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Core 3 (Complete)

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Core 3 (Complete)

Core 3 Test 3 Vocabulary and Grammar para Aptis Ingles

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1. We were ____ for a wild ride. a) On b) In c) At.
2. The jewels _____ years ago after extensive search. a) were discovered b) had discovered c) haven't been discovered.
3. If I am not mistaken, you are his sister, ____?. a) am I not b) are you? c) aren't you?.
4. They will have more money when they ___ to work. a) are starting b) will c) start.
5. By this time next year, we ____ the degree. a) will have finished b) are going to finish c) finish.
6. Would you like ____ fish? I bought some. a) Some b) Any c) Few.
7. Younger artists were starting to appear as time ____. a) Passes b) Are passing c) Went by.
8. ____ two people were rightfully angry after the delay a) Those b) This c) Some.
He was ____ for his long hair and nails. a) Looked b) Notorious c) Watch.
10. It was not ____ a question of time, but also of money. a) Sincerely b) Merely c) Truthfully.
11. They grew up in an ____ but intelligent family a) Excentric b) Usually c) Quiet.
12. What approach should they follow ____ teaching maths? a) As b) On c) When.
13. If you hadn’t ________ it down, I would’ve forgotten a) Put b) Dragged c) Written.
14. Sophie hasn’t arrived yet and _______ John! a) Neither has b) Either has c) Nor.
15. If you are not over 18, you ________ work a) Didn’t have to b) Mustn’t c) Shouldn’t.
16. The _______ remarkable thing about him is that he never stopped helping. a) High b) Good c) Most.
17. William Shakespeare __________ Anne Hathaway when he died. a) Was married to b) Was married with c) Was married on.
18. If you want ___________ a new hobby, you need to start know. a) To take up b) To start to c) Starting .
19. After years of missing him, he finally ______ . a) Showed up b) Looked back c) Spoke up.
20. Don’t even bother trying to convince him ______. a) Of nothing b) Otherwise c) never.
21. Many people believe ______ paranormal events a) In b) On c) At.
22. _________ the correct university is vital for your future. a) To choose b) Choosing c) Going.
23. Pam _________ Jim after school at the café for a quick chat. a) Is meeting b) Meet c) Went meet.
24. I _______ see my family from London. a) Hardly ever b) Ever c) Almost not.
25. She told me ________ shut up before I woke the baby up. a) - b) That I c) To.
26v. Match the words on the left (1-10) with their definitions on the right (a-j). 1. Malarkey 2. Yield 3. Unevenly 4. Fidget 5. Whistle 6. Lunatic 7. Shy 8. Juggling 9. Vest 10. Nurturing.
27v. Match the words (1-5) to their synonyms (a-j). 1. Hike 2. Aligned 3. Nimble 4. Furious 5. Gorgeous.
28v. Complete the sentence (1-5) with the correct word (a-j) 1. It is so nice ______ you to do this for us. 2. It is weird that he got angry about ______a little thing. 3. Since they left, Mark was the last _____ standing. 4. Sarah and Jane are ___. They were born 2 minutes apart. 5. What’s her name ______? I can’t remember.
Match the words in (1-5) to the words (a-j) to make collocations 1. Quick 2. Remember 3. Take 4. Fully 5. Excruciating.
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