want to see _____? it them they.
I'm going to wear a superhero _________ to your Halloween party! grown costume suit.
If you don’t have a _______ in your bathroom, how do you put on your makeup in the morning? sink glass mirror.
Does you mother have blond hair? Actually, no _______ light brown hair. She gets She’s got She is got.
Do you like to knit a lot? Yes, I am actually making a _______ for my daughter. jewel sweater cake.
How tall is your dad? ______ six foot three He’s got He’s Has.
______ Pamela do in Cuenca? She studies here. Where does Does What does.
Do you like shellfish? ________ shellfish because I'm allergic I’m not eating I don’t eat I will not be eating.
I can’t check my e-mail. I think we have a bad _________. communication wire connection.
You are too lazy. I ________ think you should exercise a little. anyway currently really.
I need to leave right now! I have a doctor’s ________ in half an hour, appointment activity reunion.
A: How old is David? B: He _________ 25 next Tuesday, actually! is going to be is being is.
A: What’s your favorite subject in school? B: ________, I think. I love singing. Choir Orchestra Track.
Before you go to Thailand, you need to ________ some money. People don’t use U.S. dollars there. charge interact change.
________ sports equipment is this? Whose Who’s How’s.
________ your father is going to love this book about James Bond because he loves to read spy novels. I bet I mean I mind.
My sister spends a lot of money in restaurants, but I spend ________ than her, actually. more important than more higher.
A: Sorry, mom, I’m really busy. B: Oh, well, I was _________ calling to ask you to bring some bread. just also so.
A: What are you going to study after high school? B: Well, I like working with computers, so I think I’ll be a computer _________. asistent specialist diver.
A: Why is it so _________ around here? B: That’s because there is a karaoke bar nearby. music noisy singing.
A: Do you work here? B: Yes, I do. I work in the Financial Department _________. I mean actually if I can.
A: Wow, you have a lot of pictures! B: Yes, I ________ like photography! just actually really.
Mary told me you are sick. How ________? are feeling you feel are you feeling.
A: How do you wake up so early in the morning? B: I use ________. an alarm clock a ringing clock a beeper.
_________ the movie starting at 8:00 or at 8:30? Does When does Is.
Everybody ________ me because I can’t play soccer well. crowds fails teases.
Travelling can be very dangerous. Take a ________ in case you get sick or hurt. first-aid kit tie tent.
We should rent this apartment. It is cleaner ________ the other one. to that than.
Sorry for interrupting you. What _________. what were you are saying? are you ready? is this it?.
A: He has a lot of money and a very big house. B: _________ he’s rich. Actually You mean You guess.
If I _________ him, I’ll call him again. like I’m liking I’ll.
I really need to see you. Do you want to _______ tomorrow? split up call back get together.
The doctor told me to ________ a pill to help me with my headache. take drink have.
A: Did you know it is Carla’s and Juan’s anniversary next month? B: Really? Let’s send _________ a card! they their them.
A: Are you old enough to drive? B: Of course! I ________ in 1994. am born was born born.
I am learning Chinese because it is very ________ nowadays. actual useful unusual.
A: What’s your favorite subject? B: _______ many I enjoy, like math, physics, and chemistry. There’re There are There isn’t.
A: I am going to swim in the pool, mom. B: Ok, Gerardo. Don’t forget to wear ________. a flashlight toothpaste sunscreen.
A: You could borrow my tent for your camping trip. B: _________! Thank you so much! That’s a great idea Actually I bet.
A motorcycle is ________ than a car. less fast more fast faster.
A: What’s your son like? B: Well, people say he takes _________ me. like after was getting.
A: Do you practice soccer daily? B: Right now, I’m really sick, so _________ at all. I’m practicing I don’t practice I’m not practicing.
I take sleeping pills when I have ________ sleeping. trouble snore problem.
A: What is your favorite ________? B: I like chemistry the most. study grade subject.
A: I want to cook tonight. B: Ok! But you ________ be careful with the knife. would need to take to.
If you are traveling to France, you should buy a French phrasebook. It is ________ to speak to people if you have one. easier than easier easy than.
A: Are you going to fix your teeth? B: Yes, I think I’m getting _________ next week. braces mustache fingernails.
A: What are you going to do next year? B: We’re not sure. We _________ travel to India. are will might.
A: Do you have a __________ job? B: Yes, I work form 9 till 5. full-time part-time any.
I have a ________. Do you know any dentists around here? tooth pain toothache sore in my tooth.
A: Welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Intriago! How can I help you? B: Hi! Can you give _________ information about the tour? us our they.
I’m from Canada but I live here in Ecuador. I came to Loja five years ________. old ago before.
_________ a way to get to Portoviejo from here? Am I What does Is there.
If I win the tournament, I _________ a one-thousand dollar prize. got will get was getting.
My brother lives in a small ________. He doesn’t like the noise of big cities. hike castles village.
I think that guy lifts weights. He’s very _________. muscles muscular c. strenuous.
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