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EWIS Polices


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What does EWIS stand for? Electronic Wiring Inspection System Electrical Wire Identification System Electrical Wiring Interconnection System.
How often should refresher training be conducted for EWIS? Every year Every 6 months Every 2 years Only when regulatory changes occur.
What is the main objective of the EWIS training program outlined in the AC 120-94? To enhance aircraft aesthetics To improve avionics maintenance To promote better communication among crew members To ensure proper processes, procedures, and practices for aircraft wiring maintenance.
Why is EWIS important in aviation? It improves passenger comfort. It enhances fuel efficiency. It ensures the safety and reliability of electrical systems.
What are the main components of EWIS? Fuel lines and hydraulic pumps. Cables, connectors, terminals, supports, and devices. Navigation instruments and avionics.
What is the purpose of wire bundling and clamping in EWIS? To improve aerodynamics. To reduce weight in the aircraft To prevent wire chafing and ensure proper wire routing.
What are the risks associated with aging wiring in aircraft? Reduced cabin pressure. Increased fuel consumption. Short circuits, corrosion, and fatigue of the cables.
How often should visual inspections of the EWIS be performed? Once a year. Every 100 flight hours. As prescribed by the maintenance schedule or regulation.
What is the purpose of non-destructive testing (NDT) in EWIS inspections? To replace damaged wires To assess the condition of the wires without causing damage. To improve the appearance of the wires.
What is the primary goal of the EWIS Inspection Program? Enhance aircraft aesthetics. Reduce maintenance costs. Ensure the continued safety of the aircraft.(ICA).
Which organization sets the standards and guidelines for EWIS? FAA - Federal Aviation Administration IATA - International Air Transport Association EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency.
What is the purpose of electrical shielding in EWIS? To protect the aircraft from lightning strikes. To reduce electromagnetic interference between wires. To enhance the aircraft's radar capabilities.
What is the purpose of AC 120-94? To establish mandatory regulations for aircraft electrical systems. To provide guidance for developing an enhanced EWIS training program. To define the requirements for aircraft maintenance procedures. To address safety issues related to air carrier operations.
Which of the following is NOT a potential cause of EWIS damage? Temperature changes. Humidity levels. Intense sunlight.
What is the primary objective of EWIS maintenance? To increase aircraft speed. To minimize fuel consumption. To ensure the integrity and reliability of the electrical system.
What should be done if any discrepancies are found during EWIS inspections? Report the findings to the pilot. Ignore the issues if they don't affect flight performance. Document and address the discrepancies as per the maintenance procedures.
Which of the following is a potential consequence of improper EWIS maintenance? Increased electrical efficiency. Electrical arcing Improved system performance.
What are the most common external contamination sources that can impact an aircraft's integrity and performance? De-ice fluid, fuel, water and rain, bleed air and hot areas, air erosion Cleaning agents, avionics equipment, hydraulic fluid, static electricity Bird strikes, hailstorms, volcanic ash, cosmic radiation Corrosion-resistant coatings, friction materials, insulation blankets.
Which of the following is NOT a requirement under EWIS regulations? Periodic inspections and testing of electrical components. Regular replacement of all electrical wires every 10 years. Proper wire routing and separation. Development of a maintenance program for EWIS.
What is the primary purpose of EWIS regulations? To reduce aircraft weight. To enhance passenger comfort. To ensure the continued airworthiness and safety of aircraft electrical systems. To improve aircraft aesthetics.
What does AC stand for in the context of EWIS regulations? Aircraft Certification Advisory Circular Aircraft Compliance.
Which document provides guidance on the inspection, maintenance, and repair of EWIS? FAR - Federal Aviation Regulation AD - Airworthiness Directive AMM - Aircraft Maintenance Manual ESPM – Electrical Standard Practices Manual.
What is the purpose of Service Bulletins related to EWIS? To inform passengers about electrical systems on the aircraft. To provide guidelines for improving in-flight entertainment. To communicate recommended changes or modifications to the EWIS based on manufacturer updates or safety concerns.
What is the purpose of EWIS inspections on Airbus A320 family aircraft? To check the passenger seating arrangements. To ensure proper functioning of the entertainment system. To identify and address potential wiring issues before they become hazardous. To evaluate the catering services on board.
What is the purpose of AC 25.1701-1? To provide guidance for aircraft maintenance procedures. To establish regulations for aircraft manufacturing. To provide guidance for certification of electrical wiring systems on transport category airplanes. To outline maintenance requirements for transport category airplanes.
Who does the guidance provided in AC 25.1701-1 apply to? Only transport category airplane manufacturers. Only FAA Flight Standards personnel. Only foreign civil aviation authorities. Transport category airplane manufacturers, modifiers, FAA personnel, and more.
What does AC 25.1701-1 say about its material being mandatory or regulatory? It is strictly mandatory and regulatory. It describes the only means for demonstrating compliance. It does not constitute a regulation and provides acceptable means for demonstrating compliance. It outlines new regulatory requirements.
Which of the following committees contributed to the development of AC 25.1701-1? The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAonly The Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ATSRAand the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) The European standard aircraft industry only.
What is the primary focus of the guidance in AC 25.1701-1 regarding EWIS? Designing and installing EWIS with the same level of diligence as any other essential or critical system in the aircraft. Recommending the removal of EWIS from transport category airplanes. Providing detailed instructions for continued airworthiness (ICspecified by 14 CFR part 25. Developing an alternate method of compliance with existing regulations. .
Which failure condition would cause a significant reduction in safety margins or functional capabilities of the airplane? No Safety Effect Minor Major Hazardous.
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