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Diagnostic Test

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Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic test for 3rd graders hsbs


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The Treasure Hunt Joe looked for things on his treasure hunt list. He had already found a pinecone under a tree. There were still four more things that he needed to find. He found a carrot in the garden and crossed it off the list. Then he found a flower next to the sidewalk and crossed it off too. Next, he found a rock on the porch and crossed it off. There was only one thing left on the list. Joe ran into the house and opened the refrigerator. Then he opened the fruit drawer. He took out an apple. He crossed the last thing off the list. .
“Cool” Clothes Did you know that the color of your clothes can make a difference in how cool you stay? It is true, at least when you are outdoors on a sunny day. You see, color soaks in sunlight, which then becomes heat. If you wear a black shirt, that shirt will soak in much light. The warm shirt will make your body become warmer. On the other hand, a white shirt will keep your body cooler. This is because a white shirt has no color to soak in the heat. Instead, the shirt turns away sunlight. The light bounces off of the shirt. This means that less heat reaches your body. So the rule is, the darker a shirt is, the warmer you are likely to feel. The lighter a shirt is, the cooler you are likely to feel. Now you know why people often wear light colored clothing in the summer and darker clothing in the winter! Choose the letter that is the answer for the questions. What does the picture add to the information in the passage? It shows how hot it gets on a sunny day It shows how clothing soaks up light It shows an example of an outfit to help you stay cool It shows the difference between summer and winter.
What is a result of wearing a white shirt on a sunny day? Your body becomes warmer More light reaches your body Your body becomes sweaty Less heat reaches your body.
What is the meaning of the phrase BOUNCES OFFin paragraph 3? spreads through changes to turns away hides from.
What is the author’s purpose in the passage? to compare different ways of making shirts to explain what happens when wearing different colored clothes to describe which clothes are best to wear indoors to give rules about how people should dress.
Read this sentence about the passage. --Yesterday, I ________ a shortsleeved shirt. Which word makes this sentence correct? weared worn wore wored.
--The sun feels ________ in the summer than it feels in the winter. Which word makes this sentence correct? hot hotter hottest hotly.
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