Curriculum and materials

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Curriculum and materials


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A syllabus is a list of content areas wich are to be taught in a particular course a process by wich a curriculum designer identifies the students´needs a detailed description of teachers and learners´experience during a course.
It is essentiall to decide why a course is being taught and what learners need to get from it. It means that the teacher and curriculum designers need to apply suitable principles through the whole desing process set clear general goals for the course they want to desing determine the factors and considerations that affect the desing.
A.............. is considered to be coherent when learners´achivements correspond to the aim of the program and when there is a logical relationship between the objetives stated and the process planned and developed in the classroom learning enviroment language curriculum enviroment analysis.
Analyze the following examples and identify the one that illustrates a positive constraint to curriculum desing a specific course for medical learners who have limited time to invest in learning a situation where learners come from different educational backgrounds with little or no knowledge of english a curriculum desing situation where the teachers are all very highly trained and are able and willing to make their own class activities.
Wich of the following items contain examples of the major constrains that affect curriculum desing? cultural background, time avaible, and the influence of the first language on the target language content and sequencing, format and presentation, and monitoring and assesssing need analysis tools, the number of students and teachers and the type of approaches to curriculum desing.
....................... learning in a language course has the following effects: it can speed up learning, help learners overcome barriers to their language development, and have a positive effect on meaning-focused learning meaning focus input high-frecuency vocabulary language-focused.
A sensible basis to guide teaching and to help in the desing of courses rest on principles. One of those principles is: "keep moving forward". Whay does it mean? learners should process the items to be learned as deeply and as thoughtfully as possible the course should help learners make the most effective use of previous knowledge a language course should progressively cover useful language items, skills and strategies.
The gruop of principles that deals with wath actually happens in the classroom and during the learning process belong to monitoring and assessment content and sequencing format and presentation .
the use of discourse as the basis for units of progression is more likely to be used where learners systematically cover a range of relevant genres such as recounts, informations reports and arguments high school basic preuniversity.
wich approach to content sequencing has been aplied in the organization of the following course? An english course for beginners that last 6 months is organized by using grammatical structures as units of progression. The contents are sequenced beginning with simple frequent items that prepare for later more complex items grammar translation linear approach modular approach.
wich of the following ideas would you consider as content of an academic course? typical activities or adventures of a group of learners or native speakers topics like shooping, going to the doctor, getting a driver´s lcence, and making friends linguistics on the special purpose of the learners such as agriculture or tourism.
the............ strands refers to ability that learners have to express themselves readily and effortlessly using features that they have already met before langage-focused learning fluency development meaning-focused output.
Plannig the organizational structure (format and presentation) in a corse involves selecting appropriate ............ blocks and deciding on the sequence in wich these will appear core books and hiring trained instructors to achieve the teaching goals instrument to gather information about type and amount of content to taught.
when a teacher applies intensive reading, grammar study, and substitution tables and drills activities in a course he/ she is focusing on meaning input language learning fluency development.
the purpose of monitoring and assessing a course is to help you make decisions on........ both an ongoing and final basis about the course both learners and teachers´achivement both validity and realibility of proficiency tests like TOEFL.
identify wich of the following tyes of activities illustrate a game-like activities crossword puzzles dictation story telling.
the purpose of the monitoring and assessment part of curriculum desing is.......... to allow learners to work at a level beyond their normal level of proficiency to determine the structure os a course to meet the learners´necessities to make sure that the learners will get the most benefit from the course.
select the type of activities that are more suitable for developing speaking in a meaning-focused speaking course pronunciation practice drills, spelling practice, blanck-filling activities, sentence completions or sentece combining listening to stories, linkd skills activities, easy extensive reading, sentence completions or sentece combining information gap, short talks, conversation while doing a task, problem-solving discussions and role plays.
the purpose of monitoring and assessing a course is to help you make decisions as in the following example: a 10-week course on conversation skills has been started for a group of low level learner. it is assimed that pronunciations problems will sort themselves out after a few weeks. however, four weeks after the course commenced teachers report that a considerable number of students have persistent and major pronunciation problems that the course is addressing the curriculum designers refocus a section of the course the curriculum designers divide the students in two groups the curriculum designers apply peer observations techniques.
wich og the following tools will you use to gather information for evaluating the quality of curriculum desing? learner re-enrolment statics self-report scales analysis of the syllabus.
it is consider that carrying out evaluations is like carrying oue research because the evaluator needs to have a small amount of relevant data clear purpose or objetive in mind set of researchable assumptions.
wich of the following are two main factores to consider when applying a model of curriculm desing? the parts of the curriculum desing model and the amount of money available for the expenses the starting point for the curriculum desing process, and how to move through the process of curriculum desing the extent to wich the designer can make decisions, and wich part of the curriculum are involved in the desing.
in a ......................approach, to curriculm desing, the desingner start the process focusing first on the format and presentation waterfall model focused opportunistic layers of necessity.
curriculm desingners and teachers can draw on a bank of existing materials from wich they select the most appopiate material for the course. such a bank could include for example copies of activities prepared by themselves or other teachers for other courses or for previous deliveriesor course, published supplementary materials or photocopied material from texts or course books interviews or questionaries applied to teaching staff and students and study departmental memos, hd books, minutes of meetings, etc. resourse limitations that affect classroom activities amphasis on particular skills, aspects of target culture that will interest learners and can be exploited in materials of suitables textbooks.
................. are the key component in most language programs because they serve as the basis for much of the language input teaching materials negotiated syllabus teacher beliefs.
one of the major disvantages of using negotiated syllabus is that a fully negotiated syllabus requieres teachers to use a prescribed course book that has no rooms for adaptions considerable teacher skill and time in accessing and producing resurces responsiveness to the "wants" of the learners and the involvement of the learners.
the greatest areas of flexibility for a teacher when following a course book closely are monitoring and assessment, principles and enviroment goals, learners´needs and format and presentation format and presentation and monitoring and assessment.
the features listed below for evaluating a course book belong to -the layout of the content should attract the learners -the learners should have the skills to do the activities -the activities could be used for self-study -the activities should take account of whether the learners goals, content and sequencing monitoring and assessment format and presentation.
not all the chages introduced in the curriculum are successful. one reason for this is that the process of introducing the change is flawed the people affected by the change see the need for change all the people involved in the change are weel-informed.
select the situation where the conditions for introducing change are ideal a language course that has been recently changed to fit into the educational system a program that has being offered for a long time and has proved to be effective a program where the whole range of people affected by the change see the need for change.
an important way of making a technique part of teaching is to experience the technique in use, .....................and to reflect on this experience as a language teacher both as a learner and teacher as a language student.
it is advisable to use themes as a way of dealing with the ideas content of the course because themes can provide opportunities for the same language features to be recycled and thus bettter learnt present conditions and goals that are un a causative sequence are aling with the desired teaching philosophy proposed in the course.
....................plays a much bigger role in most courses than assessment. it occurs whenever the teacher observes waht the learners are doing or what thay have done in order to see if things are going as they should monitoring principles goals.
............................. are a major way of bringing about innovative curriculum change in-service courses teaching materials learning strategies.
how can you statistically measure the reliability of a test? by looking at the part of the course that was being tested and listing th items and skills taught, and finally by comparing them with the items and skills tested by having reusable test papers, by being carefully formated for easy making, by being not too long, and by using objectivey scored items such as true/false or multiple choice by having the learners sit the test twice, or by splitting the scores on the individual test items into two equal groups and seeing if the learners get the same score on both groups.
curriculum implies all the issues related.........................., wich are conceived as a coherent whole with a specific purpose to planning, implementation and evaluation of a series languge learning events to teaching, monitoring and assessing english teaching to eduational policies and laws for english teaching in schools and high schools.
in the context of curriculum desing in educational institutions, evaluations may focus on different aspects of a language program like teaching principles leanguage learning theories syllabus and programs.
the information gathered from formative evaluation can be used for accrediting the learners of the course for making decisions and for judging the results for counselling, mentoring and for adapting material.
the approaches to curriculum desing represnt diffrentes ways of taking account constraints upon curriculum desing aprticularly those of time, course materials and approaches time, skill and the need for flexibility needs organization and skill.
read the following situaction and analyze what type of curriculum desing must be applied in this case: Martha is ann EFL teacher. she has been hired in a high scholl to teach english to a group of students who will enter the university. the classes must start in a week. the students have one month to be ready for the test layers of neccessuty model a waterfall model a focused opportunistic approach.
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