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120. A ________ is a kind of jewelry. a. belt b. necklace c. sock.
121. A: Do you know any good Italian restaurant around here? B: There is one nearby. It has pizzas, pasta, ________. a. more or less b. and elsewhere c. and stuff like that.
122. _________ in my class play an instrument. a. Most of people b. None the people c. Most of the people.
123. When _________ you get your Biology degree? About a year ago. a. did b. do c. were.
124. Hi, Jessica. I’m here waiting for you. I’m almost here. I’m three ______ away. a. stations b. jogs c. blocks.
125. Did you go to the theater last night? Yeah! The _________ was amazing, actually a. act b. sight c. play.
126. I want to eat shrimp ceviche. Excuse me, ________ of ceviche? a. what kind b. how kind c. what cost.
127. I’m new in town. Can you tell me how to get to the bus terminal? Sure. It’s not hard _______ find. a. to b. of c. for.
128. Your kitchen _________ is not working. I can’t get any water. a. faucet b. stove c. sink.
129. Does your ________ work? I need it to bake some cookies. a. stove b. oven c. kitchen.
130. You were telling me something about your pet _________ those guys interrupted us. a. as b. when c. where.
131. I was doing my homework, and I _________ to call you. Sorry! a. am forgetting b. have forgotten c. forgot.
132. I don’t like black and white movies. They are so _________. a. bright b. boring c. bored.
133. What does Maria look like? She is ________. a. fun b. very nice c. tall and thin.
134. Do you see that house across the street? I think there is fire there. On, my gosh! Call the ________. a. firefighters b. water boys c. officers.
135. _________ Juan work in Banco Guayaquil? a. Do b. Does c. What does.
136. Do you like to study? Yes, my favorite ________ is Math. a. major b. activity c. class.
137. What do you guys want to do on the weekend? We want to climb a mountain. Would you like to come with _________? a. it b. we c. us.
138. I need to buy a cake. Do you want to go to the _________ with me? a. bakery b. shopping c. vet.
139. What _______ when you feel bored? a. do you do b. are you doing c. will you do.
140. _______ us travel to Salinas Beach in the holidays. a. Most of b. No c. All.
141. I don’t know how to ride a bike. Really? I’ll teach you. It ________ to learn. a. was hard b. would be easy c. is easy.
142. I’ll cook if you ________ the dishes. a. do b. make c. water.
143. Tell me more about _______. What do you like to do on weekends? a. self b. yourself c. you’re.
144. Daniel’s coffee spilled on the floor, so I ________ mine with him. a. exchange b. shared c. complained.
145. I had a horrible day yesterday. I dropped something heavy on my foot and broke a ________. a. hip b. finger c. toe.
146. Could you ________? I have another call. a. hold on b. hold off c. allow.
147. Do you know the girl ________ the dark blue shirt? Yes, that’s my sister. a. on b. by c. in.
148. I don’t have water in my house. Can you call the _______? a. letter carrier b. plumber c. gardner.
149. If my boss likes my work, I might get ________ and earn more money. a. an improvement b. a promotion c. a degree.
150. No, I don’t have any sisters. In fact, I’m ________. a. an only child b. single c. alone.
151. I don’t like going to the mall. It is too _________. I prefer places with fewer people. a. crowded b. quiet c. boring.
152. What´s your favorite sport? I like to go the gym and ________. a. practice b. study c. work out.
153. ______ your stuff? We leave in 10 minutes. a. Should you pack b. Do you pack c. Are you pack.
154. Only _______ actors have won an Academy Award. a. a few of the b. most c. a few.
155. I think I lived on 10 de Agosto Avenue until 2009. No, you _________. You moved in 2007! a. don’t b. didn’t c. weren’t.
156. Can I drive my car there? No! There is only a walking ________. a. way b. ferry c. path.
157. The new iPhone is 650 dollars. Sorry, it costs ________? a. what kind b. how many c. how much.
158. Your sofa is uncomfortable. You should buy softer _________. a. pillow b. fabrics c. cushions.
159. ________ are you? I think I’m five feet tall. a. How big b. How tall c. What tall.
160. ________ I train everyday, I might run a marathon a. If b. When c. Maybe.
161. _______ favorite food? a. Are you b. What’s your c. What is you’re.
162. I love bachata; I can listen to it all day. B: _________, but I prefer salsa. a. I am too b. I does c. I can too.
163. Do you like to use Twitter? Of course! I enjoy ________ Twitter to share online articles with my friends. a. use b. in using c. using .
164. Do you want to ________ a dance class? You can go with me. a. join b. get c. go out.
165. Mario is a huge Liga de Loga fan. He _______ to the stadium every Sunday. a. is going b. goes c. does go.
166. Cuenca’s independence is celebrated _____ the 3rd of November. a. in b. at c. on.
167. Can you please clean the table? And, put the dirty dishes in the ________...I’m too tired to wash them by hand. a. cabinets b. shower c. diswasher.
168. Could you put this glass of water on my _______? a. cushion b. faucet c. nightstand.
169. I think you didn’t give me the correct number. When I called, a _______ answered. a. regular b. mistake c. stranger.
170. Do you see that guy? He’s my best friend. Which one? The one _______ the spiked hair or the other one? a. in b. by c. with.
171. Who is the guy ______ the guitar? Are you serious? That’s Paul McCartney! a. playing b. to play c. plays.
172. Are you travelling ______ next year? No, I’m staying here in Ecuador. a. abroad b. outdoors c. here.
173. Do you like to have milk with you breakfast? I can’t drink milk. I’m ________. a. vegetarian b. allergic c. sick.
174. Do you go out on Friday nights? ________. I really like to party. a. No, he doesn’t b. No, I don’t c. Yes, I do.
175. Are you ______ baseball? Not really. I prefer other sports. a. good b. into c. well.
176. Can you teach me to knit? I want to learn a new _______. a. skill b. game c. interest.
177. The weather ________ for tomorrow is rain. Get your umbrellas ready! a. alarm b. predictions c. instruction.
178. ________ me, Ma’am. Can you help me find Diego de Almagro Ave.? a. Excuse b. Bless c. Sorry.
179. I _______ at my phone when I crashed my parent’s car. I don’t know what to do now. a. have been looking b. was looking c. am looking.
180. When I to the gym, I enjoy ________ weights. a. carrying b. raising c. lifting.
181. _______ do for fun? a. Do you b. Are you c. What do your friends.
182. Where do you work? _________. a. I have a part-time job. b. Well, I work in Quito c. Yes, I do.
183. All you do is play video games. You need to get a job and stop being so ________! a. amazing b. good with your hands c. lazy.
184. Hey, Paul, do you want to go out for lunch with me? Hi, Vanessa! Sorry but I can’t right now. I _______ a lot of work during the middle of the day. a. am always having b. always have c. should always have.
185. What are you doing after graduation? I want to get a _______ in History. a. title b. degree c. class.
186. I love your vacation home. It was a wonderful ________ of the ocean. a. look b. view c. landscape.
187. I’m going to France next month. What _______ I buy for your? a. should b. have to c. need to.
188. Why is your backpack a lot ______ than mine? Because I have all my books in there. a. heavier b. wider c. stranger.
189. _______ your girlfriend look like? a. How does b. How is c. What does.
190. I live __________. It’s only a few minutes walking a. here b. nearby c. far away.
191. I work on weekends, so I don’t have a lot of ________. a. responsibilities b. free time c. homework.
192. What are you doing? I am planning a huge surprise birthday party I __________ for John! a. should throw b. throw c. am going to throw.
193. My father never answers the phone. You should send _________ an e-mail, then. a. her b. him c. his.
194. Today I am visiting the _________. I really want to see the Virgen del Panecillo. a. sights b. views c. landscapes.
195. What ________ I do to help you? Well, you can make dessert. a. can’t b. would c. can.
196. _______ you recommend a movie? Sure! You should watch “Back to the Future” a. Can b. Are c. Will.
197. Are there any good theaters around here? There is _______ nearby. It is called Cinemark. a. some b. any c. one.
198. I’m traveling to Tena tomorrow. ________ insect repellent. There are so many mosquitos there! a. You’ll take b. Take c. Take to.
199. I need to take a bath, but there is no _______. a. soap b. paste c. jam.
200. Can you buy me a _______? I need to cut some newspaper articles. a. pair of scissors b. pack of scissors c. set of scissors.
201. Are these your sister’s high heels? Those are not _______, they are mine. a. hers b. her c. she’s.
202. How old are your kids? Eight and twelve years old. How old are _______? a. your b. your’s c. yours.
203. I’m so tired of ________ my bed every morning. a. changing b. making c. doing.
204. Well, I’m going outside to skateboard. Oh, that is dangerous. Don’t hurt ________. a. yourself b. yourselfes c. you.
205. You should buy a car. It is more convenient. I don’t think so. Taking the bus is _________. a. more cheap b. cheaper than c. cheaper.
206. I need to spend _______ time playing video games and more time studying. a. less b. few c. fewer.
207. Do you like guys who have long hair? Yes, but only if the wear it in a _________. a. ponytail b. tail c. curly.
208. I have black hair, but I prefer to wear it blond, so I _______ my hair every month. a. paint b. bleach c. spike.
209. A new computer _______ be cheap, so I need to save some money. a. maybe b. may c. won’t.
210. What are you doing to study after you _________? a. graduate b. are going to graduate c. will graduate.
211. Does Pablo _______ to the movie theater with you a lot? a. comes b. came c. come.
212. I need to buy some snacks. Do you want to go to the _______ with me? a. restaurant b. shopping c. store.
213. A: When are you going to the movies? B: Right now, __________, because the movie starts in 15 minutes! a. maybe b. hope c. actually.
214. A: Do you exercise a lot? B: Yes, I like to go the gym and ________. a. work out b. study c. practice.
215. A: Do you like surfing? B: _________, I prefer swimming. a. I do, too b. Me neither c. Not really.
216. A: I had a horrible dream last night. B: Oh, you mean a ________. a. scary b. nightmare c. sleepwalker.
217. You are invited tomorrow. We _________ Mexican food and drinks! It will be fun! a. might prepare b. were preparing c. are preparing.
218. I hate working as a waiter. I think I’m going to _________. a. quit b. stop c. drop.
219. I’m looking for shoe stores. _______ any around? a. Are there b. There’s c. Is there.
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