Defined and undefined articles.

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Defined and undefined articles.

Complete the sentence with the correct option

Arantxa Sánchez
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I didn't stop to talk to you yesterday because I was ..... in hurry in a hurry.
There are 30 students in each group ... on average on the average.
Only when the firefighters arrived did we feel ..... out of the danger out of danger.
....., I feel I have misjudged him. He was only trying to do his best. in a way in the way.
Don't sit there! You are ..... in a way in the way.
He's broken two ribs and every time he breathes he is ..... in pain in a pain.
We managed to sell our flat ..... at profit at a profit.
My mother was ....that the movie was better. under the impression under an impression.
Wolves always howl.... to a full moon to the full moon.
My younger brother wants to the a.
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