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Comm Theory

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Comm Theory

examen comm theory Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

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What theory stated "The medium is the message"? Hypodermic needle Media ecology Agenda Setting Political economy.
Which sentence is said by the hypodermic needle? Audience is passive and homogeneus Media keeps us distracted from politics Media produces false consciousness Television major cultural function is to stabilize social patterns, to cultivate resistance to change.
Who is the thinker of framing? Schiller Katz Schram Iyengar.
Thinkers with Theory Schiller Lazarsfeld Stuart Hall Gerbner James Carey Levinas Maxwell McLuhan Noelle-Neumann Katz.
Which sentences are true acording with media ecology? The theorist of this theory is Levinas Media regardless the content reshapes human experience and change in our world History is divided into four periods Now we are in the electronic age (back to tribalization) Media tell us what to think about and whether is more important or not It does not make any prediction Media monopolized politics.
Join states Hot media Cold media.
In the hypodermic needle the effect of the media is ... direct inmediate progressive powerful weak insignificant heterogeneous.
Which states form the Agenda Setting are true? Media tells us what to think Media act as a mediator between “the world outside and the pictures in our heads” Over time, the media agenda shapes the public agenda Over time, the public agenda shapes the media agenda Whether an individual speaks or remains silent depends on what the majority has done.
Which is said by the Knowledge gap? The part of the population better informed was the rich people who had access to digital ressources, newspapers… Media shapes the mind of the working classes There is a gap between the information received by the older and the younger segments of the population Media tell us which issues go together.
Who is the theorist of media ecology?.
Which are from the Spiral of silence? people who have a different opinion from the majority tend to keep in silence, out of fear of isolation this theory allows to know the changes in public opinion media tend to present one side of an issue to the exclusion of others television is responsible for shaping, or “cultivating” viewers’ conceptions of social reality people interpret media texts in different ways, depending on their cultural background, economic situation and personal experiences.
Which is not an assumption of Uses and gratifications? People use media for their own particular purposes People seek to gratify needs Media compete for our attention and time Media affect different people differently People can accurately report their media use and motivation Audience is homogeneous Media affect different people in the same way.
"News and entertainment media is largely controlled and we have little choice in our sources of information" is from the theory...
Join the model with the key concepts Linear model Interactional model Transactional model.
What theory says "the medium becomes an extension of ourselves"? Media ecology Agenda setting Political economy Magic bullet.
Complete this sentence about media ecology: Any understanding of social and cultural change is impossible without knowing the way _____ works as enviroment.
Join the state to the theory: Cultivation studies Media ecology Uses and gratifications Agenda setting.
According to cultivation studies, TV long-term effects are... small gradual indirect direct big cumulative insignificant significant powerful.
Join: first order effects second order effect.
Which are the 3 bs that Gerbner affirm? TV blurs traditional distinctions of people’s views of their world TV benefits the green environment TV blends their realities into television’s cultural mainstream TV brings that mainstream to the institutional interests of television and its sponsors TV brings a sense of wisdom to the community TV benefits the wealth of american families.
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