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Certificación AEM tanda 2

Certificación AEM tanda 2


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Too many pages are invalidated in the dispatcher cache when a page is published. What is most likely causing this issue in the dispatcher configuration? Sticky session are NOT configured properly, resulting in requests being delivered to the wrong server The level of cache invalidation is NOT appropriate for the published content model. File globbing in the dispatcher configuration is NOT correct The OS file system permissions are NOT properly configured.
An AEM developer is assigned a task to design a workflow. The workflow is supposed to collect data from the participant and then determine the reviwer/approver branch to proceed further Wich workflow step should be used by the developer? Workflow Initiator Participant Chooser. Form Participant Step. Dynamic Participant Step Dialog Participant Step.
Which xml tag is used within the vault package definition to add a new path to a content package? <filter> <content> <path> <rule>.
A company is building an AEM application with a third party jar file. The third party APIs connect to an external app and pulls the data. The third party keeps updating with features and fixes. Which method should be used to integrate this jar file? Convert the jar file into zip and install using a package manager. Install the jar file using a package manager. Create a bundle with the jar embedded as a dependency. Upload the jar file into DAM assets.
Which has the highest preference during Sling Servlet registration? sling.servlet.paths sling.servlet.resourceTypes sllng.servlet.extension sling.servlet.selectors.
Using the default Dispatcher configuration, which type of URL will have a response cached by the Dispatcher? URL denied by the /cache sections in dispatcher.any file. URL without a file extension. URL with query parameters. URL with an extension in its suffix.
Which log file should a developer use to search for exception stack traces? <aem-install>/crx-quickstart/logs/request.log <aem-install>/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log <aem-install>/crx-quickstart/logs/access.log <aem-install>/crx-quickstart/logs/info.log.
How do you delete a property inside a Node object? node.setProperty(npropertyName",""); node.setProperty("propertyName",null); node.delete("propertyName"); node.removeProperty("propertyName");.
A service component periodically retrieves content from an external REST interface and saves the informationin JCR. The REST endpoint is configured via an OSGi service property. There is one URL for production(runmode prod) and another URL for all other environments. How should a developer configure the OSGi service? Underneath /apps/<project>/settings, create the sub folders global and prod and node with name <PID>.conf each and configure the properties via node properties. Underneath /config/<project>/settings, create the sub folders config.default and config.prod and a file with the name <PID>.config each and list the properties as key value pairs in there Underneath /apps/<project>, create the sub folders config and config.prod and a file with the name <PID>.config each and list the properties as key value pairs in there. Underneath /config/<project>/settings, create the sub folders config and config.prod and a file with the name <PID>.config each and list the properties as key value pairs in there.
Which is a valid out-of-the-box sling run mode? activate production loadsamplecontent nosamplecontent.
While modifying an OSGi bundle configuration from the Felix Web Console, when are configuration changes applied? After restarting the CQ instance, After restarting the bundle. After restarting the service. Immediately as it takes precedence at runtime.
A developer wants to extend AEM Core Components to create a custom Carousel Component. How should the developer extend the Core Components? Make changes to the original component and assign a component group. Use the sling:resourceSuperType property to point to the core component. Use the sling:resourceType property to point to the core component. Copy the Core Carousel component to /apps/<project> folder.
Which environment variable in the AEM start script should a developer modify to enable remote debugging? CQ_HOST CQ_JVM_OPTS CQ_PORT CQ_RUNMODE.
Which URI should be used to configure a Flush Agent for a dispatcher listening on port 8080? http://<dispacherHost>:8080/cache.invalidate http://<dispacherHost>:8080/dispatcher/cache.invalidate http://<dispacherHost>:8080/invalidate.cache http://<dispacherHost>:8080/disptcaher/cache.invalidate.
The same OSGI configuration parameter is present under /libs/*/config.. AND /apps/*/config..andmodified in both locations as well as via felix Console. During runtime, what is the reload order? /libs/*/config, Felix Console and /apps/*/config Felix Console,/apps/*/config and /llbs/*/config /llbs/*/config, /apps/*/config and Felix Console /apps/*/config, /libs/*/config and Felix Console.
What does the vlt command 'resolve' do? Removes the conflict markers. Semantically resolves conflicts. Removes the conflict-related artifact files. Allows the path to be committed with the conflicts.
What would be a good use-case for using AEM to edit your Single Page Application (SPA)? Allows you to deploy the SPA Deploy the SPA on native devices Avoids the service of a front-end developer Adds the capability for authors to interact with the SPA content.
An AEM Developer needs to automate test for the user interface. Which tool is provided in the AEM framework for automated UI testing? Jasmine HobbesJS Sinon Mocha.
A developer creates an editable template with a Layout Container. The developer needs to restrict the LayoutContainer to just one column layout. What should the developer do to the editable template to enforce this restriction? Using Template Editor, set the responsive settings to 1 column for Layout Container Policy. Add responsive column control component to the template and set column type to 1. Overlay wcm.foundation.components.page.responsive Client Library and set @max_col to 1. Using Template Editor, lock the Structure Component for the template.
Which property is deprecated while resolving a template (T) that can be used as a template forpage (P)? cq:allowedTemplates property of the jcr:contentsubnode of P or an ancestor of P allowedPaths property of T allowedParents property of T allowedChildren property of the template of P.
An AEM application requires a service user WRITE access to children nodes but not on the parent node itself. Which console should the developer use to apply appropiate ACL? User Management console Group Management console OAuth Clients console Permmissions console.
Which log file contains AEM application request and response entries? response.log request.log history.log audit.log.
AEM is installed in $AEM_HOME. In which subfolder are the command line startup and shutdown scripts located? $AEM_HOME/crx-quickstart/bin/ $AEM_HOME/crx-quickstart/scripts/ $AEM_HOME/ $AEM_HOME/crx-quickstart/opt/.
A customer bundle of an application is in state "Installed" after deploying it with Maven. What should a developer do to change it to state "Active"? Use the "Update" action for the bundle in the Apache Felix Web Console. Use the "Start" action for the bundle in the Apache Felix Web Console. Reinstall the content package using the package manager. Ensure all OSGi requirements are met and re-deploy using Maven.
Which OSGI bundle should be disabled to restrict web-based log viewing? Adobe CRXDE Support (com.day.crx.crxde-support) Apache Sling OSGiLogService Implementation (org.apache.sling.commons.logservi Granite Requests Logging (com.adobe.granite.requests.logging) Day Commons Library - Input/OutputSupport (day-commons-io).
Which jar name can NOT be used to install an AEM publish instance? aem-publish-p4503, jar cq5-publish-4505, jar cq5-publish-4503, jar cq5-publish_4503, jar.
From which AEM Web Console should a developer access and download full AEM Log Files? Web Console -> System Information Status -> Log files OSGI -> Sing Log Service AEM -> Log files.
When installing Internet Information Services, which Application Development Feature needs to beenabled to work with the AEM Dispatcher? ISAPI Filters Server-Side Includes CGI ISAPI Extensions.
In a typical author, publish and dispatcher setup, where is the dispatcher flush configured? In the author instance. In the publish instance In the dispatcher module. At the webserver level.
You are creating a new OSGi configuration in the repository. When are the configuration changesapplied? By stopping and starting the bundle that refer the service, Changes are applied as soon as the node is updated by restarting the service. After restarting the CQ instance.
A project requires sharing information between SPA components. What is the least complex approach to achieve that objective? Implement a state library in order to share component states. Centralize the logic and broadcast to the necessary components. Utilize model props to drill down and access or set the state on desired components. Customize and extend the container component to leverage the object hierarchy.
Which three AEM jar names will start AEM in author mode? (Choose three.) quickstart-4502.jar cq5-author-p4502.jar aem-publish.jar cq5-author-4502.jar.
In which two ways can a developer keep simple and maintainable CRX Access Control Lists? (Choose two.) Delete the 'everyone' group. Use Deny statements sparingly. Assign access rights to user groups rather than users. Assign access rights user by user.
A banking AEM application contains functionality to calculate a mortgage rate based on user input. A servlet inplace calculates the result in the backend. A call to an internal third-party REST service is required to retrievethe average object value based on a given zip code. The following three service interfaces are used:MortgageCalculationServlet, MortgageCalculationService andObjectValueLookupRestService where MortgageCalculationServlet has a dependency toMortgageCalculationService and MortgageCalculationService has a dependency toObjectValueLookupRestService. The calculation has many combinations of input parameters and edge cases, so the JUnit coverage must beas high as possible. Which two strategies should the developer use to ensure testability of the application code? (Choose two.) Use BundleContext.getServiceReference(…) and BundleContext.getService(…) in application code to look up the required services just before usage. Use static methods to avoid boilerplate in application code. Use a mock framework to be able to create and inject mocks in the test code. Use the standard OSGi @Reference annotation to wire the dependencies in application code Deploy a third party dependency injection container to wire dependencies more efficiently in application code.
What are three causes if Dispatcher stopped updating cache files in the cache directory on theWebserver? (Choose three). The request to the page in question contain query string parameters. The request to the page in question has authorization headers and dispatcher.any does no contain allowAuthorized. Dispatcher Flush agent is disabled on publish instance. The request URI of the page in question should always start with /content.
Which two unit testing dependencies are generated by AEM archetype? (Choose two.) Mockito. Hobbes. JUnit Selenium. PowerMock.
A developer developed a workflow that makes a copy of every node created or modified under a certain pathto a different one. The workflow launches but the nodes are not copied over. Which two methods should the developer use to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) Go to Workflow Failures screen and check if any instances of the workflow are present. Go to Workflow instances screen and verify that the instance of the workflow is present and check its status. Go to Package Manager screen and reinstall the bundle that contains the workflow so it restarts. Go to Workflow Models screen, then delete and recreate the workflow. Go to Workflow Launchers and create a new launcher for the workflow even if one already exists.
Which three statements about replicate permissions on a resource are true? (Choose three). The replication rights are evaluated bottom-up in the node tree. The allow replication rights has higher precedence than deny replication rights. To grant replication rights to a user on any resource, user has to have read permissions for/etc/replication, /bin. The allow replication rights has lower precedence than deny replication rights.
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