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Which Dell EMC product provides storage management and visibility to multi-vendor storage arrays in virtualized and cloud environments? VMware SRM ViPR Controller ViPR SRM VMware Storage vMotion .
What actions together let organizations shift from "keeping the lights on" to revenue-generating activities? Transforming and Automating Strategizing and Modernizing Modernizing and Automating Transforming and Strategizing .
Which product provides storage for a VxBlock? Dell EMC VMAX Cisco UCS Cisco Nexus VMware vSphere .
An organization wants to jumpstart their path to Digital Transformation through IT Transformation. What are the three activities included in IT Transformation? Modernize, Capitalize, and Organize Automate, Virtualize, and Transform Transform, Automate, and Modernize Digitize, Automate, and Transform .
What is the most common obstacle businesses encounter as they pursue Digital Transformation? Lack of budget and resources Data privacy and security concerns Lack of executive support Inadequate expertise and skills .
A systems administrator is deploying a new Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure appliance. The appliance is ideally suited for remote office and back office operations (ROBO). Which VxRail appliance model is it? P Series G Series E Series V Series.
VxBlock systems require what type of storage? Block level storage only File and block level storag File level storage only Flash storage .
Which security concept focuses on minimizing the number of security breach points on the platform? Vulnerability Management Security Event Management Threat Management Identity Access Management .
Which Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution includes the functionality to expand on demand to public cloud storage? VxRail VxRack FLEX VxBlock VxRack SDDC .
What is typically deployed using an IaaS environment? Traditional and cloud-native services Cloud-native services and middleware Middleware and microservices Middleware and traditional applications .
Which platform architecture can only be accessed from inside an organization? Platform 1 Platform 2 Platform 2.5 Platform 3 .
Which is the network element manager of Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure? Cisco Nexus Operating System Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations Software Cisco UCS Manager Dell EMC Unisphere .
A company desires to standardize its IT platform architecture to reduce maintenance and operational costs. Which actions should they take once they have virtualized their Platform 2 applications? Move applications to a disaster recovery site Move applications to container dedicated technology Move applications to a larger data center footprint. Move applications to a converged infrastructure. .
What ability can a business obtain when using a microservices-oriented architecture to develop cloud-native applications? Upgrade applications without regression testing Produces resilient monolithic applications Implement automated development processes Quickly collect data for business analytics .
What are components of identity access management in Pivotal Cloud Foundry? Application security groups and firewalls Tokens and SSO Releases and stemcells Event logging and monitoring .
A successful Digital Transformation of a business meets which user demands? High quality of services, low cost, and personalization Low response times, a secure environment, and single vendor support Cross-device compatibility, a secure environment, and on-demand self-service Personalization, a secure environment, and on-demand self-service .
Which Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution provides a foundation for IaaS and supports multiple hypervisors? VxRail VxRack FLEX VxRack SDDC VxBlock .
An IT organization would like to transform their datacenter into a similar footprint using their existing infrastructure. Which type of technology is needed? Virtualization Public Cloud Hyper-Converged Converged .
What is a benefit of server virtualization? Enhanced compute efficiency Applications deployed in weeks and months Operating systems updated automatically Enhanced data availability .
Which Dell EMC Hyper-Converged system provides a VMware private cloud solution, enabling IaaS and Paas? VxRack SDDC VxRail VxRack FLEX VxBlock .
What is a goal of IT transformation? Managing security risks involved with mobile data. Empowering the workforce to take advantage of opportunities that improve collaboration and productivity Managing Big Data projects to provide analytics that help drive organizational growth Spending more time on strategic value-adding initiatives .
Refer to the exhibit. On which storage access topology would a switched Fibre Channel SAN be configured to transport block storage between edge compute and storage devices? Topology 2 only Topology 3 only Topology 2 or Topology 3 Topology 1 .
What is a component of Dell EMC Hyper-Converged solutions? Blade servers Direct-attached storage Unified switching XtremIO Flash Storage .
Which Dell EMC product provides backup and recovery services in a hybrid cloud? RecoverPoint Avamar CloudLink SecureVM VRP SRM .
Which Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure system includes DAEs and a DPE? VxBlock 500 VxBlock 700 VxRack FLEX VxBlock 300 .
What is the purpose of configuration management? Map infrastructure, applications, and services to their respective owners Reduce failure times Provide standards for managing issues, reactively or proactively Control the lifecycle of all changed .
A company wants to expand its customer facing presence by providing an online storefront that is accessible from a wide variety of mobile devices. Their business is seasonal, with customer demand increasing dramatically during holiday seasons. Since they conduct financial transactions with their customers,security of their customer is a primary concern. Which infrastructure model best meets the company's needs? SaaS Private cloud Hybrid cloud Public cloud .
What is an important role, seldom seen in traditional IT organizations, that is new in iTaaS? Business Relationship Manager Strategic Account Manager Service Account Manage Operations Managers .
What feature of the Cisco UCS compute platform in a Dell EMC VxBlock system helps to provide application high availability? Fabric Interconnects support the addition of expansion modules Redundant components ensure there is no single point of failure Each of the Fabric Extenders in a chassis connects to both Fabric Interconnects Each blade server has a dedicated power supply .
What is a microservice? Bite-sized service that performs a specific task Methodology that automates the development process Development framework that creates a time box around releasable features Development framework that removes roadblocks among developers, QA, and IT .
What manages individual technology components of Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure? Element Manager Data Manager Replication Manager System Level Manager .
A Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure system contains the following components: Segregated Network Dell EMC Unity Storage Cisco Compute Which platform is it? VxBlock 300 VxBlock 500 VxRack FLEX VxBlock 700 .
Which infrastructure model allows a company to rapidly expand capacity while maintaining control of their data? Public cloud Hybrid cloud Virtualized infrastructure Private Cloud .
What makes software-defined architecture possible? iTaaS Hyper-convergence SaaS Virtualization .
What is a top barrier to IT Transformation adoption? Requirement to use direct-attached storage arrays Application development cycle disruption Inflexible business organizational structure Requirement to virtualize application servers .
What is one factor that differentiates a public cloud from a private cloud? Applications and data are managed by the customer in a private cloud Private cloud resources are owned and managed by a single entity Firewall protection is not required in a private cloud Private cloud resources must reside on the company's premises .
A rapidly growing retail business is considering digital transformation. The first transformation target is a data center that hosts retail sales applications and the web services front-end. Although typically adequate, transaction response times increase to unacceptable levels during peak holiday buying seasons. What is the key driver for transformation of the retail sales system workload? Conversion from a siloed and inflexible IT infrastructure More efficient data center operation and maintenance Lowered operational and capital expenditures Higher transactional I/O processing efficiency .
Which type of transformation is outside the scope of Dell EMC's Digital Transformation strategy? IT Workforce Workforce Security .
Which Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure system is designed for the mid-market segment? VxRail VxBlock 300 VxBlock 700 VxBlock 500 .
What is one factor that differentiates Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure (CI) from Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)? HCI uses software-defined storage architecture CI uses all-Flash storage devices HCI does not include physical switches CI allows for greater scalability .
Which method has been used by some media companies to build market share in the media industry? Incorporated personalized advertising at the onset of the product launch. Hired talent outside of the usual pool to develop potential viral content. Crowdsourced content instead of building their own. Created a subscription-based model that appealed to a specific target audience. .
What is a benefit of deploying virtual pools (compute, network and storage resources) over physical resources? Improved business processes Reduced IT capital expenditures Reduced corporate network maintenance costs Improved storage network performance .
A systems administrator wants to deploy a turnkey VMware-based private cloud solution. Which Hyper-Converged Infrastructure system from Dell EMC provides this capability? VxRack FLEX VxRack SDDC VxRail G Series VxRail P Series .
How do end users interact with Dell EMC converged or hyper-converged systems? Using the built-in service processor Through a computer connected to the same network Through SNMP Directly with the server computers .
What is the underlying architecture of Dell EMC Hyper-Converged infrastructure? Hardware-defined Service-oriented Software-defined Scale-out .
IaaS abstracts which layer? Storage Applications Security Application Framework .
What is a benefit of using server virtualization? Reduced utilization of physical servers Reduced storage costs Reduced application development effort Reduced power and cooling requirements .
How did competitors in the ridesharing market segment disrupt the traditional industry? Leveraged traditional media to target millennials Created new technologies to forecast ridesharing demands Employed mobile technology to connect drivers and consumers. Purchased hybrid vehicles for their fleet. .
What is a goal of the workforce transformation aspect of Digital Transformation? Modernize end-user mobile technology Free operations resources for strategic planning Develop expertise and skills Redeploy IT staff to create a new infrastructure .
What is the minimum number of pairs of Fabric Interconnects in a VxBlock System? 1 2 3 4.
Which application platform architecture provides client-server technology to run applications such as ERP? Platform 1 Platform 2 Platform 2.5 Platform 3 .
A regional bank is considering transforming their standard applications development practice to a DevOps model to better complete with larger banks. A Dell EMC VxBlock-based solution has been proposed, a budget allocated, and legacy transition planning has been approved. However, management concerns have recently delayed the project. What is a valid source of management concerns about the proposed solution? Requires application programming and IT operations integration Requires updates to operations personnel skills. Requires revised network security policies Requires revised online banking services SLAs .
What would cause an IT organization to pursue digital disruption? Currently having a flexible organization structure Experiencing stable operational costs Experiencing increasing resource maintenance costs Maintaining current vendor relationships being a priority .
What is an example of an IaaS service model? Google Apps Amazon EC2 Hybrid cloud Pivotal Cloud Foundry .
What physical resource is divided up by compute resource virtualization to create virtual resources? SAAS controller RAM ROM PCI bus .
Within the software development supply chain, what is a responsibility of a developer? Maintain application performance Manage system access and events Deploy development platform Manage control of infrastructure and platform .
Which disk technologies are supported in Dell EMC VxBlock systems? Fibre Channel, SATA, and CIFS Fibre Channel, SATA, and SAS JBOD, SAS, and CIFS JBOD, SATA, and iSCSI .
What are benefits of network virtualization? Improved storage efficiency and simplified data protection. Support for collaboration and automation of tasks Enhanced network security and improved network performance Enabling of over-provisioning and improved cost-efficiency .
VxBlock compute servers use which storage access topology to boot the operating system? NAS iSCSI SAN LAN FC SAN .
What is a characteristic of Cisco UCS Blade servers? Dedicated power cords and networks cables are required No dedicated power cords or network cables are needed Requires a serial connection Contain redundant power supplies .
A software development company wants to refresh their existing infrastructure. One of their goals is to enable faster development times for their products. The development teams indicate that their biggest delays are caused by having to wait for the infrastructure teams to provision new VMs and networks for test environments. Which Dell EMC platform would meet all of the company's requirements without the addition of optional components? VxBlock 500 VxRack FLEX VxRack SDDC VxRail .
Which EMC Hyper-Converged system has an architecture based on modular building blocks, enabling deployments to be scaled linearly from 1 to 32 appliances using customer network switches? VxRack SDDC VxRack FLEX Vision Intelligent System VxRail .
Many of the benefits of Digital and IT Transformation originated from which IT model? ITaaS IaaS Cloud Computing PaaS .
What are components of the Dell EMC VxRail system? VMware vSphere, VMware SDDC Manager, and Dell EMC VxRail Manager VMware NSX, VMware VSAN, and VMware SDDC Manager VMware vSphere, VMware VSAN, and Dell EMC VxRail Manager VMware vSphere, VMware VSAN, and Dell EMC ScaleIO .
A growing organization's IT department is tasked with working directly with business units to plan and deploy IT resources that drive competitive advantage. This added responsibility must be accomplished with the existing IT staff. What is an aspect of Digital Transformation that increases IT staff operations efficiency, enabling them to more easily assume this added role? Transform Adapt Automate Modernize .
What are key focal areas of iTaaS? Operational efficiency, rapid response, and infrastructure Business outcomes, operational efficiency, and competitiveness Business requirements, competitiveness, and cost-center implementation Rapid response, infrastructure, and business requirements .
Which virtualization platform is implemented within VxRack AS? VMware vSphere Red Hat KVM Microsoft Windows Server Nutanix AHV .
What is a characteristic of the XC Series? Available with various hypervisors Contains storage controllers and drives called X-Bricks Can be configured with up to 10 centralized storage systems Includes Cisco blade servers .
In the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure solution, what components are part of the Azure Scale Unit? Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Management network switch ToR network switches Dell EMC VxRail NodesManagement network switch NSX-T Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers VXRC Host ToR network switches Dell EMC VxRail NodesManagement network switch ToR network switches .
An organization is on a Digital Transformation journey. The business is adopting agile application development methodologies to respond to customer feedback more quickly and improve mobile applications. The IT department recommends implementing a PaaS solution on new infrastructure. The department has been successful using VMware virtualization and Dell EMC storage arrays, and plans to leverage this in-house expertise for future infrastructure purchases. What solution will meet the goals of both the business and IT department? VxRack SDDC VxRack FLEX VxBlock 1000 VxRail .
What are the three versions of VxRack SDDC? Multi-function Server Cloud Performance Optimized Server XC Server VDI Optimized Server Cloud Performance Optimized Server XC Server Multi-function Server Performance Optimized Server C Series Server VDI Optimized Server Performance Optimized Server Multi-function Server .
A business has enabled employees to work from any location and use multiple devices. This has introduced new risks for safekeeping important company data. Which transformation would address this risk? Security Workforce IT Digital .
Where does Digital Transformation start, and why? With research and development, to deliver cloud-based applications With the customer, to improve customer value With the senior management, to improve ROI With the IT department, to adopt new technologies and processes .
Why would an organization develop cloud-native applications using a Pivotal Ready Reference Architecture solution? Improve development team collaboration Deliver application updates efficiently Provide tight container integration Deploy applications across availability zones Deliver application updates efficiently Leverage in-house Microsoft expertise Deploy applications across availability zones Deliver application updates efficiently Leverage in-house VMware expertise Improve development team collaboration Deliver application updates efficiently Leverage in-house VMware expertise .
Which cloud deployment model is a combination of two or more clouds? Public Hybrid Private Community .
What separately licensed product can be deployed from SDDC Manager? vRealize Automation vSphere Replication vSphere with Operations Manager Enterprise er Enterprise .
Which component controls the behavior of the VxFlex OS environment? MDM SDC SDS SVM .
Which storage solution is used in the Pivotal Ready Architecture? VMware vSAN Dell EMC Flex OS Dell EMC PowerMAX Nutanix ADFS .
What is a goal of IT Transformation? IT becomes more of a consultant to the business IT minimizes security risks involved with mobile data IT implements a Software as a Service solution IT manages BigData analytics projects to drive growth .
What benefits do resource pooling and sharing, plus energy efficient hardware, contribute to the hyper-converged infrastructure? Operational simplicity Decreased infrastructure cost Improved capacity management Improved application performance .
A company has adopted agile application development methodologies to improve their mobile applications. The IT department recommends the company use a PaaS solution with the following characteristics: Implemented on new, in-house infrastructure Small software-defined storage solution that can scale as needed All-VMware solution that leverages extensive in-house experience Which type of solution would address the goals of the business and satisfy the requirements of the IT department? Hyper-converged infrastructure Converged infrastructure Hybrid cloud Public cloud .
What is a goal of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to Workforce Transformation? Make the workforce more self-managing Remove borders in order for the workforce to be selected from across the globe Help the workforce recognize problems and proactively improve customer value Reduce the workforce by replacing employees with robots .
An organization has a need to provide additional infrastructure resources at various times throughout the year. But they do not want to use these additional resources unless they are needed. The organization is considering a cloud deployment. What cloud characteristic directly addresses this need? Rapid Elasticity IaaS On-demand Self-service Hybrid cloud .
A company requires additional infrastructure to support its Digital Transformation initiative. They want to leverage their expertise using centralized storage. What is a likely result if the IT department neglects to adopt a converged infrastructure strategy? Increased cabling cost Inaccurate capacity planning Decreased maintenance and support Increased application performance .
When working with the Pivotal Ready Architecture, what benefit do availability zones provide to the application? Compression Encryption Redundancy Deduplication .
What is an example of IT Transformation? Implementing collaboration tools to support a remote workforce Allowing employees to use personal devices for work activities Allowing remote access via VPN Introducing new password policies .
What does an engineered and pre-tested solution with faster CPU and Flash drive technology contribute to a hyper-converged infrastructure? Operational simplicity Improved capacity management Decreased infrastructure cost improved application performance .
What does a fully tested and validated solution with fewer vendors contribute to the hyper-converged infrastructure? Improved application performance Lower risk of network congestion Improved capacity management Operational simplicity .
A company implements a hybrid cloud solution using the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack solution. What Digital Transformation benefit should this solution provide? Reduced control over infrastructure Enforcement of data governance location restrictions Faster skills development by IT staff Reduced external networking costs .
What is a benefit of a hypervisor? Provide on-demand, self-service for virtual machines Reduce the need for guest operating systems Enable more efficient usage of DAE resources Enable more efficient usage of compute resources .
What are the two primary modes of VxFlex OS? Compute only and hyper-converged Hyper-converged and two-layer Private and public PaaS and SaaS .
What software is used to manage infrastructure on the XC Series? Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric Quick Sync2 Nutanix CALM Nutanix Prism .
What are examples of common services provided by a PaaS solution? Load balancing, email, and performance monitoring Email, databases, and OS drivers Load balancing, databases, and message queueing Virus scanning, NTP, and message queueing .
Which VxRail appliance model is a 2U, 4 node design? E Series V Series S Series G Series .
An organization is using a cloud to deploy applications. The organization is responsible for updating their applications but not the underlying development tools. Which cloud service model is in use by the organization? Public Hybrid PaaS IaaS .
What is the maximum number of nodes supported in a VxRail cluster? 16 32 64 96 .
As a system administrator, you have been asked to explain the difference between a VxBlock 1000 and a VxRail environment. What additional component does a VxBlock 1000 have compared to a VxRail? Virtualization Software-defined storage Storage array Rack mount servers .
What contributes to improved capacity management for converged infrastructure? Upgrade flexibility Software-defined storage ScaleIO software Physical storage array .
An organization is undergoing digital, workforce, and security transformations. How will the organization use IT? As an operational organization primarily focused on infrastructure operations As project managers who will interface primarily with cloud service providers As consultants who help find the right technologies to support the efforts As a profit center to increase revenue for the organization .
An organization is on a Digital Transformation journey. The business is adopting agile application development methodologies to respond to customer feedback more quickly and to improve mobile applications. The IT department recommends that the company use a PaaS solution implemented on new infrastructure. They want to build a small software-defined storage solution that can easily scale as the journey continues. IT wants the ability to leverage various hypervisors. What solution will meet the goals of both the business and the IT department? VxRail VxBlock VxRack AS XC Series .
What are valid Scale Unit sizes available for the VxRack AS? 2, 4, 8 and 16 4, 8, 12, and 16 4, 8, 16, and 32 8, 16, 32, and 64 .
Which cloud deployment model allows a company to rapidly expand capacity while maintaining full control of their infrastructure? Public cloud IaaS Rapid Elasticity Private cloud .
What is the name of the comprehensive blueprint used to build a Software Defined Data Center with VxRail appliances? vRealize Automation Design SDDC Validated Design VMware Validated Design VxRail Validated Design .
An organization is on a Digital Transformation journey. The business is adopting agile application development methodologies to respond to customer feedback more quickly and improve their cloud native applications. The IT department recommends distributing the application across geographies for better performance for consumers. However, for compliance reasons they need to secure critical data in their data center. Which deployment model should IT recommend to address their requirements? Public Cloud PaaS Hybrid Cloud SaaS .
An organization would like to participate in the Digital Transformation. They want to use a Dell EMC VMAX storage array. Which Dell EMC solution should be recommended? VxRack SDDC VxRail VxRack FLEX VxBlock 1000 .
Which VxRail node type supports only hybrid storage? P Series S Series G Series E Series .
What can an administrator do using Dell Open Mobile with iDRAC Quick Sync 2? Change iDRAC credentials Launch Virtual Console within iDRAC Configure Baseboard Management Controller Configure the Lifecycle Controller .
What can be used to validate that a VxBlock has the capacity to add another 20 virtual servers? VMware Log Insight Dell EMC Unisphere Cisco UCS Manager VxBlock Central .
What is the compute management application for Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure? VxRail Manager AMP-VX UCS Manager SDDC Manager .
What provides predictive capacity analytics used for alerting and capacity planning? VMware Solution Exchange Advanced Management Platform vRealize Operations vRealize Automation .
A business has recently decided to allow employees to access data when outside of the office, via a public cloud provider. To reduce risk, they have implemented practices that require certain data to be stored in specific locations. What are these practices examples of? IT Transformation Digital Transformation Workforce Transformation Security Transformation .
What contributes to reduced data center power and cooling costs? Pooling and resource sharing Cisco UCS domain UCS Fabric Interconnects Software defined storage .
What is a benefit of Workforce Transformation? Availability of unique applications New ways to connect and collaborate Ability to demand a higher salary Availability of security tokens .
An organization is building cloud-native applications to support their Digital Transformation initiatives. What is a reason for doing this? Improved development team experience from using a SaaS solution Improved customer experience from distributing applications across multiple clouds Improved application performance from running microservices on a hyper-converged infrastructure Improved customer experience from running applications on a continuous integration platform .
What defines the process of adopting technology to improve a business process? Digitalization Data protection Digitization Data deduplication .
What is a characteristic of cloud native applications? Applications have insight into the underlying infrastructure Application performance and response times are always improved Services are tightly coupled and interdependent Services are developed and deployed independently .
Which software is used to conduct health checks on VxRack FLEX? Device Manager VxFlex Manager Element Manager UCS Manager .
What can be integrated into vRealize Automation? vRealize Data Protection Extension vRealize Log Insight VMware Solution Exchange Advanced Management Platform .
What is the first step for a business looking to digitally transform? Re-examine their processes Modernize their infrastructure Reduce their operational expenditures Automate their business functions .
What are examples of communication channels for loosely coupled services in a cloud native application? API and message services Message services and SNMP traps Shared file system and CPU registers API and shared file system .
What is the Dell EMC Pivotal Ready Architecture? PaaS solution built on Dell EMC servers and VMware hypervisors PaaS solution built on Dell EMC servers and Pivotal hypervisors SaaS solution built on EMC servers and VMware hypervisors PaaS solution built on EMC servers and Microsoft hypervisors.
What is an example of an IaaS cloud service model? VMware vSphere Pivotal Cloud Foundry Amazon EC2 Google App Engine .
Refer to the exhibit. Which HCI solution is shown? VxRail VxRack FLEX XC Series VxRack SDDC .
DRAG DROP A corporation has established a simplified, five year Digital Transformation plan for all their businesses. They have chosen Dell EMC to help with their Digital Transformation goals. Match each solution to its IT Transformation benefit. Cloud Native Architecture Hybrid Cloud Platafrm Converged Infrastructure Hyper-converged Infraestructue .
DRAG DROP Match each Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric feature to its function. intelligent Data Tiering Data Protection Snapshot Deduplication .
DRAG DROP Match each VxBlock 1000 AMP VX element to its function. VRealize log Insight VMware vCenter Avamar VE VxBlock Central .
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