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They are application documents: Select one or more: Technical guide Use guide Installation guide Requirements scheme.
The application execution environment is composed of _____ and the programming language virtual machine. Select one: Linker Programming language API Operating system.
What is the process of translating source code to object code called? Select one: RuntimeEnvironment Execution Compilation Interpretation.
Relate each stage to the type of code obtained: Compilation Interpretation Text editor Virtual machine or linker.
Of all the types of software , _____ is responsible for managing the hardware resources of a computer. Select one: Object code Operating system Compiler Application.
You always have to make an algorithm before coding a program. True or false? True False.
Conducting _____ testing allows us to detect errors in each part of the program separately. Select one: Unitary Functional Integration Semantics.
In computing, two large groups of software tests are distinguished : Select one or more: Component relationship Modules Unitary Integration.
They are types of software: Select one or more: Processor OS Programming software Applications.
What language is directly executable by the computer? Select one: Assembler Source Object Machine.
Desirable characteristic of all code:.
Main functions of a virtual machine in executing programs: Select one or more: Get the applications compiled. Communication with the system where the application is installed. Make applications portable. Memory reservation required for the application.
What is the name of the change that consists of improving the functionality of all software ? Select one: Adaptive Perfective Evolutionary Corrective.
Relate each characteristic to its corresponding language: Use of ones and zeros Use of objects and classes Use of mnemonics Use of control structures.
Relate each software document to its corresponding function: Logbook Usage guide Technical guide Installation guide.
In a practical case, what type of requirement is the client's desire to include product stock control in the warehouse in the application? Select one: Not functional It depends on the coding phase. It is not a requirement. Functional.
When are Beta Test tests usually carried out ? Select one: In the same productive environment of the application, once installed. After performing the unit tests. Throughout the maintenance stage. Before integration testing.
The compiler receives source code and generates:.
It is most convenient that software tests be carried out only on the complete system, since we would not detect errors in each piece individually. True or false? True False .
Life cycle that allows you to go back through its stages to modify some parameter or data: Select one or more: Incremental iterative Spiral Cascade with feedback In cascade.
The stage consisting of dividing the general problem into parts with defined functions is: Select one: Programing Execution Analysis Design.
Relate each life cycle model to its main characteristic: In cascade Spiral Incremental evolutionary Cascade with feedback.
Which component is vital for joining files in the generation of the executable? Select one: Linker Compiler Assembler Interpreter.
The set of virtual machine and API is called:.
The technical guide document contains information: Select one or more: For analysts and end users. So that the users of the application know how to use it. So that analysts and developers can maintain the application. For developers and end users to install the application.
Examples of object-oriented languages ​​are: Select one or more: Java language PowerBuilder language C++ language C language.
Having deficiencies in the _____ phase is the main cause of the large percentage of failures in software projects . Select one: Documentation Analysis Design Coding.
The document that culminates the design stage is the ERS . True or false? True False .
At what stages do L-CASE offer help ? Select one or more: Coding Testing Design Analysis.
The virtual machine allows the application to run on any computer. True or false? True False.
Relate each component of a development environment to its main characteristic: Compiler/Interpreter Graphic interface Text editor Debugger.
Relates each environment to the operating systems under which it can be installed: Microsoft Visual Studio NetBeans Anjuta XCode.
Relates each order to the type of action that is obtained during the installation of NetBeans : sudo sudo chmod 755 netbeans …/sudo mv sudo ./netbeans.
Relate each JDK installation order to its corresponding function: sudo mv jdk /usr/local sudo chmod 755 jdk ls /usr/local sudo ./jdk.
What is the name of the change that consists of improving the readability of programs, without altering its functionality? Select one: Refactoring Evolutionary Adaptive Corrective.
What is the name of the first software that was considered the precursor of current IDEs, in the 70s? Select one: Customer Evolutionary MSDOS Master.
What is the process of altering code to improve its readability, without changing its associated functionality, called? Select one: Execution Refactoring Depuration Compilation.
What is adding plugins without leaving the IDE called? Select one: Snapshot Delayed Offline On-line .
Which of the following environments are proprietary? Select one or more: Gambas JCreator C++ Builder Eclipse.
Of the four following functionalities, three of them can be achieved by adding plugins to our environment. Which are? Select one or more: Possibility of importing projects from other programming languages. Program refactoring. Utilities for testing software. Reduction of execution time.
The file named _____ is the main file of a Java application. Select one: java.first java.main include.
The _____ language is considered to be the first to use an IDE. Select one: PHP C++ BASIC JavaScript.
Regarding the removal of plugins , we have two options: Select one or more: Formatting Uninstallation Refactoring Deactivation.
In Linux we can install the environments: Select one or more: NetBeans Visual Studio Gambas Eclipse.
At what point is a program executed? Select one: The time of execution is immaterial. Before debugging the program. Once the program has been corrected, compiled and debugged. Before compiling the program.
Main functions of the text editor in the IDE: Select one or more: Get the applications compiled. Highlight and color code syntax. Propose problem-solving suggestions. Automatic insertion of parentheses and brackets.
The _____ extension is characteristic of projects packaged in Java. Select one: .jar .gaz .java .class.
The extension of the modules and plugins in NetBeans is: Select one: tar.gaz .jar .nmb .nbm.
Which component is responsible for tracking variables at runtime? Select one: Text editor Compiler Debugger Interpreter.
What IDE components allow you to write code? Select one: Text editor Debugger Interpreter Compiler.
What is the so-called manifest file ? Select one: An executable file Special file that identifies a module A manifest file File resulting from the compilation of a program.
Examples of object-oriented languages ​​are: Select one or more: PowerBuilder language C language C++ language Java language.
They are free development environments: Select one or more: Geany JBuilder NetBeans Eclipse.
They are proprietary development environments: Select one or more: Visual Studio NetBeans Xcode Geany.
Having previously installed _____ is essential to be able to install and run NetBeans . Select one: JVM JRE Linux JDK.
The plugin necessary to update plugins online in NetBeans is called Portal Update Center . True or false? True False.
Code refactoring consists of changing the functionality of small statements to increase the performance of the program. True or false? True False .
You always have to compile before running a program. True or false? True False.
You must always have a platform installed to be able to install a development environment. True or false? True False.
One of the options for customizing the environment settings for a Java project is to change the color of the code classes. True or false? True False .
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