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inglish class clothing

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cual de estos es un adjetivo comparativo heavier more beautiful the two options.
Which example shows an comparative adjective? This dress is the prettiest of them all This red balloon is very big The table is heavier than the chair .
Which answer shows a comparative adjective? My Cat is prettier than yours Monica’s dress is red The flower is beautiful .
Lucas is ........... than Riley.
“Choose an example that uses comparative adjectives” Billy has a big dog These candies are sweeter than the last ones That chair is small.
Samuel’s room is (big) ___ than room.
The red car is (good) ___ than the white car.
This exercise is (hard) ___ than that one.
His shirt is (dark) ___ than his jeans .
Jessica’s hair is (long) ___ than my hair.
Noel is (funny) __ than Cody.
Silver is (cheap) __ than gold .
Aarón is (tall) __ than Cindy .
Julie is (nice) ___ than Ericka.
His cat is (large) __ .
What is used un summer? sweater jacket sunglasses.
what is used in winter? sunglasses short pants sweater.
what type of shoe is the following? dress shoe sports tennis sandal.
what type of clothing is it? summer clothes winter clothing.
what type of clothing is it? summer clothes winter clothes.
what should be done with the clothes? take care of it and wash it burn it break it.
relate the columns summer clothes winter clothes spring clothing.
relate the columns summer shoe winter shoe spring shoe.
what should not be done with clothes damage it take care of her wash it.
what clothes are the following jacket lenses cap.
what clothes are the following pants cap coat.
what clothes are the following pants cap coat.
witch shoe is next tennis cap sandal.
which shoe is next tennis cap sandal.
which shoe is next tennis heel sandal.
selecciona la respuesta correcta t-shirt teashert tishert.
selecciona la respuesta correcta shoes shooes shoess.
selecciona la respuesta correcta jaket jackett jacket.
what are the clothing sizes? xs, s, m, l, xl sx, c, n, l, lx.
have / color / Do / this / in / you / ?.
Match the columns camisa pantalon zapatos vestido lentes.
selecciona la respuesta correcta soonglasses sunglasses singlasess.
sizes / Do / in / this / you / ? / have.
selecciona la respuesta correcta dress drees dreess.
How many ways to order sizes are there? one two three.
selecciona la respuesta correcta jeanns jens jeans.
selecciona la respuesta correcta shorts shoort shorth.
selecciona la respuesta correcta pans pants pantz.
selecciona la respuesta correcta socks soocks coock.
selecciona la respuesta correcta hodie hodies hoodies.
what color is Gabriel shirt blue red black.
go straight go past turn right.
turn left turn right go past.
turn right turn left u turn.
carlos ....... a yellow shirt she has is.
Mariana ...... a Blue shirt has she is.
where is the clothing store tum left turn right u turn.
where is the clothing store turn right turn left u turn.
the clothing store is ......... the street turn right u turn across.
across u turn go past.
what color is Ana shirt blue black green.
Manuel ....... dark glasses she has is.
Ana .......... a green skirt has she is.
selecciona la respuesta correcta skirt skert skeart.
selecciona la respuesta correcta cap capped capp.
selecciona la respuesta correcta tshirt teacher .
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