CBRG 4 Parte 3

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CBRG 4 Parte 3

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209. Why are you here? I was invited _______ Pablo. a. at b. for c. by.
210. There was a terrible hailstorm in the U.S. last night. The ________ were the size of baseballs! a. hails b. ice blocks c. hailstones.
211. Thieves _______ my friend’s house last night. They stole his TV, but fortunately he wasn’t injured. a. struck b. cracked c. broke into.
212. Jorge Luis, can you fix my car right now? I need it __________. a. immediately b. automatically c. instant.
213. Please be careful with my necklace. It is very ________. a. valuable b. frail c. reliable.
214. I make a ________ by teaching classes and selling health products. a. thinking b. responsibility c. living.
215. Do you know Soda Stereo? It is the band ________ plays “De musica ligera”. a. they b. one c. that.
216. It’s not sunny anymore. Let me ________. a. my hat take off it b. take my hat off c. take my hat off it.
217. What is happening to your car? I don’t know _________. a. why not working b. why isn’t working c. why it isn’t working.
218. Where are you going? I’m going to ask my boos for a letter of _________. I need it for my new job. a. suggestion b. recommendation c. reunion.
219. I’m so proud of Maritza. She got a 99 on her chemistry exam! Gosh! That_________ the highest grade in her class. a. can’t be b. would be c. could be.
220. The accident was caused by ________ driver who wasn’t looking at the road a. a careless b. an inappropriate c. a caring.
221. Your friend Alfonsina talks a lot. I know! She is _________ outgoing a. extreme b. fair c. incredibly.
222. You play chess amazingly well! Have you ever _________ a tourmament? a. ridden b. won c. taken.
223. My parents ________ a divorce when I was 16 a. got b. performed c. did.
224. I don’t want to eat raw vegetables. Can you please _________ them? a. steam b. scorch c. strive.
225. Susana, can you tell me _________? I don’t know, mom. I’ve never met him. a. who this guy is b. who is this guy c. who this guy.
226. This purse _______ yesterday in the hall. Does it belong to any of you? a. was finding b. found c. was found.
227. Did you see all the lightning yesterday? Yeah! I heard it was the worst________ of the last five years. a. thunderstorm b. hailstorm c. injury.
228. Are you a good actor, Alberto? I don’t know, but my friends tell me that I act _________. a. good b. according c. well.
229. The Amazon River is the widest in the world. It is many kilometers ________. a. wide b. witch c. of wide.
230. When I was a young kid, I _________ soccer with my cousins every day. a. would play b. use to play c. was playing.
231. Hi, Juan. I am with Maria in the supermarket. Can you please tell ________ to visit me tonight? a. her b. them c. she.
232. There’s ________ water in the river. It hasn’t rained in three months. a. very few b. not many c. not much.
233. How much beef do you want to buy? Please give me three_________. a. pounds b. quarts c. cartons.
234. Do you want wine with your meal? No, thank you. _______ have water. a. I can rather b. I’ve rather c. I’d rather.
235. If I had more money, _______ buy a nicer car. a. I’d b. I should c. I .
236. I need to save 700 dollars for a new computer. How much ________ so far? a. have you been saving b. were you saving c. have you saved.
237. Juan sold his car. He _________ to work since April. a. would be walking b. has been walking c. has walked.
238. During the Second World War, the German army was _________ by the United States and Rusia. a. defeats b. defeated c. defeating.
239. It is raining too much this year. Yesterday the whole city ________ hit by a terrible rainstorm. a. has b. has been c. was.
240. A: Do you want to go to the bookstore with me? B: I can’t. I __________ studied yet, and there is a very important exam tomorrow a. wasn’t b. shouldn’t c. haven’t.
241. __________ the Plaza Grande yesterday? No, I didn’t. I went to the Panecito a. Did you visit b. Have you ever been to c. Have you visited.
242. Your friend Jaime is very ________. He can’t stay quiet for more than two seconds a. active b. talkative c. significant.
243. June is the ________ month in Quito. It never rians. a. windiest b. sandiest c. driest.
244. Can you turn on a light? It is too ________ in here. a. dark b. still c. shrill.
245. What is the _________? It is an underground train. a. subway b. railroad c. was playing.
246. She is my mother’s sister. You mean your ________. a. cousin b. aunt c. niece.
247. Do you want to go with me to the soccer game? I’d _________. I don’t like that sport a. wont b. should not c. rather not.
248. If you want to watch anything, you need to hook _________ your TV to an antenna. a. down b. up c. in.
249. Do you know when the U.S. Open stats? I don’t know. Let me _______ it up online. a. look b. watch c. see.
250. Miguel, your room is a mess. Please ________ away all your toys a. pick b. put c. cast.
251. Did you like the movie? Very much! The ending was really ________. a. surprising b. fascinated c. surprised.
252. I work in a genetics laboratory. Wow! That sounds _________. a. annoying b. interested c. interesting.
253. I hate watching “The Exorcist”. It is too ________. a. scaring b. scared c. scary.
254. I’m really _________ of snakes. I never get close the them. a. scared b. scary c. scare.
255. Did you hear? Gregorio won first prize in a chess tournament. Really? That is _________! a. shocked b. amazing c. amazed.
256. Can you help me with calculus? It is too _______ for me. a. confused b. confounded c. confusing.
257. I am so ________ about my new job! It is exactly what I hoped for. a. exciting b. excited c. annoyed.
258. A lot of the houses in New Orleans were _________ damaged by Hurricane Katrina. a. badly b. surprisingly c. conveniently.
259. A: Calm down, Cesar! B: Why do you say that? I’m not angry _______. a. absolutely b. at all c. so.
260. He doesn’t like to share. He’s very _______. a. unreliable b. unacceptable c. selfish.
261. A: I fell from my bike yesterday and sprained my ankle. B: Well, __________ you didn’t break it. a. I guess b. absolutely c. at least.
262. A: My research is about sports injuries. I’m a medical doctor. B: _________? Me too! a. Do you b. Are you c. Can you.
263. A: Excuse me, teacher. Is ________ Everest the tallest mountain in the world? a. Peak b. Mount c. Mountain.
264. Be careful with that pot. You could burn yourself! It has _________ water. a. smoked b. boiling c. pickled.
265. I don’t understand what this guy’s talking about. He’s not _______ any sense. a. making b. doing c. having.
266. Do you remember that looked pretty interesting? It turned ________ it was really boring. a. off b. in c. out.
267. A: I think Classical music is the best. B: Yeah, jazz is also great, _________. a. though b. I see c. really.
268. I wish I _________ have a dog. However, my apartment is very small. a. should b. could c. can.
269. Hey, Carl. Is my music bothering you? I can turn it _________ if you want. a. down b. in c. on.
270. A: Hi, Esteban! I haven’t seen you in months. B: I know! What _________ since we graduated? a. are you doing b. you done c. have you been doing.
271. A: I am traveling with my family to Mompiche tomorrow. ________ if I left my dog with you for the weekend? B: No problem! a. It feels good b. It seems ok c. Would it be all right.
272. I don’t feel safe when you drive. You are too _______. a. laid-back b. reckless c. competitive.
273. A: Someone stole my computer from my house. B: Well, _________ you are safe and unhurt. a. actually b. at least c. oh, gosh.
274. Why are you laughing, Evelyn? This is not _______. a. funny b. fun c. outgoing.
275. A: I travel to the mountains every winter. I ski very well. B: _________? That is really cool. a. I guess b. Do you c. Better go.
276. A: What do you think about Barcelona this year? B: _________, they are playing really well. a. If you ask me b. I know c. The thing is.
277. A: I’m going to make cupcakes. Do you want one? B: ________. I’m on a diet. a. I’d better not b. I’m not having them c. I don’t have to.
278. A: Do you like living with your roommate? B: Yes, I really do. We get ________ very well a. along b. up c. out.
279. A: I would really like to skateboard. B: It is really dangerous, _________. a. though b. just c. I agree.
280. I wish I _________ a longer vacation. I would love to travel to Asia! a. had b. have c. were having.
281. I forgot to bring my lunch. Can you share some of your snacks ________ me? a. to b. with c. towards.
282. I want that picture for my album. Can you _________? a. print it out b. print it down c. print it up.
283. A: I am so sorry for being late! B: This is not cool, Ximena. I _________ for two hours. a. have waiting b. have being waiting c. have been waiting.
284. A: I have so much work. ________ if you could help me with some of it B: Sure! I’m not doing much at the moment. a. I was wondering b. You know what I am saying c. I know what you mean.
285. A: Do you know who that guy talking to Bernando is? B: He _______ the guy that was recently hired. a. might been b. maybe c. may be.
286. A: I dropped my cell phone this morning. B: Let me see? It’s a bit scratched, but _________ is still works. a. I mean b. oh, well c. at least.
287. A: Did you buy the ingredients I asked for? B: Oh, gosh! I _________. I completely forgot. a. didn’t b. haven’t c. hadn’t.
287. A a. b. c.
288. Ricardo, can I _______ your English book? I lost mine. a. ask b. steal c. borrow.
289. I can’t call you tonight. I _________ my phone this morning. a. tore b. broke c. crashed.
290. A: How was your trip to Atacames? B: Awesome! I had the ________ vacation. a. better b. good c. best.
291. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I’m going to __________ his project. a. help to Vladimir finish b. help Vladimir finish c. help finish Vladimir.
292. ________ a party next Friday. You’re invited, of course! a. We’d rather have b. We’re having c. We ought to have.
293. Isidro, you have too many books in your room. You should get _______ of some of them. a. rode b. lost c. rid.
294. A: Where are you from? B: I live in Guayaquil, but I ________ in Manta. a. grown up b. grew up c. got along.
295. Do you know how to turn__________? a. turn off it b. this cell phone off c. off in this cell phone.
296. A: How did you lose your purse? B: A thief _________ it from my hands. a. strapped b. shredded c. snatched.
297. A: Julian has his final exam tomorrow. B: He must be really ________. a. jealous b. shocked c. anxious.
298. A: Are you twins? B: Yes, we are. We look exactly alike, but we act very __________. a. competitive b. differently c. different.
299. A: Can I trust Jean-Paul with this money? B: Yes, you can. He is very _______. a. unselfish b. generous c. reliable.
300. Have you ever ________ your phone? a. lose b. to lose c. lost.
301. Do you want a job? I want to ________ an assistant a. grab b. place c. employ.
302. I want Mariana __________ with me to the beach, but I think she is going to be too busy. a. go b. to go c. going.
303. When I graduate I want to ________ from my parent’s house a. move away b. walk away c. step away.
304. A: I’m going for a walk outside. B: It is raining _________. a. I bet b. either c. though.
305. A: What would you do if you were robbed on the street? B: I _________ go to the police a. would b. can c. would have.
306. A: The refrigerator is not working. B: Did you see if it was _________ properly? a. plugged in b. put down c. turned down.
307. A: How long ________ the clarinet? B: For a long time. I think I was 10 when I started, and I will never stop playing. a. have you been playing b. have you played c. are you playing.
308. A: Do you like going to the beach? B: Actually, _________ the ocean a. I have never seeing b. I’ve never seen c. I am never seeing.
309. A: Jane is very talented, but she is not overly proud. B: You mean she is a. down-to-earth b. arrogant c. impatient.
310. A: Do you want to come over? We’re making burgers. B: Sure! ________ there in a few minutes. a. I’m b. I’ll be c. I’m being.
311. A: Hi, Juan. B: Hi, mom. I am really busy right now. Can I call you ________? a. back b. along c. away.
312. If I _________ you. I would take new job. a. were b. was c. had been.
313. Carolina, his party is boring. Can you put better music _________? a. in b. at c. on.
314. A: I quit my job a month ago. B: You are kidding! What ________ since then? a. will you be doing b. have you been doing c. have you done.
315. A: Hey, Teodoro. ________ ask you a favor. B: Sure! How can I help you? a. I wanted to b. If I were you, I’d c. I’d better.
316. My friends _________ traveled to Asia. I want to invite them next month! a. have never b. were never c. did never.
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