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daypo 2 agosto 2019

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daypo 2 agosto 2019

preguntas de ingles

Luis Salazar
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The teacher told my brother not to bring ________cell phone to school. our her his.
A: __________ Maria and Laura good friends? B: Yes, ____________. Are / they are Is / they are Isn´t / they are.
If you don´t know what the word means, you'll have to look it _____ in the dictionary. after up for .
Things are better organized now - we have __________problems than before. less fewer more less.
I´ve been working for this firm for a long time. Finally, I got ___________ . money a salary a promotion.
_______________ you help me with my homework, please? Did Do Can.
__________ name is Mauricio. His The He's.
Someone who plays the guitar is a___________. music guitarrist pianist.
He assured me he was__________ sure where the house was. very rather quite.
I’d like _______________ ice tea. some one any.
Have Tom and Ana heard about Clara’s new job? __________________________ Yes, he have. Yes, they have. Yes, they don't.
Mom! I ___________a mouse in the garden. found founded find.
What’s your _____________________ next week? cancel check in schedule.
Did Mary meet Paul at the conference? __________________________. No, she didn’t Yes, she don’t No, she did.
I’m ________________ and happy! single have a date propose.
Read the passage and choose the correct answer for each question How can women keep a job? They need to contact Susan Richardson They can use a cell phone They can write a good resumé.
What do you _________ "surprise" party? mean meaning say.
The office is___________ Main Street. in on beside.
Laura: OK. Do we need to get a gift, too? Paul: I guess so. Can you go to the ____________? We could take flowers. florist pharmacy department store.
How far is the party store from Ana's house? Not enough information Two blocks Far away.
_______________ was the wedding? What kind What time Why.
What do we know about Ana's flight? She missed her 3:00 a.m. flight She arrived in Argentina at 3:00 in the morning Her flight departed at 3:00 in the morning.
People usually go to Mar del Plata to see_____________. the pictures the oceans the mountains .
My brother and I didn’t go to school yesterday, _________ father took us to the dentist. His Our Their.
When the fire alarm went off, we left the school and ______ outside for the fire brigade to arrive. They only took three minutes. wait will wait waited.
I've never _____________what makes Monday mornings so much harder than any other time of the week. understood understands understand.
My father´s best friend is a __________ worker. He works in a factory. white-collar blue-collar construction.
I __________________ TV when the telephone rang. watched are watching was watching.
I´m sorry but I _______ well today. I need to see my doctor. don´t feel ´m not feeling feel .
Do you know my friend Kelly? No, I´m afraid I don´t Yes, we know We are.
You should always take what Barbara says____________ she’s always exaggerating. with a pinch of salt with some salt with salt.
I wasn't dressed for the occasion. I felt__________ out of place. greatly heavily totally.
What _____________last night? do you do did you do did do.
Mary went to a _______________ to get a magazine. florist video store bookstore.
Sushi is a Japanese food, __________ made with fresh fish. that's who's Where's.
I don’t want __________ mustard. some any a.
Kate knows Luis. Kate knows________________. his him he.
Has Kate told Mr. Arnello about her new job? No, she has. Yes, she has. No, she doesn’t.
The workers at Railroad Village say they are "proud" to offer activities for everyone. What does this mean? They feel good about having something for all ages. They are angry that only children can come to the village. They are sad that they only have activities for adults.
Read the recipe, and choose the correct answer. When should you add the rice to this recipe? Before adding the chicken broth After adding the chicken broth At the same time you add the chicken broth.
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