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Cuestionario de Ingles



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1. The regular verbs have a spelling change in the simple past. T F.
3. The verb to be is used to give information about a person or thing. T F.
5. The That and Those refer to people or things that are far away from you. T F.
7. Has is used for the second person singular. T F.
9. The verb ”do” is used for the affirmation of action verbs. T F.
11. The indefinite article "an" is used with nouns beginning with vowels. T F.
13. In means en-dentro-de- hacia adentro. T F.
15. To form the plural of nouns ending in: ch, sh, s, o-x, add-es. T F.
17. The verbs to be-to have-to do, have a different conjugation than the other verbs. T F.
19. In front means enfrente de-delante de. T F.
21. The English language alphabet consists of 28 letters. T F.
23. The correct way to make a negative sentence is subject+verb in past participle+have not+complement. T F.
25. The simple past tense is used for habits and customs in the past. T F.
27. The present perfect indicate events with in a time period up to the present. T F.
29. "Does" is used before the subject or pronoun in the third person singular T F.
31. This(singular) and These(plural) refer to an object or person near the speaker. T F.
33. A noun ending in "sh-ch-s-z y x" should be added "es". T F.
35. It’s not good when I say Sir or Madame in all circumstances. T F.
37. It appropriate when your boss says you I’m Dr. Rob Ramoray... T F.
39. Rudeness is like insolence. T F.
1. How do you write car in English? • (A) pencil • (B) car • (C) van A B C.
3. Complete la oración: _____ is my friend. • (A) they • (B) she • (C) when A B C.
5. What job does the image represent? • (A) Police man • (B) attorney • (C) architec A B C.
7. Transtale the following sentece: ¿Where is my address?**** • A. ¿dónde es mi domicilio? • B. ¿cuál es mi calle? • C. ¿cuál es mi casa? A B C.
9. Point out the plural of: “Room” • A. Roomess • B. Roomes • C. Rooms A B C.
11. Translate the following interrogative sentence ¿Dormiste? • A. did you sleep? • B. did your sleeping? • C. ¿do you sleep? A B C.
13. Fill in the blank using the correct preposition. There is a gas station ______the bank.**** • A. across from/opposite • B. next to • C. in front of A B C.
15. Fill in the blank using the correct preposition. There is a dog _____ of the Street.**** • A. among • B. on the corner of • C. between A B C.
17. ¿What is the meaning of “Head”? • A. ojos • B. cabeza • C. nariz A B C.
19. Traduzca la siguiente oración “Es un bonito perro”. • A. There is a beautiful dog • B. It is a beautiful dog • C. It are a beautiful dog A B C.
21. Which is the correct determiner”______ person”: • A. the • B. an • C. a A B C.
23. ¿What is the meaning of the verb “To clean”? • A. Limpiar • B. pertenecer • C. cepillar A B C.
25. Translate the following sentece” Estoy desayunando”. • A. i am having dinner • B. i am having breakfast • C. i am having lunch A B C.
27. State what is the meaning of “Engineer”. • A. carpintero • B. ingeniero • C. arquitecto A B C.
29. Fill in the blank using the corret answer “_____name is Rubén”: • A. he • B. my • C. i A B C.
31. Traslate the following sentece” Mauricio es muy guapo” • A. Mauricio is more handsome • B. Mauricio is much handsome • C. Mauricio is very handsome A B C.
33. Indicate the meaning of the word” West”. • A. oeste • B. este • C. norte A B C.
35. Underline the correct answer “Tía”. • A. uncle • B. aunt • C. daughter A B C.
1. One with lines as appropriate. Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Night.
3. Make the correct conjugation of the verb TO BE. My sister _____ beautiful. My Friends _____ in the party. Thalia _____ a famous Mexican Singer.
5. One with lines as appropriate. Where are you? How is your father? What is this? .
7. One with lines as appropriate. What are the colors of the flag of? _______ is Madonna? _______ Is a Radish? .
9. One with lines as appropriate. Never leave luggage unattended. Please be quiet. Busy traffic use the bridge to cross.
11. Match words al your left according their definions. Umbrella Rain Tornado.
13. One with lines as appropriate. Next to Across from/opposite In front of.
15. One with lines as appropriate. In At On.
17. One with lines as appropriate. If you want to eat food, then you go to a: If you need some medicine you can go to a: If you need some fruit you can go to a:.
19. One with lines as appropriate. My brother is____a new song. I am _____ a new book about África. The teacher____to the zoo yesterday.
21. One with lines as appropriate. I`m not___the party. Maricela won`t let him____. My friend didn`t_____the movie.
23. Line the negative senteces with their corresponding verb. They aren`t_____to eat pizza tonight. She can`t ______the piano. He may not____at home.
25. Line up the interrogative senteces with their meaning in Spanish. ¿Don`t you think this puppy is adorable?. Was Carolina ill last week? What are you doing tonight?.
29. Line the exclamatory senteces with their meaning in Spanish. ¡He`s such a sweet baby! ¡I`m so mad at you! You know that`s not true!.
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