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complexivo esforse

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complexivo esforse

ingles esforse

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1. we to a photo exhibition last saturday (go) a. went b. goed c. wented d. going.
2. i art at university next year. (study) a. am going study/´m going to study b. going to study/ going to study c. am going to study/´m going to study d. am going studys/´m going to studys.
3. i´ve politics with my brother. (never discus) A. have not nevefr discussed B. never disscused c. ever discussed D. never haven´t discussed.
4. he in public now. (talk) A. is talking/´s talking B. is talks/´s talks C. talking/ talking D. are talking/´re talking.
5. They think the new technology A. will change B. will changed C. will changes D, will changes.
6. ............for your local football team? Yes, I did A. you did play B. did you play C. Did you played D. does you played.
GRAMMA- STATE AND DYNAMIC VERBS 7. Direction. Match the parts of the sentences A. e,d,c,b,a B. d,b,a,e, c. a,b,c,d,e.
8. Direction: match the parts of the sentences A. a,b,c,d,e B. a,e,d,b,c c. b,c,d,e,a.
9. she......when the earthquake happened A. Were cooking B. had cooked C. cooked D. was cooking.
10. I............to the lightning last night A. woke up B. had woken up C. was waking up D. wake up.
11. the flood........ many homews when help arrived at the village A. destroyed B. was destroying C. had destroyed had destroying.
12. I........(just / finish) work when my mobile...........(ring) A. had finished - ring B. had just finished -rang C. finished - rang D. just had finished - rang.
13. when I .........(get) to his flta, I had such a surprise. He had .......(organize) a surprise brithday party for me! A. Had got - organized B. get - had organized C. got- had organized D. had gotten - organize.
14. I think that is .................(absolutely / very ) delicious. A. absolutely B. very.
15. I sometimes feel ...........(quite / absolutely) tired after I´ve worked. A. quite B. absolutely.
16. It´s ....................(very / totally) fascinating - I could look at it for hours A. very B. totally.
grammar - present perfect simple 17. direction: match the parts of the sentences. 1. a,b,d,c,e 2. a,b,c,d,e, 3. e,d,c,b,a 4. c,b,a,d,e.
18. Direction: Match disasters 1-7 to the definition a-g 1. f,d,c,g,e,a,b 2. a,b,c,d,e,f,g 3. g,f,e,d,c,b,a.
19. the concert.........at half past seven. A. will starts B. starts C. is going to starts D. be going to starts.
20. they...........bridges because they´re too angry. A. aren´t going to building B. won´t to bulid C. aren´t going to build D. won´t builds.
21. direction: match the parts of the sentences 1. e,a,b,d,c 2. a,b,c,d,e 3. e,d,c,b,a.
22. direction: complete the sentences with the correct word(s) A. e,c,d,b,a B. a,b,c,d,e C. d.e.b.c.a. d. d,e,c,b,a.
23.. direction: complete the sentences wiyh the correct form of the verb 1. a,b,c,d,e 2. e,d,c,b,a 3. b,e,a,d,c 4. e.b.d.a.c.
24. can you help us homework? A. they asked me to help them with their homework. B. they asked me to help us with our homework C. they ask me to help them with their homework.
25. Go to mamma mia to get the best italian food. A. They told us go to Mamma mia to get the best Italian food B. they told us to get the best italian food. C. they told us where to go to get the best italian food.
26. Please come home early. A. he told her come home early. B. He asked her to come home early. C. He asked her when to come home.
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