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Consejos para viajes

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Consejos para viajes

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Which is the airline Aeromexico Volaris McDonald's Airlines Costco Airlines.
What is the ravel agency? Costco Kinessia Burger king Walmart airlines .
Why is there security in the airport Just because Erratic people Because they have to.
How is the classification of trips? VIP, Normal, Economic School, Normal Normal, food, economic.
Airplanes are useful? Yes No.
How many people fit in a regular plane? 64 300 180 to 200 550 max. .
Is there entertainment in the plane? Sometimes Yes No.
Is there security inside of the plane? Yes No.
The students can go to other country? Yes No Only if they are not a minor .
What is something that can cancel the flight? Personal reasons The weather You don't find your phone.
How much it cost a airplane ticket regularly ? 500 to 600 + Less than 500.
Ordene la frase correctamente: late/ be / Don't late be Don't.
Ordene la frase correctamente: moment/ a / wait / please Wait please moment a.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Night/ trave/ don't/ at night travel Don't at.
Ordene la frase correctamente: winter/ go/ in winter Go in.
Ordene la frase correctamente: cafes/ try/ local/ the local Try cafes the.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Hotel/ stay/ this/ don't/ in this Don't hotel stay in.
Translate the following words Airplane Ticket Airport People Weather .
I ______ to México for my job Travel Artist Paint.
I go to Germany for my ______ Flag Holiday Birthday .
I go to Spain to _____ my family Folk Costume Visit.
What time will we be boarding? A que hora embarcamos? A que hora es mi vuelo? Donde está el aeropuerto?.
How late will the flight be? Donde esta mi equipaje? Donde esta la puerta para abordar? Que tan tarde llegará el vuelo?.
Cual es la tarifa? which is the fare? What time is the check out? Where do they sell tickets?.
Donde están los elevadores? I would like a room Where are the elevators? What time is the check in?.
Me lo podría enseñar en un mapa? Can you show me my room? Can you tell me where is the hotel? Could you show me in the map?.
Me gustaría ir a este hotel I would like to go to this hotel Where can i find a taxi? How many beds are in the hotel?.
Acomoda las palabras con su traducción: Hotel Agencia de viajes Puertas de abordaje Passport.
Airplanes can travel long distances True False.
Airplanes doesn't need combustible False True.
Any persona can travel in a plane True False.
Traduce las siguientes palabras: Maleta Salida de emergencia Retraso High season Map Train.
You only can travel by plane True False.
What are some documents you should bring with you when you are traveling? Passport, Visa, identification Birth papers, Passport, vaccination papers Just paper and a pencil, visa, your phone.
What are some things you can't get in the plane? A knife, a bottle of water, a lighter Sun screen, food, a pet Your suitcase, food, paper and a pencil.
What means of transport are the most common? Plane, skate board, bicycle Train, boat, plane, car Just walking, car and horse.
Where is the emergency exit signal? .
A ticket can cost more than 600 True False.
You can travel anytime of the year True False.
You can bring pets to an airport True False.
You have to remain silence all the time in a airport True False.
Ordene la frase correctamente: France/ going/ to/ to/ travel/ I'm I'm to going to France travel.
Ordene la frase correctamente: don't/ planes, / they/ me/ I/ like/ scare scare planes, I like don't me they.
Ordene la frase correctamente: traveling/ time/ my/ first/ México/ this/ to/ is traveling to first is my time México This.
Ordene la frase correctamente: traveling/ I/ snow/ love/ the/ to to the I snow love traveling.
What means of transport is this? Plane Train Boat Car.
What means of transport is this? Plane Boat Train Car.
What means of transport is this? Plane Train Boat Car.
What means of transport is this? Plane Train Boat Car.
What is one of the things you must do before boarding? Arrive 1 hour before Eat something Wake up late.
What should you do in case of an airplane accident? Remain calm and wait for instructions Scream for help Faint Try to get out.
I'm _______ for the first time traveling eating gonna .
What's this document? Passport Visa Identification .
Do you need to have your valid documents to travel? True False.
What are some problems you may have when traveling? Arriving late, having your flight delayed for several hours, not accepting your documents Being hungry, being sleepy, not having a pillow.
Bonus question, select the methods that do not exist of transport Flying cloud, a carpet, Harry Potter's car A mule, a tricycle, on foot.
What is a common airport question? Where is my boarding gate? I don't have my suitcase.
What is a problem of workers in airports? Being rude not follow directions.
A VIP plane ticket is... Cheap Expensive .
Traduce las siguientes palabras: Vacation Problems Azafata Piloto Equipaje.
Traveling can be dangerous True False.
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