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Comunicacion profesional

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Which of the following expressions is not typical of formal register? Yours sincerely Best regards Keep in touch Yours faithfully.
Formal emails are: Not spontaneous at all Written in a casual way Spontaneous and there are not many rules applying to them Not very well planned.
Which of these sentences is correct? An email I am writing at the moment. I write an email tomorrow. I am writing an email now I'll be writing an email yesterday.
Fill the gap with the right option: Take this poem. It _______ by my beloved son. have written did wrote was written had written.
The present perfect is used ...: With present participle verbs. When something started and finished in the past With only regular verbs. When something started in the past and is relevant in the present.
Which sentence is grammatically correct? I'm so angry with you. You haven't started still your homework!! I've never been to Russia I've never been in Finnland. I'm so angry with you. Still you haven't started your homework!!.
Imagine you have to do a report on the progress of a project and you are asked to deliver an oral presentation. Which of the following ideas should you not follow? To include lots of data in your Power Point. Make eye contact with those listening to you. Read your text and speak in a clear voice. Facilitate interaction with the audience.
For plans and arrangements made at the time of speaking we use: Going to. The Present Perfect Will The Future Perfect.
The adverb "ago" is used to set a certain time of reference. Which one(s)? The past. Both the past and past continuous. An action still in progress. The future.
Imagine you have to submit a progress report and make an oral presentation about it within your field of expertise. Which of the following pieces of advice is not appropriate for a successful presentation? Show relevant information. Include as many figures as possible. Be assertive and engage your audience. Include little text on your slides.
Choose the correct answer to fill in the gap: She __________take the children with her to Houston. should to be should should be should being.
Choose the incorrect answer to fill in the gap: She __________ be back by noon. needn't to has to must needs to .
What expression is not used to make a suggestion? Selecciona una: Why don’t we go to the cinema? We must go to the cinema. What about going to the cinema? Let’s go to the cinema.
Fill in the gap with the correct option: You ______________ to be in shape to play golf. should mustn’t don’t have to needn’t.
A CV must include... Pregunta 5Selecciona una: Your political ideas, work experience and education. Your expected salary and education. Your work experience and education. Your physical description.
What type of conditional is this?: If I had a lot of money, I would travel around the world. First conditional. Third conditional. Second conditional. Zero conditional.
Complete the sentence: You have a brother, _________________? haven’t you do you don’t you have you.
According to your notes, which of the following is not a tip to write a successful CV? Pregunta 8Selecciona una: Make it as extensive as possible. Offer evidence of how your targets were achieved. Adapt your CV to a specific job. Check your CV once finished.
Complete the sentence: You _____________ learn at least five new words every day. Pregunta 9Selecciona una: could mustn't will won't have.
Which of the following sentences is not correct? Pregunta 10Selecciona una: We won't go to the market tomorrow if Mary will come to visit us. If she hadn't forgotten to sign up for the trip, she would have come with us. Had I known about it, I would have told you. If you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go?.
A formal email is not: Pregunta 1Selecciona una: A written message we send to our doctor to make an appointment. A written message we send to a relative. A written message we send to complain about something A written message we send to someone in our professional environment.
Mark the right se Are you ever been to New York? Has she ever to New York? Have you ever been to New York? I've never been in New York.
The imperative is used.... To give instructions and commands. To order food at a restaurant. To formulate wishes and give instructions. To make predictions and commands.
Fill in the gaps with the correct options. - Has Melanie arrived in the office ............? - I don't think so, I have............... spoken to her on the phone and she was..............on her way here. just, yet, still yet, still, just yet, just, still still, just, along.
Fill in the gap: - Would you like to come to the cinema to see the Joker with us tonight? - Oh, I am sorry but I have ........... seen it! Pregunta 5Selecciona una: not yet already still.
According to the word-formation rules of the past simple, which verb tense is incorrect? ocurred preferred rubed stopped.
Fill in the gaps with the correct options: - When I .... a child, I ...... to school every day. I ...... many friends. was being, gone, had. was, went, had. have been, went, had. was, went, was having.
Fill in the gap with the correct verb forms: When you ................... get up, we...................for a walk. will, will go (.........), will go (...........), have gone would, (.......).
Mark the incorrect statement. We use will to make promises or offers. We use will to talk about the future. We use will to make predictions. We use will to talk about the past (will is the past form of would).
Mark the situation in which you cannot use “could”: To talk about present ability. To talk about past ability. To ask a polite question. To talk about possibility.
Fill in the gap with the correct option: I don’t want you to say anything. You ________ tell anyone. mustn't need to needn't must.
The modal verbs used to express weak probability are: Selecciona una: should, have to, need. Can, cannot, must. Would, will, may. May, might, could.
Fill in the gap with the correct option: We ___________________the party earlier. we can have left needn't go would go we could have gone.
Which of the following sentences is not a suggestion? Let’s stay in a hotel. We could stay in a hotel. We will stay in a hotel. Why don’t we stay in a hotel? .
Which is the correct interrogative form of the following sentence? She got up early yesterday. Had she has to get up early yesterday? Did she get up early yesterday? Did she get up early the other day? Did she got up early yesterday?.
She had finished her exam by 12.30. When did she finish the exam? Before 12.30. She hasn’t finished it yet. After 12.30. At 12.30.
Fill in the gap; choose the right verb form to make a prediction: In 2050, machines ________________ the planet. are going to control are controlling will control would have been controlling.
Complete the sentence: They’ve gone to Paris for a few days, ______________? won't they have they do they haven't they.
Complete the sentence: If I ________ him, I ___________ for a new post. were / applied were / will apply were / would apply was / am applying.
Complete the sentence: Let’s go for a walk, ___________? should we shall we let we don't we.
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