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como reparar la casa

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como reparar la casa

cuestiones de como reparar la casa

jorge gomez
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2.-which of the following statements is true according to the article All Dinosaurs lived on planet Dinosaurs only lived in the united states Dinosaurs may have died of starvation many dinosaurs should have died because of the climate.
1.-According to the text, the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs are Remote uncertain peculiar distorted.
3.- In the text the underlined expression all of a sudden can be replaced by. Unexpectedly finally anticipated totally.
4.- Gold and silver_____________ recently___________ discovered in the new mine are /been are/ being have/ been have /being.
5.- _________ working ______________ I quit last week. am / anymore am / already am not / already am not / anymore.
6. we must finish our homework; __________ we will have to postpone going to the movies also likewise therefore nevertheless.
7. Mr. Harper has been living in Texas ________he was a child. until since after before.
8. John didn’t pass the exam ______________he felt sad. otherwise in contrast consequently on the other hand.
9. Frank and Jane are not coming tonight, and ______________ Peter is either either is is neither neither is.
10. Dad scolded Sue and told her to ________ out ___________ the room. get / of get / off take/ of take / off.
11. We have to keep the medicine in a fresh place; _________ it will spoil. take / off otherwise accordingly nevertheless .
12. you __________ go to the movies last night, _________ you? didn´t / did weren´t / were didn´t / didn´t weren´t / weren´t.
13. The documents ____________ not ______________ before crossing the border. have / check are / checked have / to checked are / checking .
14. Jane __________ here ___________ is / yet is / still isn´t / yet isn´t / still.
15.- __________ had the instructions __________? how / be giving when / be given how / been giving when / been given.
16. I will attend the exposition _____________ Fred ___________ he´s out of town. but / will nor / will but / won´t nor / won´t .
17.- your car ___________ repaired ____________ . is / yet has / already isn´t / yet hasn´t / already.
18. I wanted to make an apple pie ____________ I don´t have any apples. so and but nor.
19. You _________ go to the movies last night. ________ you? didn’t/ did weren’t /were didn’t/ didn’t weren’t/ weren’t.
20. Rose is weak after her hepatitis, but ____________ she studies hard every day. still hence otherwise therefore .
21.- all our merchandise is _____________ to south America. been exporting able to export being exported going to export .
22. will that chapter __________ been ____________ before the exam? have / concluded has / concluded are / concluding is / concluding.
23.__________ book has Jane Been ___________about? what / asked whom / asked what / asking whom / asking.
24. you look very tired ____________ your baby on the bed. Set Lie Lay Sit.
25.- we __________ tell ronald the truth __________ we? yes , it s our duty would/ would mustn’t/ must should/ shouldn’t haven’t/ have.
26.-My brother _________ can’t play the piano yet still already anymore.
27. Your car ________ repaired ________. is/ yet has/ already isn’t/ yet hasn’t/ already.
28. We ______ out of gasoline two kilometers away from town got ran turned brought.
29. Is Jane looking ______ the purse she lost? up on put for.
31.- will jane go to the party alone? __________ she does __________ not my business whatever/ is whichever/ is whatever/ will whichever/ will.
32. These stories haven’t ____________ in this new book. to be including being included been included be including.
33.-JOHN___________NOT _____________THE FRENCH LESSON DAILY is o/ gave does / gave is / given does / given.
34.________________Is the next football championship going to be where o holding where o held how o holding how o held.
35.- Ruth_____________need more sugar for the cake,___________________. won’t o won’t she will o she won’t won’t o she won’t will o won’t she.
36.- is Jane looking __________________the purse she like? Up on out for.
37.- a tragically collision has been_________________ by our agents. Report reported to report reporting.
38.- the Allen’s gave _____________a nice party __________we left at dawn. such o than so o than such o that so o that.
39.-Frank and Jane are not coming tonight, and ______Peter. is either either is is neither neither is.
40.- I want to sleep. Please,____________the TV. turn o off look o up hand o out pick o out.
41.-where______________this substance_____________?. In a cool and dark place must o be kept must o kept does o be kept does o kept .
42.- _________the cat be ___________bay the child? could o fed muse o feed would o feeds should o to feet .
43.- Sandy should choose the blue dress,____________ she? shouldn’t should didn’t did .
44.-nothing_________________be ________________?. should o mentioned had o mentioned should o mention had o mention .
45.- I have enough money to buy the shoes ______________ I´d rather buy a dress But Moreover Similarly Therefore.
46.-Jhon is not going to the party and ________________you either are neither are either must either must.
47.-they insisted on going to the beach_______________ it was very cold. Whether allthough as though as soon as .
48.- the workers should _______________by Mr. Stevens Train trained be trained be training.
49.-I’m telling you this ____________________ you know how to behave at the In order In order to That So that.
50.- she didn’t know,_______ where was tom how to behave why did Jim lie what Anne will do.
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