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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEElementary Achievement test 1 (Units 1–3)

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Elementary Achievement test 1 (Units 1–3)



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Listening 1 Recording 1 Listen to six conversations and tick the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 What time does Jim get up? 6.30 | 7.00 | a) b) c)  2 What time does Jim leave home? 9.15 | 8.15 | 7.00 a) b) c) 3 How much is a return ticket to Oxford? £14 | £35 | £40 a) b) c) 4 Which platform does the train leave 13 | 30 | 14 from? a) b) c) 5 How many sisters does Julie have? 4 | 3 | 2 a) b) c) 6 How many children has Anna’s sister got? 4 | 3 | 2 a) b) c) 7 What time is Katie’s meeting? 12.1 | 1.15 | 12.3 a) b) c) 8 What time can Kate meet Bob? 12.1 | 1.15 | 12.3 a) b) c) 9 Where does Jack work? Spain | Franc | Italy a) b) c) 10 How much is the small pack of batteries? £5.60 | £7.14 | £7.40 a) b) c).
2 Recording 2 Listen and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 Camilla a) teaches Spanish. b) _studies English._ c) works in an office. 2 Camilla says that a) the classroom is beautiful. b) the teachers are wonderful. c) the other students are unfriendly. 3) Camilla a) has six hours of lessons a day. b) gets six hours of homework a day. c) has six classes every day. 4) Joe a) is free on Friday. b) wants to meet on Saturday. c) isn’t free on Sunday. 5) Camilla and Joe plan to a) go to the cinema. b) have lunch in a café. c) meet for coffee. 6) Jimmy’s is a) beside Calypso Heaven. b) on Green Street. c) on South Street. 7) Camilla and Joe plan to meet a) in the evening. b) on Saturday morning. c) at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.
Grammar 3 Write the questions and answers in the correct order. 1 A: your / what’s / job? __What’s your job?__ B: a / assistant / I’m / personal __I’m a personal assistant.__ 2 A: he / from / is / Spain? _________________________ B: no, / is / from / Portugal / he _________________________ 3 A: these / your / are / bags? _________________________ B: yes, / mine / they’re _________________________ 4 A: come / the / does / Ash / from / USA? _________________________ B: no, / from / comes / she / Canada _________________________ 5 A: any / have / children / you / got? _________________________ B: yes, / got / two / have / daughters / I _________________________ 6 A: usually / is / Maria / late? _________________________ B: no, / late / ever / is / she / hardly _________________________.
4 Underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 My father an accountant. a) are b) _is_ c) am 2 Nik and Paola _____ at university in France. a) am b) is c) are 3 Excuse me, _____ my coat. a) these are b) that’s c) those are 4 We _____ swimming every day. a) go b) do c) play 5 I _____ at 6 o’clock every morning. a) get b) get up c) starts 6) Jim likes tennis but he _____ football. a) isn’t like b) likes c) doesn’t like 7 She _____ hard and gets good marks. a) study b) studies c) work 8 How many cars _____ they got? a) have b) has c) hasn’t 9 He _____ any sisters but he’s got a brother. a) haven’t b) has got c) hasn’t got 10 We ______ see each other. We’re too busy. a) usually b) often c) never 11 I like laughing but _____ I’m really serious. a) always b) sometimes c) never.
Vocabulary 5 Write the words in brackets. 1 Are you Mexican? – No, I’m __Peruvian__ (neurvipa). 2 Alex is ________ (cfhner), not Italian. 3 My sister has a big red ______ (uesrp). She puts all her coins in it. 4 Her uncle is ______ a (somsarpnt) and plays rugby for his country. 5 Do you usually have ______ (rbfakaset) in the morning? 6 Matt is a _______ (hfce). He often works late at the restaurant. 7 Rachel has a _______ (adgrueth) and two sons. 8 I like talking to my grandmother. It’s always really _______ (gninieterts) listening to her stories.
6 Write the correct word for each gap. 1 Kwon is Korean. He’s from K o r e a. 2 I am from Poland. I’m P______ . 3 Do you have your passport or i______ c______ with you? 4 Don’t eat j_____ f______ . It’s bad for you. 5 Sally is a s______ a______ and sells clothes in Moko. 6 It’s not half past six, it’s q_______ past 7 I have got two nephews and six n_______. 8 He’s very t______ and always has lots to say.
7 Match verbs 1–7 with phrases a)–g). 1 buy _b_ a) school, your homework 2 listen to ____ b) a return ticket, lunch 3 go to ____ c) a coffee, fun 4 have ____ d) late, at 7a.m. 5 get up ____ e) bed, work 6 finish ____ f) music, your teacher 7 do ____ g) some sport, exercise.
Function 8 Underline the best response, a), b) or c). 1 Hi, how are you? a) I’m Bruno. b) _Great, thanks._ c) And you? 2 Can I have an orange juice, please? a) Thank you. b) Yes, here you are. c) How much is it? 3 Thank you. Have a good day! a) No problem. b) Of course. c) Thanks. You too. 4 What time does it open? a) On three. b) Nice to meet you. c) At nine. 5 How about going to the cinema tomorrow? a) See you there. b) Oh, what time does it start? c) Sounds good. What’s on? 6 Can I help you? a) Here you are. b) No, thanks. I’m just looking. c) What size are you? 7 Could you repeat that, please? a) Yes, of course. b) No, thanks. c) Yes, please. 8 Where’s the film on? a) At 6.30. b) It’s £6.50. c) At the ABC. .
9 Complete the conversation for speaker A with sentences a)–i). A: 1 _a_ B: Oh, hi. How are you doing? A: 2 ___ B: I’m good, thanks. Are you free tomorrow night? A: 3 ___ B: Would you like to go to the cinema with me? A: 4 ____ B: There’s a new X-men film on. A: 5 ____ B: At the Metro Cinema in Queen’s Street. A: 6 ____ B: Let me check. It’s on at six thirty or eight o’clock. What time’s good for you? A: 7 ___ B: Right. How about meeting at six fifteen outside the cinema? A: 8 ___ B: Great! See you there then. A: 9 ___ B: Bye. a) Hi Victoria. It’s Tim. b) OK, what time does it start? c) Great, thanks. And you? d) Sounds good. Where’s it showing? e) Yes, that’s fine. f) No, but I am on Saturday. g) OK. Bye. h) Yes, that sounds good. What’s on? i) Well, I finish work at five thirty. So six thirty is good for me. .
Reading 10 Read the article and complete the gaps with questions a)–f). The One-Minute Interview: fashion designer, Matthew Burns. 1 _d_ I’m a clothes designer and a businessman. I make clothes and sell them on the internet. 2 ___ I love making clothes and selling them! My friends like my clothes and now I make and sell them to other people. They like them, too. That’s really important to me. 3 ___ I work for 12 hours every day Monday to Friday – and I never have a holiday! 4 ____ I get up at 6 and go running. I start work at 8a.m and leave at 8 in the evening! 5 ____ I don’t have much free time! But I always listen to music when I work. I love it. I like listening to new bands – but I hate rock music. I spend all my free time with my family. I’ve got two wonderful daughters. They give me a lot of ideas for my clothes! 6 ____ I don’t know. Ask my friends! a) What’s your daily routine? b) What do you like about your job? c) Are you a good friend? d) What do you do, Matthew? e) What don’t you like about it? f) What do you do in your free time?.
11 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 Matthew designs clothes. T / F 2 He sells his clothes in a shop. T / F 3 People like buying his clothes. T / F 4 He works eight hours a day. T / F 5 He takes a holiday every summer. T / F 6 He doesn’t work at weekends. T / F 7 He goes running in the evening. T / F 8 He loves listening to music. T / F 9 He hates new bands. T / F 10 He’s got two children. T / F 11 His daughters help him. T / F.
12 Write the text with capital letters and apostrophes (’) where necessary. im a student from the usa. i live in austin with my brother roger and his family. his wifes mexican and her names carmen. theyve got a daughter and two sons. I’m a student from the USA.
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