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The Continents

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The Himalaya mountains are the highest mountain range on the planet. Do you know in which continent they are located? Asia Europe America Africa.
... is the largest continent on Earth. Its 43 608 000 km2 represent 29.13% of the Earth’s surface. Africa America Asia Oceania.
The Asian continent is located between the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific and the Indian oceans. It is separated from ... by the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. Europe Oceania America Africa.
The Asian continent is separated from ... by the Ural mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus mountain range and the Black Sea. Oceania Europe America Africa.
The Asian continent is separated from ... by the Bering Strait. Oceania Europe America Africa.
Asian mountains are mostly young, such as the ... Mountains and the Himalayas range. Zagros Atlas Rocky Andes.
The Asian coasts are irregular, with peninsulas (Kamchatka, Korea, Indochinese, Malacca, Deccan, Arabian and Anatolian) and gulfs (Persian, Bengal, Thailand and Tonkin). True Fasle.
Asian rivers are long and fast-flowing. The most important ones are the ..., the longest on the continent (5 800 km), the Ob, the Yenisei, the Lena, the Huang He, the Mekong, the Amur, the Ganges and the Indus. Nile Mississippi Yangtze Danube.
In Asia, Lakes can have saltwater, like the Aral, the ... and the Caspian seas (the last one is the world’s largest, with an area of 371 000 km2); or freshwater, like the Baikal (which is the deepest on Earth, with a depth of 1 741 m). Dead Mediterranean Victoria Red.
Asian rivers are long and slow-flowing. The most important ones are the Yangtze, the longest on the continent (5 800 km) True False.
The highest peak on Earth is ... (8 847 m) Mount Everest Mount Elbrus Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Fuji.
Which continent is the second largest one on Earth? Its 42 960 000 km2 occupy 28.70 % of the Earth’s surface. Asia Africa America Oceania.
The American continent is located between the Arctic, Antarctic, Atlantic and Indian oceans. True False.
America is usually divided into two subcontinents, North America and South America. They are joined by the ... of Central America and the Antilles peninsula isthmus delta gulf.
In America, mountain ranges form an almost continuous line, along the Western coast extending from north to south for over 12 000 km: the Rocky Mountains and the ... mountain range. Alps Himalayas Atlas Andes .
The coasts of North America are irregular, with several peninsulas (Alaska, ..., Nova Scotia, Florida, California and Yucatan) Labrador Peloponeso Decan Escandinavian.
In North America, the most significant rivers are the Yukon, the , the San Lorenzo, the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Rio Grande. Amazon Orange Mackenzie Indi.
In South America, the ..., which is the longest in the continent (6 280 km), the Orinoco and the Paraná. Amazon Orange Mackenzie Indi.
... is the third largest continent on Earth. Its 30 335 000 km2 cover 20.26 % of the Earth’s surface. Africa America Europe Australia.
Which continent is located between the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Indian ocean and the Atlantic ocean? America Asia Australia Africa.
Africa is separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar, and from Asia by the Suez canal and the Red Sea. True False.
African terrain is of a solid nature, and has different forms. There are few mountain ranges such as the Atlas and the ... mountains. Drakensberg Rocky Alps Zagros.
There are lots of seas in Africa, due to its fairly regular coasts. The main ones are the Mediterranean and the Red seas. True False.
African rivers are, in some cases, long and fast-flowing (like the ..., which is the longest in the world, with 6 670 km), the Niger, the Congo, the Zambezi and the Orange. Danube Mississippi Nile Indi.
Other African rivers are short, coastal rivers or the wadis, desert rivers that are dry for most of the year. True False.
Australia is the fifth largest continent on Earth. It only represents 7.01 % of the Earth’s surface. It’s located between the Arctic Ocean and Atlantic oceans. True False.
Europe is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Mountain Range and the Black Sea; and from Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar. True False.
Europe has many islands, such as ..., Ireland and Great Britain. Madagascar Iceland Cuba Honshu.
European peninsulas include the ... , Italian and Balkan peninsulas. Iberian Labrador Yucatan Decan.
In Europe, rivers flow into the Arctic Ocean (the Pechora, the Onega and the Northern Dvina) and in the Atlantic Ocean (the Loire, the ..., the Rhine, the Elbe, the Oder and the Vistula) Danube Seine Ural Volga.
Which river flows into the Mediterranean Sea? Po Danube Loire Seine.
The Danube flows into the ... Sea Mediterranean Caspian Black Dead.
Which river is the longest river in Europe? Danube Seine Po Volga.
The fourth largest continent on Earth, covering an extension of 13 340 000 km2 is... Asia Africa Antartica America.
Antartica is located in the southern hemisphere, and it is surrounded by the Antarctic ocean, which forms a boundary between the Pacific and Indian oceans. True False.
The highest summit is Vinson (4 897 m) in ..., which is located in the Ellsworth mountains. Antartica Africa Asia America.
A mass of ice that can be up to 2 000 metres thick covers almost all the Antartica continent. True False.
Which of these are continents? Antartica Australia Europe Russia America Asia.
Which of these are oceans? Pacific Indi Atlantic Danube Indian Artic.
Which of these are mountain range Zagros Rocky Pyrenees Alps Andes Appalachian.
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