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A customer has installed a D3940 storage module in an existing Synergy frame. However, none of the compute modules can access the shared storage. What is the problem ? A.The I/O modules have not been initialized in the composer B.The storage module has not been initialized in the composer C.There are no fibre channel modules installed in bays 1 and 4 D.There are no SAS modules installed in bays 1 and 4.
While preparing to implement a Synergy solution, you notice the uplinks are all rated at 10Gb/s and consume four of the HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module ports. They want to maximize free ports for future growth. Which change would improve the design and increase customer satisfaction ? A.Use a MPO to Quad LC splitter cable in place of the SFP+ DAC cables. B.Use a QSFP+ AOC, and remove the SFP+ DAC cables and QSFP+ to SFP+ adapters. C.Use a QSFP+ DAC splitter cable, and remove the SFP+ DAC cables and QSFP+ to SFP+ adapters. D.Use a QSFP+ transceiver and AOC in place of the SFP+ DAC cables.
A customer is expanding their blade based infrastructure with HPE Synergy platform. The customer is familiar with HPE Virtual Connect Manager and wants to know if the same management procedures can be used to manage HPE Synergy platform. How should you answer the customer's concern ? HPE Synergy can be managed by HPE Composer, which is running an embedded version of the HPE OneView. HPE Synergy can be managed using Virtual Connect Manager as long as an additional license is purchased HPE Synergy must be managed with HPE Systems Insight Manager HPE Synergy supports Virtual Connect modules, so it can be managed using Virtual Connect Manager.
A customer plans to replace their c7000 equipment with Synergy. What is the most important thing to consider about installing Synergy in the existing rack environment ? A Synergy composer requires 2 additional rack units. A Synergy frame is physically deeper than a c7000. A Synergy frame is taller than the 10U required for a c7000. A Synergy frame requires more power feeds than a c7000.
One of the DL380 Gen10 servers in your infrastructure has failed to boot after a 3rd party PCIe NIC was installed. What is the most likely cause of the issue ? HPE does not allow 3rd party PCIe cards The ILO interface did not have a correct IP address provided from DHCP The latest Support Pack for ProLiant must be used before accessing ant additional 3rd party products in the server The manufacturer did not digitally sign the correct firmware and HPE Secure Boot halted the process.
A customer needs a VDI solution. The amount of compute per U of rack space will be a key point in their final solution selection. Which HPE product would be an ideal solution as part of your RFP response ? HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 HPE DL580 Gen10 HPE SY480 Gen10.
What is required to implement Core Boosting ? (Select two) HPE Apollo HPE Cloudline HPE Synergy iLO5 Advanced y ProLiant Gen10.
A solution architect wants to verify compatibility between a CNA and a 3PAR system. The Solution Architect is looking for a reference material on SAN components, configuration support, and best practices. What should you use ? Brocade Network Advisor (BNA) HPE OneView Deployment and Management Guide HPE Storage Sizer Single Point of Configuration Knowledge (SPOCK).
Your customer is building out their own object-based storage solution. They initially developed the object store using DL380 Gen9 servers but are now looking for a solution that is purpose built to provide the additional storage. Which solution should you recommend ? A.Apollo 4510 Gen10 B.DL560 Gen10 C.DL580 Gen10 D.ML350 Gen10.
A customer is running an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) application that requires high-speed access to the application files with a minimal latency. Which internal storage technology offers highest performance ? A. M.2 SATA B. NVMe SSD C. SAS SSD D. SATA SSD.
A customer is considering installing a Synergy frame in an existing rack where their c7000 chassis is currently installed. Which question should you ask to ensure the new frame will be supported in the rack? A. Are there any third party servers installed? B. How deep is the existing rack? C.How wide is the existing rack? D. Is there a UPS installed in the rack?.
A customer has a ProLiant DL based Gen10 server solution hosting an I/O intensive 2TB database. The customer needs to dramatically increase the performance of their existing system. Which solution will provide the maximum performance possible for their application ? A. Install DD4 Smart Memory B. Install HPE Scalable Persistent Memory C. Move the OS to an M.2 SSD drive. D. Upgrade the current processor to a Xeon-Platinium.
A hospital has an HPE ProLiant environment consisting of G7 and Gen8 servers. They have a new regulatory requirement to improve security of the management interface. What should the customer do to meet their requirements ? A. Combine data and networks in DMZ. B.Install iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition licenses. C. Integrate iLOs with Active Directory. D. Upgrade the networks cards to ones that support TLS 1.2.
A customer has a two frame Synergy setup with two Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules and two 20Gb Interconnect Link Module interconnect modules. The customer needs to expand into a third frame. Which interconnect modules should be used to extend the logical enclosure ? A. 1 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules and 1 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules B. 2 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules C. 2 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules D. 4 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules.
Match each Synergy component with the description of the functionality it provides. Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Frame Link Module Composer Image Streamer.
A customer needs to install Red Hat 7.2 on a few DL380 Gen10 systems. Which tool should be used for this deployment ? A.Image Streamer B.Insight Control server provisionning (ICsp) C.Intelligent Provisionning D. OneView.
A customer has adopted the RESTful API standard for managing an HPE servers infrastructure. They need to have a single location to monitor all Synergy and BladeSystem resources. Which HPE solution accomplishes this task ? A. HPE Global Dashboard B. HPE Intelligent Provisioning C. HPE OneView D.HPE Systems Insight Manager.
You are developing a proposal for a new HPE customer that is concerned about managing mixed server vendors in their environment. Which feature should you highlight in your proposal to address the customer's concern? A. Intelligent Provisioning B. OneView RESTful API C. Redfish API D. System Management Homepage.
A customer is designing an infrastructure and plans to host multiple tenants in the environment. The customer needs several thousand network segments to be used on a single physical network. Which solution should the customer use? A.Data Center Bridging B.Overlay networks C.Remote Direct Memory Access D. Virtual Connect FlexFabric.
A customer wants to implement HPE Synergy with 20Gb connectivity. What should an architect emphasize during a meeting with this customer? A.20Gb connectivity will require additional licenses applied to the downlink ports. B.A Composer must be installed in each frame. A maximum of 3 frames can be stacked together when 20Gb connectivity is required. SAS connectivity will be supported only on third fabric.
Which product automatically generates reports on collected lifecycle management events ? A.HPE OneView B.HPE OneView Global Dashboard C.Insight Control D.Insight Online.
A customer has seven HPE ProLiant servers. They need to reduce time to problem resolution. Which HPE service should you recommend ? A.Insight Online Direct Connect B. Insight Remote Support Central Connect C.Insight SW Ops and Performance Review D. OneView Log Insight.
A customer recently purchased HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, but finds that their application does not appear to benefit from the newest Xeon processors. Which features should be configured in the BIOS to overcome this issue ? A. High Precision Event Timer B.iLO CNSA Mode C.Server Profile Templates D. Workload Profiles.
Where can you find customer-ready HPE content to describe the benefits of a solution you are recommending ? A.HPE OneConfig Advanced B.HPE Proposal Web C.HPE Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge D.HPE Synergy Planning Tool.
A customer uses VLANs for tenant network separation. However, they are not satisfied with the scalability limits of the setup. Which networking technology will help the service provider to overcome these performance limits ? center bridging (DCB) virtualization generic routing encapsulation (NVGRE) C.RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) D.remote direct memory access (RDMA).
What must a customer consider when adding an uplink set to a Logical Interconnect Group ? (Select two.) A.Additional Logical Interconnects will need to be created B.Logical Interconnects will automatically be restarted C.Logical Interconnects will need to be restarted. D. Logical Interconnects will need to be updated from the group E. The associated Logical Interconnects will be flagged as inconsistent.
A customer uses VLANs in their network. They recently acquired another company and need to extend the number of VLANs to 7400 to accommodate the growth. What should you advise ? A.Edit the /etc/network/config file, and set VLAN_LIMIT=7401 B.Implement an IPv6 only environment. C.Transition to a VXLAN or NVGRE network configuration. D.Upgrade the NICs to models that support RoCE.
Which iLO 5 feature allows a customer to directly, physically connect to a ProLiant server to troubleshoot issues ? A.iLO Amplifier Pack B.iLO Federation C.iLO mobile app D.iLO Service Port.
You are configuring a new server for a customer. The customer has given you the following information regarding their environment : - 2 processors with 22 cores - 256GB RAM - 600GB of usable internal storage - 10Gb network, dual connections - iLO Advanced - 3 years of 7x24 basic support Which additional information do you need to determine the best option for internal storage ? A.Does the application require a large memory footprint ? B.Does the application require RoCE capable adapters ? C.Is the application workload sensitive to I/O latency ? D.Will a Fibre Channel card be required ?.
Match each HPE technology solution to the customer's business need that it can fulfill. HPE SIMPLIVITY HPE SB300c Tape Blade HPE D2220sb Storage Blade HPE ConvergedSystems 500.
Match the use case to the management component they should use HPE Synergy Composer HPE Apollo Platform Manager HPE Intelligent Power Distribution Unit HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility.
A customer needs a synergy solution using Image Streamer in a production environment. What is the minimum number of synergy frames needed for this solution ? 1 2 3 4.
A customer wants to highly available storage inside HPE Synergy that is composable via OneView and also accessible outside to the enclosure to a DR site on another location. Which product fits the customer's needs? HPE 3PAR StoreServ HPE StoreVirtual VSA SEPH SUSE VMare vSAN.
What are features of the HPE Synergy Planning Tool? (Select two.) It aids configuration of rack, Frames, compute, storage, fabric and power. It creates a REST configuration file based on configuration created. It provides estimated power consumption and weights of the solution It recommends the best top-of-rack switch. It runs on the Partner Ready Portal.
While installing a three frame Synergy solution, only two of the frames are identified during the discovery process. What should you do to get resolution ? Issue a refresh command to the enclosure. Open the front panel of the Composer, and read the error message. Remove and re-insert the standby Composer. Validate Frame Link Module topology.
Your customers needs to provide an automated, energy-aware environment that will automatically track power usage and document configurations. A. Intelligent Power Discovery B. Intelligent System Tunning C. Smart Storage Battery D. Thermal Discovery Services.
A customer is considering deploying a significant number of HPE BladeSystem Gen10 servers with an HPE 3PAR Storage solution for a new cloud solution. You propose HPE OneView as the management platform. Which HPE OneView feature should you emphasize during conversations with the customer ? A. operating system deployment through Image Streamer B. patch deployment for operating system and storage components C. servers and storage firmware upgrades D. volume presentation from the 3Par and automated zoning.
A customer needs to migrate their current c7000 network and Fibre Channel infrastructure to a converged network. Which interconnect module should the customer use? A. HPE 8Gb Fibre Channel pass-through B. HPE 16Gb/24-port Fibre Channel switch C. HPE Flex10 D. HPE FlexFabric 20/40 F8.
A customer has c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect 20/40 F8 Interconnect modules providing Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity. They are starting a proof of concept (PoC) to evaluate using Synergy with the HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect module as the next generation infrastructure. Which additional component is required to enable the proof of concept solution to match the connectivity functionality of the current solution ? A. a Fibre Channel license B. iLO Advanced Premium Security C. Image Streamer D. OneView Advanced.
A customer needs to update the system BIOS on their DL380 Gen10. They are unable to download the latest Service Pack for ProLiant. What is the most likely cause of the problem? An ILO5 Advanced Premium Security Edition license has not been installed. Embedded remote support is not enabled on that server The maximum number of servers supported by the agreement has been exceeded. There is no valid SAID contract associated with their HPE passport.
A customer is experiencing high disk latency in an Apollo r2200 Gen9 SFF system. They want to upgrade performance with new units. Which servers in the Apollo line will be increase performance while maintaining similar architecture? (Select two.) Apollo 4510 Gen10 Apollo 6000 Gen10 Apollo r2200 Gen10 Apollo r2600 Gen10 Apollo r2800 Gen10.
A customer has thousands of ProLiant and Apollo servers in their datacenter. The customer needs a tool that will help them with firmware and drivers updates. Which iLO Amplifier Pack feature should you emphasize during a conversation with this customer ? firmware management for Integrity servers integration with System Center and vCenter Server support for 3Par and StoreVirtual support for iLO Federation.
A customer is planning a new virtualization project and requests assistance with preparing a proposal for his management team. Which financial information can be generated using the Alinean toolset ? (Select two) bill of materials cash flow licensing costs payback period roles and responsibilities.
A customer exceeded the number of available VLANs on their network. To resolve this issue, they enabled VXLAN. They inquire about upgrading their servers with the FlexFabric 560 series NIC after this change. What is the benefit of tunnel offload ? decreases CPU load caused by VXLAN decreases memory load caused by VXLAN supports data deduplication when VXLAN is enabled supports data inflight encryption when VXLAN is enabled.
A health care customer is running out of space in their small on-site data center. They need a solution for their next generation infrastructure for their hospital and clinics : - proposed infrastructure needs the ability to run ESXi 6.5 with around 100 medium sized VMs - customer has five remote clinics - each clinic needs to be able to run approximately 10 VM's locally - all of the VM's in the clinics need to be fully backed up every night What is the most appropriate solution to lead with ? HPE Apollo AR4200 HPE DL380 Gen10 HPE Simplivity 380 Gen10 HPE Synergy populated with SY480 Gen10 compute.
Match the HPE management tool to the customer situation. (Each customer situation may be used more than once or not all all.) Built in tools managing single systems Cloud-based tools to manage multiple systems Customer site tools to manage multiple systems.
A customer wants to use the automated zoning feature of HPE OneView. A customer complains that this functionnality does not work, even if 3PAR and CPGs are added to HPE OneView. Which other steps must be performed before automated zoning can be used ? (Select two.) Activate WBEM Providers on supported 3Par arrays Add the supported SAN Manager to HPE OneView Apply extended FC licenses to Virtual Connect downlink ports using HPE OneView. Associate managed SANs with a FC or FCoE network. Enable Data Center Bridging functionality on VC modules.
A customer is installing multiple racks of DL380 Gen10 servers in a datacenter. They need to configure each one with identical BIOS settings. Which tools are available to solve the situation ? (Select two.) BIOS RESTful API HPE Active Health System HPE ICsp HPE Intelligent Provisioning HPE Smart Update Manager .
A customer is planning an expansion and they are considering iLO Amplifier as their future firmware management tool. They need to plan their budget and learn which additional licenses will be required. What is the minimum license that will meet this customer's upgrade path needs? iLO Advanced license iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition Insight Cluster Management Utility license Insight Control server provisioning license.
A customer plans to expand in the future to an HPE Synergy installation with SAS connectivity. What should you explain to the customer regarding SAS connectivity ? External storage devices can be connected to the SAS Synergy switchs only if they were installed prior Composer configuration. It will be not possible to add SAS connectivity to the existing environment if the logical enclosure is configured. SAS connectivity is supported only in the first fabric, so it should not be used for any other connections. SAS connectivity will require additional licenses.
A customer needs a server that : - support their in-memory database - is oriented towards business critical workloads Which questions should you ask before you make a recommendation ? (Select two.) How important is it for the server to support ASHRAE A3/A4 standards ? How many cores are required to optimize the application ? How much memory will the application require ? How will the datacenter provide backup power in the event of failure ? How will the operating systems and application be deployed ?.
Your customer boots to the HPE Smart Scripting toolkit via PXE to automatically configure their new systems. They are moving to a new data center which has a policy that PXE boot will not be allowed in the environment. What is the closest alternative to use when deploying Gen10 in their data center? HTTP/HTTPS Boot to the Smart Scripting Toolkit iLO Federation running the Smart Scripting Toolkit scripts iLO RESTfull API running the Smart Scripting Toolkit scripts. Insight Control server provisionning running the Smart Scripting Toolkit scripts in a build plan.
A customer needs a new high frequency trading cluster. Their current cluster has nondeterministic performance and undesirable latency. Because high frequency trades are extremely time-sensitive transactions, the customer cannot tolerate the microseconds of delay that can randomly occur on their current cluster. Which iLO 5 Gen10 feature can you propose to address this technical requirement ? Jitter Smoothing NVMe Drives Persistent Memory Turbo Cores.
A customer needs a solution to support Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and database workloads. Which Gen10 technology would optimize the environment for the customer ? OneView REST API Silicon Root of Trust Workload profiles.
You have a customer who has thousands of ProLiant servers spanning Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 across multiple server models (Rack, Tower, Blade, Apollo) all licensed with iLO Advanced. The customer needs an effective way to inventory and update the firmware across the environment. Which tool should you recommend? iLO Amplifier Pack Intelligent Provisionning OneView SUM (System Update Manager).
You prepared a proposal for a customer that plans to deploy Hyper-V clusters that include network adapters with RoCE support. The customer would like to know why this specific adapter was included in the proposal. RoCE adapters are the only adapters certified to use in Hyper-V based cluster RoCE adapters can use 100Gb/s speed for internal virtual machine migrations RoCE adapters offer Secure Encryption functionality that can help to secure migration traffic RoCE adapters will improve performance for live migration and Microsoft SMB Direct environments.
Which options does a customer have for managing a datacenter with HPE Smart Update Tools? (Select two.) Full functionality with HPE Systems Insight Manager HPE Insight Control server provisionning HPE OneView Advanced for full infrastructure management iLO Amplifier Pack for leveraging iLO Federation Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) automatic downloads from
A customer has an existing Hadoop installation built on DL380 Gen9 24SFF servers. You need to review their existing installation and provide recommendations on how to achieve their stated storage density goal of over 5PB per server cabinet. Which HPE solution should you recommend ? HPE Apollo 4510 HPE Apollo 6500 HPE DL580 Gen10 HPE ML350 Gen10.
A customer that runs a database server needs high speed to access database files. Which internal storage technology offers the best performance ? NVMe SAS HDD SAS Nearline SATA HDD.
A customer asks for a network technology that will maximize throughput and minimize latency and CPU utilization across servers using SMB Direct and 10Gb Ethernet. Which technology should you propose ? InfiniBand RDMA TCP/IP Offload Engine virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN).
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