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An administrator has been asked to add 200 virtual machines to their existing Nutanix cluster. Which Nutanix product will help them plan for this addition capacity? Beam Prism Pro Era Calm.
An administrator is managing two AHV and vSphere-based clusters. The administrator is able to install a Windows Guest OS from an ISO Image to VMware VMs, but is unable to do the same activity with AHV VMs. What should the administrator do to successfully perform this action with AHV VMs? Verify cluster iSCSI Data Services IP Verify cluster iSCSI Data Services IP Manage Nutanix Guest Tools Change VM settings from BIOS to UEFi.
An administrator recently installed Prism Central to use Categories. After having created Categories and Values, the administrator needs to apply these Categories to multiple workloads. How can the administrator easily perform this task? Create a Playbook to automate the process Choose multiple VMs and select Manage Categories Go to Categories and select the VMs to be added Manage the VMs ownership.
Protection Domains enable administrators to replicate which two items for Disaster Recovery? (Choose two-) Volume Groups Virtual Machines File Shares Disk Images.
An administrator needs to upgrade AOS for a dark site cluster by using Prism. What step needs to be completed prior to performing the upgrade? Extract the AOS binaries to the CVM Manually upload binaries 10 a local http server. Manually upload AOS binaries and metadata Use The LCM dark site option providing AOS binaries.
What are two types of Protection Domains that Nutanix offers for Data Protection? (Choose two.) Metro Availability Snapshots Async DR Consistency Group.
Which Nutanix component can be placed into a third site, in order to assist the primary and secondary sites during a failure event? Backup Server Witness VM Prism Central Controller VM.
An administrator has been asked to investigate performance issues for a business critical application. The application runs on a single VM. What is easiest way for the administrator to begin troubleshooting this issue? On the Analysis page, create an entity chart with all metrics included On the Health page, look for Critical or Warning alerts for the VM. Review the metrics charts on the Prism Element Home page Review the VM Performance tab for the VM in Prism Element.
Which Deduplication technique could be used to increase the effective storage capacity of a cluster? Thin deduplication inline deduplication Near-line deduplication Post-process deduplication.
An administrator wants to deploy a virtual desktop solution on a Nutanix cluster and wants to use the existing production network segment. Due to security concerns, DHCP traffic is blocked on the upstream network switch. How should the administrator proceed? . Enable IPAM and configure an IP Address Pool Enable Nutanix Flow Enable DHCP on the TOR Switches Install and configure third-party DHCP Software.
Prism Central is managing two clusters, one AHV-based and one vSphere-based vSphere cluster using a stored Prism image, without success. Why is the administrator experiencing this issue? The Image Service applies only to AHV clusters. The Virtual Hardware in the image does not match the vSphere version. The template image needs to be converted to a VM. The template image has not been uploaded to the vSphere cluster.
An administrator has recently added two nodes to an existing three-node vSphere-based Nutanix cluster. After adding the nodes to the cluster, the administrator tries to migrate a few VMs to the new nodes, but found that no datastore exist on these new nodes yet . What action should the administrator take to resolve this issue? Click Mount on all ESXi hosts on containers Configure iSCSl Software Adapter on hosts Configure the firewall to allow NFS datastore access Add the host IP addresses to cluster whitelists.
An administrator is concerned that a VM on a hybrid cluster with 8GB RAM and 4 vCPUs is performing poorly. An analysis of the VM indicates that CPU utilization is at 50%. Memory utilization is at 30%. and disk latency is at 18ms. What can the administrator do to improve performance Add2xvCPU Add 4GB RAM Increase vDisksize Enable Flash Mode/ Enable Flash tier.
What Nutanix product provides multi-cloud cost and security governance? Era Leap Beam Flow.
An administrator completed a successful AOS upgrade, but saw the following alert the following day: Detected incompatible AHV version What is most likely causing this alert? The upgraded AOS version is incompatible with AHV AHV was upgraded manually prior to AOS upgrade AHV is not at the version that carte with the upgraded AOS. NCC version is not compatible with the current AHV version.
Which two Nutanix features offer the ability to restore a VM? (Choose two.) Data Protection Nutanix Leap Nutanix Flow Site Recovery Manager.
A developer requests that a VM connects to a block device from an older ISCSI disk array, in order to support an application being transitioned to Nutanix. What should the Nutanix administrator do to complete this task? Use Flits to map a network drive letter. Add the VM to the whitelist to allow it to access the block device. Use Volumes to add the device as a drive letter. Add the array to the whitelist to access the storage container directly.
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator reviews the error in the exhibit then examines the state of the cluster. The administrator finds that the AHV host is up and functional, but the cluster capacity is low. What will happen to the VMs on the host with this Controller VM? They will reboot onto other nodes in the cluster. They will shut down and be orphaned on the host. They will remain on the current host. They will be shut down unless protected by a Protection Policy.
ive Directory service?. IT has been hesitant to. An administrator has a physical server that provides Act virtualize it due to its mission critical nature. What can the administrator do to ensure that Active Directory experiences the least downtime when hosted on Nutanix? Mark the VM as an Agent VM. Configure Runbook to power on the VM first. Turn off IPAM for the VM's VLAN. Turn off Live Migration for the VM.
Refer to the exhibit. The reference exhibit above is from a newly-created VM. When the administrator powers on the VM. GuestOS installation is not happening. What is causing this issue? Network boot is happening The GuestOS installer is corrupted The SCSI disk is corrupted GuestOS installer is not loaded in the CD-ROM.
An administrator wants to make sure there are enough compute resources within the AHV-based Nutanix cluster during any maintenance operations or a node failure. What configuration should the administrator change to achieve this task? Enable Degraded Node Detection Enable HA Reservation Reserve 33% CPU and 33% memory Set virtual machine affinity rules.
An administrator has moved several workloads from a legacy vSphere virtual infrastructure to a modern Nutanix AHV cluster. After performing this action the administrator realizes they are missing vCenter inventories that would be used to classify the VMs by specific prefixes. What is the fastest way in Prism Central to group VMs with the specified criteria? Fitters Categories Projects Analysis.
Which two Protection Domain features require a configured schedule of less than 15 minutes? (Choose two.) Metro Availability DR Synchronous DR Asynchronous DR NearSyncRD.
Which component allows you to pair sites for Disaster Recovery Policy Creation using Nutanix Leap? Protection Policies Protection Domains Recovery Plan Availability Zones.
A mission critical application with four VMs have been deployed inside of a six-node Nutanix cluster. An alert is generated that a node in the cluster has failed and is no longer online. After the alert, two of the VMs reboot and come back online on another node. Which feature, when configured, would have prevented the two VMs from rebooting? Host Anti-Affinity VM High Availability Host Affinity Protection Domain.
What is required to schedule VM snapshots? Categories Consistency Group Volume Group Protection Domain.
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator has created a new Windows VM and given it to the user. The user states that only the C drive mapping is visible within the Windows OS. What is causing this issue? The user has not formatted and assigned drive letters to the additional disks. The additional disks have not been formatted as ExFAT in Prism Central. The administrator has not run the dd command line community utility. The additional disks were formatted as NTFS in Prism Central.
An administrator has received the error shown in the exhibit. Which two steps should the administrator take, in preparation for opening a Nutanix support ticket? (Choose two.) Get the Block Serial Number from the Hardware Page Get the Node Serial Number from IPMI Get the DIMM Slot Number from the node BIOS Get the AOS version from the Settings Page.
What is indicated by the yellow area of the chart? Normal utilization Critical alerts Warning alerts Abnormal utilization.
An administrator is looking to store a large amount of unstructured data with capabilities to set up a retention policy. Which Nutanix product meets this requirement? Mint Piles Storage Container Objects.
What happens when an HDD fails within a Nutanix cluster? Data is reprotected automatically Data is unavailable until disk is replaced Data is lost and must be recovered Data is rebuilt to a hot spare disk.
new Project is being rolled out to an AHV cluster being monitored by Prism Central. The applications team indicates that the application managed by the project is very memory intensive. The administrator wants to be notified about any memory constraints, should they occur. How would an administrator most effectively achieve this task Search for the VM, then in the Details page go to metrics and select CPU Usage. Create a new Metric chart for the cluster, and analyze Hypervisor Memory Usage. Create a Report to tracking the Memory Usage. Create a new Alert Policy for Memory Usage and set to Critical after 80%.
An administrator with an AHV cluster notices that time/date stamps in logs for some VMs are not correct. After investigating, the administrator finds that many of their user VMs are set to UTC. What two methods can be used to resolve the issue? (Choose two.) Configure NTP within Prism. Configure the VMs time zone inside each guest VM. Configure the time zone for each VM using Prism. Configure NTP inside each guest VM.
An administrator needs to have a view of current workloads sorted by vCPU count. What should the administrator do to achieve this task? Create a New Dashboard adding the VMs widget Use the Group function in prism Central Create a new Analysis in Prism Element Export the VM list in CSV and use an external tool.
An administrator has created a new VM, but when accessing the console to monitor the guest install, the administrator sees the error shown in the exhibit What is the likely cause of this issue? The installation media was not mounted. The wrong type of disk was specified. The boot order is incorrectly configured. The Nuianix VirtlO driver (SO was not mounted.
An administrator wants to copy some virtual machine disk files to ADSF from an external VMware ESXi host. Which two actions should the administrator take to complete this task? (Choose two.) Mount container as NFS on external host Configure Volume Group Enable CHAP on Volume Group Configure whitelist on container.
An application vendor had provided a VHD disk for their pre-configured virtual machine. A Nutanix cluster administrator imported that VHD disk into Image Configuration,but the disk does not list while using Clone from Image Service Before uploading the vDisk again, which two actions should the administrator perform? (Choose two.) Convert VHD to QCOW before uploading Verify correct container is selected Verify the Image is as type Disk Verify the Image is Active.
An administrator has five VMs running on AHV. After creating a new VM and attaching a NIC to the Network Name as shown in the exhibit, the new VM is not able to ping its gateway. The other five VMs are able to successfully communicate with the gateway using the came Network Name. Which statement would explain why the new VM would not be able to ping its gateway? Each VM needs its own Network Name The IP address on the new VM is in the wrong subnet The Network Name is assigned the wrong VLAN ID You can only have five VMs per Network Name.
An administrator notices that the Data Resiliency Status of some components has been reduced to 0. making it impossible to support a node failure in the cluster. What failed component caused this issue? CVM Disk Node Block.
After adding a remote site cluster, an administrator must map which two entities? (Choose two.) Networks Virtual Machines Consistency Groups VStores.
What is the minimum RPO supported for a single-node or two-node cluster? 15 minute 6 hours 5 hours 1 hour.
How can an administrator access a Windows VM running on a Nutanix cluster if it is unreachable via ping? Connect using Xi Frame Open a Virtual Console through Prism Central Connect using RDP Open a Virtual Console through Prism Element.
An administrator wants to ensure that a particular VM starts before any other VM in the environment after performing maintenance. How can the administrator achieve this? (Choose two) Mark the VM as a High Priority VM in Prism Central Mark the VM for Host Affinity in Prism Element Mark the VM as an Agent VM in Prism Element Mark the VM as a High Priority VM in Prism Element.
An administrator has recently added two additional nodes to an existing three-node Nutanix cluster, which hosts critical business application VMs. The administrator will tolerate losing up to two nodes simultaneously within the cluster. Which two actions are required to achieve this with minimum effort? (Choose two.) Modify cluster to RF3 Migrate VMs to new RF3 container Convert container to RF3 Create a new RF3 container.
Based on the exhibit what can be definitively determined about Host DEMO-AHV-2' it has performed more on-disk lookups than the other nodes. It's cache is undersized compared to the other nodes. The system memory is undersized. It is hosting a higher quantity of VMs than the other nodes.
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