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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEElementary Achievement test 2 (Units 4–6)

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Elementary Achievement test 2 (Units 4–6)



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Listening 1 Recording 3 Listen to the conversation in a restaurant. Match the people with the food. You don’t need all the food items. 1 Charlie _a_ 2 Sam ___ 3 Mum ___ 4 Rosie ___ 5 Tony ___ 6 Carol ___ a) -Roast beef and fries- b) Vegetable soup and cheese salad c) Chicken soup, pasta and prawns d) Pasta with grilled vegetables e) Green beans and carrots f) Roast beef, potatoes and vegetables g) Grilled chicken, vegetables and rice h) Fish and fries with salad i) Pasta and salad.
2 Recording 4 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Markus was born in Australia. F 2 He was born on August 13th 1983. ___ 3 There are three children in his family. ___ 4 His father was an electrician. ___ 5 He loved maths and music. ____ 6 He started playing the guitar when he was eleven. ___ 7 He comes from a musical family. ___ 8 He wanted to become famous. ___ 9 He had lessons every evening. ___ 10 Markus and his friends played in a band. ___ 11 Their band won the school competition. ___.
Grammar 3 Write the sentences in the correct order. 1 many / bedrooms / are / how / there? __How many bedrooms are there?__ 2 aren’t / after / any / there / 11p.m. / buses ____________________________________ 3 can / get / a / from / book / the / I / library? ____________________________________ 4 I / got / pineapples / any / haven’t ____________________________________ 5 often / do /eat / you / vegetables? ____________________________________ 6 is / sugar / this / there / in / tea? ____________________________________ 7 drinks / of / a / she / at / coffee / lot / work ____________________________________ 8 your / who / favourite / was / teacher? ____________________________________ 9 weren’t / home / last / they / at / night ____________________________________ 10 the / didn’t / film / we / enjoy ____________________________________ 11 did / live / the / when / you / in / UK? ____________________________________.
4 Write the correct form of the word in brackets. I 1 _got_ (get) my first job in 2012 because I 2 _____ (want) to move out of my parents’ house and 3 _____ (rent) a flat. First, I 4 _____ (see) lots of flats. Some of them were awful. There 5 ____ (not/be) enough cupboards or shelves, and the rooms 6 ____ (be) too small. The bathrooms were old and they didn’t have a shower. Then I 7 _____ (find) the perfect flat. It 8 _____ (have) a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen with a table and a bathroom with a shower. There 9 ____ (be) lots of cupboards and shelves, and a big wardrobe in the bedroom. The flat 10_____ (not/have) a garden but it had a lovely balcony. I 11 _____ (grow) plants there and it was a great place to relax in the summer. .
Vocabulary 5 Underline the correct alternative. 1 I found my mobile phone. It was in/_on_ the shelf next to/on my bed. 2 There’s a lovely Thai restaurant between/ behind the theatre. 3 The internet café is on the left/between the bank and the post office. 4 Did you buy a bottle/jar of strawberry jam for me? 5 Can I have a packet/glass of milk, please? 6 We saw James five minutes last/ago. 7 Where did you go in/on June?.
6 Are the nouns countable or uncountable? Underline the wrong word in each group. 1 apple orange banana garlic 2 tomato salmon milk cheese 3 egg pepper carrot butter 4 milk fruit juice banana water 5 potato grape broccoli pear 6 meat fish fruit vegetable 7 pear prawn salmon strawberry.
7 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. borrow do go got play start stay working 1 Do you want to _play_ tomorrow? 2 How many books can I _______ from the library? 3 They _______ to the gym every evening. 4 Joel and Sue always ______ the housework on Saturday. 5 I’m too tired. I’m going to ______ at home tonight. 6 Does Jo really _____ enjoy as a dentist? 7 When do you ______ your new job? 8 Tim and Victoria ______ married last February. .
Function 8 Tick two polite options for each question. 1 a) What do you want? b) Are you ready to order?  c) Can I help you?  2 a) Have you got it in small, please? ___ b) Could I have a medium?___ c) Give me a large. ___ 3 a) Where’s the menu? ____ b) Could you bring us a menu? ____ c) Can I see the menu, please? ____ 4 a) Would you like something to drink? ____ b) Do you want coffee? ____ c) What would you like to drink? ___ 5 a) I want some red wine. ____ b) I’d like a hamburger and fries. ___ c) Can I have some vegetables? ___ 6 a) I’m not sure. ____ b) Give me time to think. ____ c) I need to think about it. ____.
9 Write the past simple questions. 1 How / your holiday? __ How was your holiday?__ 2 your wife / go / with you? __________________________ 3 When / you / get back? __________________________ 4 That / sound / awful! __________________________ 5 Who / you / go with? __________________________ 6 Where / you / go? __________________________.
10 Now match questions 1–6 from Exercise 9 with gaps a–f. A: Hi Tony! How are you? B: Fine thanks. a __1__ A: It was good – but we had a few problems. B: Why? What happened? A: Well, the hotel was awful, the plane was late . . . B: b ____ A: Yeah, but the beach was amazing. B: c ____ A: Aruba. Lovely food, lovely people . . . B: d ____ A: A couple of friends from work. B: e ____ A: Yes, she loved it. B: f ____ A: Last night!.
11 Read the article and complete the gaps with headings a–f. 1 d Jamie Oliver is a well-known British chef. He was born on 27th May 1975 in Essex. His parents ran a pub restaurant and taught him how to cook when he was young. 2 ____ He went to college to study cooking when he was 16 and then worked in France. Next, he worked in London at Carluccio’s and The River Café. 3 ____ At the end of 2002, he opened his first restaurant, ‘Fifteen’, in London. His idea was to help young people without jobs to learn how to cook with professionals and find work. It was a big success and now there are ‘Fifteen’ restaurants all around the world. 4 ____ In 2008, Jamie then started another restaurant business – this time with Italian food. The original ‘Jamie’s Italian’ opened in Oxford and there are now around 40 of them in the UK in cities such as Exeter and Brighton. There are ‘Jamie’s Italian’ restaurants in Australia, Singapore, Brazil and Russia too, with plans for more soon. 5 ____ Jamie has also published lots of cookery books since his first, The Naked Chef, in 1999. His latest titles include Jamie’s Comfort Food in 2014 and The Essential Jamie in 2015. 6 ____ He has a lot more ideas for the future! One of them is to develop his YouTube channel: Food Tube. At present it is the third largest food channel on YouTube but he’d like this to change. Why not have a look at it yourself? a) Recipes to try at home b) Becoming a chef c) A small idea grows big d) _First beginnings_ e) More to come f) Training others.
12 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 Jamie first learnt to cook at school. T / F 2 He worked in France after working in London. T / F 3 He started his own business in 2002. T / F 4 Fifteen was a complete failure. T / F 5 Jamie will open more Italian restaurants. T / F 6 He called his first collection of recipes The Naked Chef. T / F.
13 Read the text again and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 Jamie Oliver’s parents were a) chefs. b) teachers. c) __the owners of a pub.__ 2 When he left college, Jamie went to a) Essex. b) London. c) France. 3 The ‘Fifteen’ restaurants a) give free food to young people. b) help professional chefs find work. c) teach young people to be cooks. 4 Jamie started his first Italian restaurant in a) Oxford. b) Brighton. c) Italy. 5 There are around 40 Jamie’s Italian restaurants in a) Exeter and Brighton. b) the UK. c) the world. 6 Jamie’s Comfort Food is a) one of Jamie’s restaurants. b) a recent cookery book by Jamie. c) Jamie’s first cookery book.
14 Rewrite the recipe with capital letters and commas. it’s very easy to make a greek salad. you need lettuce tomatoes black olives an onion some feta cheese and a big dish. wash and cut up the lettuce and tomatoes. then put all the ingredients into the dish and add some olive oil. don’t add salt because feta cheese is very salty. stir and serve with fresh bread. delicious! It’s very easy to make a Greek salad. .
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