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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEEconomic activities and geographical spaces

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Economic activities and geographical spaces

Geography and History - 3º ESO Bilingual


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Economic activitiy is the combination of tasks undertaken by people in order to obtain the goods requiered to meet their needs. True False.
Economic activitiy is the combination of tasks undertaken by people in order to obtain the goods requiered to meet their needs. Primary, secondary and terciary sector. Production, Distribution and consumption. Food, clouthing and housing. Labour, Technology and Capital.
Businesses are the basic units for consumption of economic goods. True False.
There are various types of businesses. They are often grouped according to: Only size Size, capital ownership and size Only social organisation Size, capital ownership and social organisation.
Choose the correct translation that corresponds to GDP which in Spanish is PIB. Producto Interior Bruto Proporción indirecta Básica Producto Internacional Bruto Proyección Interior Básica.
Choose the correct name for this acronym: GDP Great Production Department Gross Domestic Product General Dinamic Product Good Department Production.
Families are the basic units of consumption. Their function is to spend money on the acquisition with the aim of satisfysing their needs True False.
The State is a unit of production and distribution. True False.
Are all of these production factors? If so, choose the last option. If not, choose the different ones. Natural resources Capital Technology Labour Yes, they are.
The labour force participation rate is the percentage of the active population in relation to the total population. True False.
Which problem worsened during the economic crisis in 2008 and it is said it will be a problem because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Natural resources exhaustion Unemployment Social distancing Climate change.
Choose the correct name for this acronym: ILO Influence Labour Order Intern Law Organisation International Labour Organisation Inner Low Organisation.
Economic systems are the different ways of organising and undertaken economic activity. True False.
In the capitalist system, economic activity is regulated by... The market The State The State and businesses The workers.
Mixed economic systems combine a market economy with greater or lesser State economic intervention. True False.
The causes of globalisation are the advances in telecomunications and the improvements to means of transport. True False.
Choose the correct name for this acronym: WTO. World Trade Organisation World Transport Organisation Wide Trade Order Wide Transit Order.
Choose the correct name for this acronym: WHO Work High Organisation World Health Organisation Work Health Order World Heat Organisation.
There are two types of goods: material or immaterial. Match every one of these goods with their right category Education Transport House Car Clothes Food Drugs Health care Tourism Trade.
Economic activity covers a large range of activities. These are usually grouped into three economic sectors, which are ranges of activities with a number of shared features. Match every economic activity with their economic sector. Primary Sector Second Sector Tertiary Sector.
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