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CBRG 4 Parte 2

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CBRG 4 Parte 2

Estudio 2


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105. Excuse me, Agustin, but your music is too loud, and I just can’t fall a sleep. Sorry, Clara. I will ________ right now. a. turn it down b. turn down it c. it turn down.
106. The ending to that book is amazing! Don’t tell me I’m _______ reading a. still b. already c. about.
107. I really want to travel to Cuenca next December. I haven’t been there_________ months. a. since b. ago c. in.
108. Do you know who that guy standing by Gabriela is? I’m not sure, but he________ her new boyfriend. a. would be b. could be c. must be.
109. Did you hear? Jaime got a scholarship to study in Germany. That’s great. He ________ be feeling so proud. a. must b. may c. could.
110. I couldn’t buy your gift yesterday. ________, I had a lot of work and was busy all day long a. You see b. I see c. That must.
111. Did you see the game last night? Enner Valencia was ________ and will not be able to play for six months. a. injury b. to be injured c. injured.
112. There was an earthquake in Chile yesterday morning. Luckily, it only did________ damage. a. minor b. tiny c. detailed.
113. My neighbor’s house was destroyed by a fire this morning. The firefighters________ the fire was started by a candle. a. suspect b. seem c. appear.
114. My friends told me the new teacher’s very angry. Do you know her? Yeah! I had a class with her. She is ________ horrible! a. terrible b. extreme c. absolutely.
115. Visiting Thailand has been ________ experience of my life. a. more incredible b. the most incredible c. the more incredible.
116. __________ is New York in winter? a. When cold b. Which cold c. How cold.
117. Let’s reach __________. I come the house and you cook. That sounds good. a. a dispute b. an agreement c. a concert.
118. I’m trying to work ________. I am very tired and need to rest. a. less b. fewer c. lesser.
119. I think there will be thirty people at our party. Really? I don’t think we have___________. a. drinks enough b. too much drinks c. enough drinks.
120. Do you want to eat out tonight? I’d rather stay home. Can we get_________? a. cupboard b. reservations c. takeout.
121. Why do you still have that ugly old radio? You never use it, and it is_________ space. a. holding b. storing c. taking up.
122. Apple is the company _________ makes the iPhone and the iPod a. which b. who c. like.
123. I have to be careful with the money ________ I earn. I want to save enough for a car. a. that b. what c. who.
124. Can you ________ the TV? It is very late. a. turn off it b. turn off c. turn it off.
125. This printer is not working anymore. __________. a. Throw away it b. Throw it away c. Throw away.
126. A good action movie has a lot of fight _________. a. scenes b. scenery c. schemes.
127. Did you hear how well Johanna sings? Yes! She _________ a lot. a. must be practice b. must to practice c. must be practicing.
128. In 2010, the Nobel Prize in Literature was ________ to Vargas Llosa. a. awards b. awarded c. awarding .
129. Hi, Francisco. I am going to be late to the meeting. My flight was________. Don’t worry, Claudia. We will wait for you. a. severed b. destroyed c. delayed.
130. Do you want to go to the beach this weekend? I do. ________, my car is not working. a. I see b. The only thing is c. The best thing is.
131. You should try to find a job that a has a better salary. _________, I really like my current job. a. The thing is b. That would be awesome c. At least.
132. Wow, Dante! You a _________ talented violinist! a. pretty b. absolute c. total.
133. You are ________ good at tennis, Stephane. Can you teach me? a. so b. absolute c. fair.
134. The spaghetti is horrible. __________? Never. This is my first time a. Have you ever cooked before b. Were you cooking c. Did you cook.
135. Do you like the Beatles? Actually, _________ 60’s bands a. I haven’t never liked b. I did never liked c. I’ve never liked.
136. My son is really smart. He won a science _________ in school last year. a. course b. contest c. race.
137. Have I told you about my trip to France? Yes, you’ve told me about it__________ times! a. several b. severe c. twice.
138. Where do you want to go for your birthday? I want to go to the ________expensive restaurant in Quito! a. the best b. the most c. the more.
139. I can’t get __________. I think it Is broken! a. my car to work b. to work my car c. my car work.
140. My father _________ work for IBM. Now he is retired a. would have b. used to c. would.
141. I like staying at home a lot more than going out. I guess I am a _________. a. couch potato b. daydreamer c. homebody.
142. I failed my exam. That is because you didn’t study ________. a. enough b. too much c. fewer.
143. What is your favorite kind of seafood? I love ________. a. cabbage b. shrimp c. lamb.
144. I don’t like lemons. They are too _______. a. prickly b. sally c. sour.
145. Can you help me with my chores? Sorry, I can’t. I’ve ________ finish my homework. a. get b. got to c. getting.
146. I have eaten very _________ chocolate lately. I’m on a diet. a. few b. little c. least.
147. I’m really busy right now. Can we get together some other day? No problem. ___________. a. Do you mind? b. I bet c. I’ll catch you later.
148. I have a meeting in 10 minutes. ____________. a. It sure does b. I’d better go c. Where were we?.
149. Where are you going, Monica? To Mariah’s house. She wants to show me the clothes ________ she bought a. with b. that c. who.
150. What ________ you do if you won the lottery? I would travel around the world! a. could b. should c. would.
151. If she _________ more, she’d do better in school a. studies b. studied c. study.
152. Can I borrow your car this weekend? Sorry. My sister already asked________ it. a. upon b. to c. for.
153. My favorite country is France. Paris is so beautiful. _________. Rome is also great, though. a. That’s true b. Do you mind c. Either way is fine.
154. I am afraid of airplanes. _________ on an airplane once in my life a. I’m only to fly b. I’ve only been flying c. I’ve only flown.
155. ________ your school project yet? No, man. I haven’t really done much a. Have you been finishing b. Have you finished c. Were you finishing.
156. Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador. It is 6,268 ________. a. high b. metes high c. high in meters.
157. We eat _______ junk food in my house. We like to stay healthy. a. many b. very little c. very few.
158. Can you help me with this crossword puzzle? I’m not very good at crossword puzzles, but I’ll ________ my best. a. do b. prove c. run.
159. What are you going to do with the phone ________ you broke? I’m going to throw it away. a. at b. that c. who.
160. You broke my MP3 player, so you have to pay _________ the repairs a. to b. in c. for.
161. Did you hear that Paul and Mariana are going to get married? Of course! Paul _________ told me months ago! a. still b. yet c. already.
162. I am walking to school now, because my bike ________ stolen a week ago. a. was b. is c. were.
163. Did you hear about that guy who was _______ by lightning and survived? No, I didn’t. That is amazing! a. slapped b. whipped c. struck.
164. We haven’t ________ Esmeraldas yet. Do you want to go in spring break? a. go to b. been to c. traveled.
165. Have you ever gone deep-sea fishing? Yeah, I have! It is very scary but also very _________. a. frightening b. major c. exciting.
166. This is the _______ cell phone I have ever owned. It broke after only five days of use. a. worse b. worst c. bad.
167. I make my son ________ his homework every afternoon. a. finish b. to finish c. for finishing.
168. I _________ play the drums. Now I like the piano a. used b. used to c. use to.
169. Airbags and seatbelts are types of safety ________. a. deceptions b. devices c. policies.
170. Do you want to get together tomorrow? I can’t tomorrow because I’m________ out of the office. a. going to be b. being c. to be.
171. ________ got to go! My girlfriend is waiting for me in the car a. I’ve b. I’d c. I’m.
172. I’m selling my computer. Do you know anybody ________ wants to buy a laptop? a. that b. whom c. which.
173. Would you be happier living in Quito? Yes, ________. a. I do b. I would c. I’d.
174. If you ________ in the U.S., you would learn English much more quickly! a. live b. have lived c. lived.
175. Andres is so nice. He lent me his iPod for the weekend. Did you thank him_________ it? a. to b. of c. for.
176. Do you know _______ for math class? I can’t remember a. book us need b. book we need c. book need.
177. Living in the city is better because you are near everything. _________,but the city is loud and dangerous a. You know b. You see c. I know what you mean.
178. Steve, you are playing soccer really well. Thanks! _________ for the last few months. a. I’ve been practicing b. I am practicing c. I practiced.
179. My son Mario is going to college next month. No way! He _______ more than 17 years old. a. can’t be b. can’t is c. can’t being.
180. Do you know why the zoo ______ yesterday? I heard that a lion had escaped his cage! a. was close b. was closed c. were closing.
181. Do you see that dead tree over there? It was struck __________ lightning a month ago a. with b. at c. by.
182. Virginia, you look great in that dress! Are you, sure? Are you being________ honest? a. total b. all c. completely.
183. Have you ever traveled by train? No. I’ve never ________ yet. a. did b. done c. doing.
184. I’ve never ________ sushi a. to try b. try c. tried.
185. I’ve never _________ a motorcycle. I think they are too dangerous. a. ridden b. gone c. backed.
186. This is ________ hotel in Loja. It is cheap and very nice. a. the best b. the best of c. best than.
187. I miss my childhood! My family ________ travel to the beach every summer. a. used b. would to c. would.
188. Sam, could you please tell your sister __________ me my money back? a. to gave b. to give c. give.
189. When my parents got divorced, my mom got married again. Now, I live with her and with my ________. a. father-in-law b. stepfather c. parents.
190. Can you make me _______ eggs? I don’t want anything fried a. stirred b. shaken c. boiled.
191. What is your morning routine like? I ________ everyday from 8 to 9. a. will exercise b. exercise c. am going to exercise.
192. I really want to play video games, but I have a lot of homework, so________ and finish. a. I’d say b. I’ve got to stay c. I would have stayed.
193. ________. My boss is waiting for me. Ok. I’ll see you later. a. I’ve got to get going b. In a way c. I guess.
194. I wish I _________ help you with the money, but I don’t have enough right now. a. had b. could c. were.
195. If you had a bigger apartment, you _______. I lot better about living in the city. a. would feel b. feel c. felt.
196. We should get a bigger apartment. This one is ________. a. humongous b. tiny c. windy.
197. I love the Galapagos Islands. _________ there five times already a. I’m going b. I’ve been c. I’ve been going.
198. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Really? How many Harry Potter books_________? a. were you reading b. have you read c. have you been reading.
199. That guy looks pretty lost. He ________ from another country. You’re right. Let’s help him. a. might be b. mightn’t be c. might not be.
200. I am so excited! Oswaldo was offered a better job _________ his boss a. for b. by c. to.
201. Could you please be _________? I think you are driving too fast. a. careful b. safely c. slowly.
202. I have like forty ________. My uncles and aunts have a lot of children a. siblings b. uncles c. cousins.
203. Is there any more potato salad? I don’t think so. I didn’t make ________. a. enough b. most c. too many.
204. I’m not sure what to study after high school. You ought to _______ some thinking and make a smart choice. a. do b. perform c. get.
205. I am looking for a piano instructor. Really? I have a friend _______ gives lessons. a. than b. who c. which.
206. I think our party was too loud yesterday. The neighbors ________ this morning about the noise. a. complained b. borrowed c. reminded.
207. The movie I saw has aliens and space ships. Oh, so it is __________movie. a. a war b. a science-fiction c. an animated.
208. Our neighbors have very important jobs in the govemment. They________ work a lot. a. must b. can’t c. could.
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