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If they hadn't told me about the exhibition, I never _____.: would known. would know. will know. would have known.
If she has enough money, she _____ buy a motorbike.: would had have will.
If I studied, I _____ the English exam.: would pass would have passed pass will pass.
If you mix red and yellow, you _____ orange.: gotten gets get got.
If he _____ money, he would travel around the world.: have had have has had.
If you mix red and yellow, you _____ orange.: gets got gotten get.
If Bill had been there, I _____ him.: see will see would seen would have seen.
If I _____ to bed early, I would have caught the train.: had gone gone went go.
If she has enough money, she _____ buy a motorbike.: have had will would.
If you heat water to 100 degrees, it _____.: bolls would have bolled bolled boll.
if it rains tomorrow, we ------- to the cinema.: would go would have go will go go.
if George -------, we probably would have won. didn´t play had played play played.
if he-------- with everyone all the time, he would have a more relaxed life. doesn´t argue didn´t argue wasn´t argue don´t argue.
If I---- late tonight, my mum will be angry are was am be.
If I ----- the lottery, I wouldn´t buy a new house didn´t won´t win don´t won didn´t win.
If I ---- you, I would write the report again am have were been.
If i had free time, I ---- to the gym every day. Would go go goes going.
If I had gone to the dentist before, I ----- my tooth Would lost will lose wouldn´t have lost would lose.
If I have time, I ---- the letter will finish would finish would have finished would have finish.
If I liked the fish, i ------ the cod Would have order orders order would order.
If I spoke to him directly, I ____ better. am would have be would be be.
If Pierre ____ too fast, he wouldn´t have been in trouble with the police had drive hadn´t driven drive were driven.
If she had invited me to the party, I ____ would have go have gone would have gone would have went.
If she had the chance, she ---- nursing will study study would study would have studied.
If Susan _____ faster, we would win the race. was are is had been.
If the glass test tube had been stronger, I ____ it so easily wouln´t have broke wouldn´t have break wouldn´t have broken wouldn´t had broken.
If there _____ a ticker available, I would have bought it. is was were had been.
If you _____ a doctor, you will ger wise advise; I´m sure. visit would had visit would have visited visited.
If you ______ the Mediterranean diet, you are fit. followed would have follow would follow follow.
If you break a mirror, you ______ 7 years of bad luck! will be have will had will has will have.
If you don´t leave, I _____ the police will call would have called would have call would called.
if you drink coffee, you _____ ell. sleeps slept don´t sleep doesn´t sleep.
If you eat healthy, you health ______ wouldn´t improve had improved will improve would have improved.
If you hadn´t been so lazy, you __ that lest. would passed would have passed would have pass would had passed.
If you heat a piece of butter, it _ will melts would melt would have melt melts.
If you heat water to 100 degrees, it ____ boil have boil boils boiled.
If you work hard, you _ promoted would have been would been will be would be.
If you register now, you ____5% discount will get will got would get got.
If the weater had been, we would have gone for a people aprende x.
If we had listened to the radio, we would have heard the news a x.
if you eat too much chocolat, you will become foot a x.
if Harry PAID more antention in class, he would get better more a x.
If he tired harder, he would each his goals a x.
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