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Clothes and shopping

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Clothes and shopping

Quiz about clothes and shopping things

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Do you accept any method of ______? Cash Payment Paypal .
How ____ is this…? Much Cost Are .
What type of currency do you accept for the purchase? Tickets Payment Cash .
______ did you buy that dress? Where Who Was .
What is a shop online? _____________ .
I got to the mall and I shop a dress, I pay with_______ Candies Credit card Rocks .
How much is this pants ? $7 $10 $5.
What clothes are discounted? Winter clothes Summer clothes .
How much does the shoes cost?.
How much does the t-shirt cost?.
Could you measure my jacket? No yes .
What ____ wear? Shall Buy Wearing .
What are you _____? Wearing Wearings These .
Ordene la frase correctamente: What are you _____? on can sneakers try I these.
Can you show me this in size _____? Short Wave Small .
What does the “M” mean in clothes? Small Medium Large .
Why are dark colors cheaper? Because in summer light colors are used Because are they less used .
Is there a jewelry _____ nearby? Market Supermarket Store .
Do you _____ on weekends? Is Open Are .
In this mall ____ is a shop about pure jeans? There This What .
Where can I buy a perfume? Burger Jeans store Boutique .
What color is the toy shop? Green Blue Orange .
Where can I eat ? Snack bar Electric store Toy store .
Where do you sell beer? Pharmacy Distillery Hospital .
Fruits and vegetables are sold in? Hospital Market Pharmacy .
This clothes are ? Informal Formal Casual .
What am I going to use for a work meeting? Informal Formal Casual .
What do you wear these clothes for?.
Are these clothes casual?.
This Dress is appropriate for a job interview?.
Are these clothes appropriate for school?.
I would like to buy a blouse in size ____ Small Casual Dress.
There is a type of shoe which is used in The office? Formal sport Winter boots .
What type of shoe is used in the image? .
What type of cloth is used in the image? .
There are 2 types of sneakers Sport and casual Summer and winter.
What kind of clothes is it? Soccer uniform Nurse uniform School uniform.
What kind of clothes is it? Soccer uniform School uniform Nurse uniform.
Where can I find the _____? Dressing room Floor Credit Card .
Could you tell me where the ____ is? children's section wheels vegetables .
Can you tell me where the dresses are? They are in the first floor They are in the electric store .
Ordene la frase correctamente: go / can / the / dressing / I / to / room go the can I room to dressing.
Where are the sandals? In summer area In the baby area In the winter area .
Where are the baby bottles? In summer area In winter area In the baby area .
Where can I find the fruits? Girls sections Baby Section Refrigerated food.
Where can I find the baby carrier? Baby section Refrigerated food Girls section .
Have you got anything cheaper? Yes Tomorrow Later .
which is better of the two? Nike Jordan Slippers Shoes .
Ordene la frase correctamente: are / this / more / expensive / clothes are clothes more expensive this.
Ordene la frase correctamente: prefer / bigger / I / hoodies bigger hoodies I prefer.
Which is more expensive? Gold Silver Bronze .
Summer is ______ than winter Better Pizza Expensive .
She sent "her friend" an email Indirect object Direct object Object .
Sally will help "you" with your housework Direct object Indirect object Subjet.
"I wish" you "good luck" Subject Direct object Indirect object .
"John sold me" his car Subject Direct object Indirect object .
How much is this shirt off? twenty dollars twenty-five dollars ten dollars .
_____ many colors of this some pair are there? What How Where Why .
If I buy 2 t-shirts, how many more are free? One Three Two .
Of these, are____in size 10 Is In There .
Where is the pizza? Next to ice cream Nex to the candy store Drug store .
Where is the barber shop? Next to ice cream Next to drug store Next to candy store .
I´m going to a party, what is the most appropriate oufti? First person six person Four person .
What color of shoes is wearig? Black Brown Green .
What kind of shoes is it? Shoes Sneakers .
Is it a sweatshirt or a sweater? sweatshirt sweater .
Ordene la frase correctamente: Department / the / where/ is / nike / store / ? Where the nike is department store?.
____ is the department store adidas ? How Who Where .
Is it a sweatshirt or a sweater? sweater Sweatshirt .
What shoes combine more from a party? casual shoes Formal shoes .
Where did "you" put the keys? Subject Direct object Indirect object .
He gave "them" a big full of money Subject Direct object Indirect object .
Does this hoodie fit me? Yes No.
Does this hoodie fit me? Yes No.
Where do they sell books? Library Hospital Restaurant .
Where do they sell hamburgers? Restaurant Library Hospital .
What kind of clothes are right for my English presentation Formal clothing Sportwear Colorful clothes .
This type of clothing is suitable for work Yes No .
Hello, could you help me by indicating where I can find heels.
Where can I find crockery for my kitchen? Cooking area Clothing area sport area .
What type of tennis is best for running? With air sole With flat sole Formal shoes .
The night is ____ than the morning Better How Stranger .
Dogs are __________ (intelligent) than rabbits.
Sebastian is _________ (old) than Andy. .
Laura helped me with my homework Direct object Indirect object .
My dad sent me money from the USA Direct object Indirect object .
I bought candy "for the children" Direct object Indirect object .
My aunt brought "presents" for everyone Direct object Indirect object .
where can i find a cell phone charger? Electric market Toy strore Library .
where can i find makeup? Supermarket Library Makeup store .
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