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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEElementary Achievement test 3 (Units 7–9)

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Elementary Achievement test 3 (Units 7–9)



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Listening 1 Recording 5 Listen and tick the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 What time does Jim leave home? 9.15 | 8.15 | a) b)  c) 2 What kind of film do they decide to see? America | action | drama a) b) c) 3 What do you have to wear to the Trattoria? jacke | tie | jeans a) b) c) 4 How long does it take to go to Prague by bus? 5 | 3 | 2 a) b) c) 5 What’s her brother wearing? jeans | a | a) b) c) 6 Where did the woman go on holiday? Florida | Miami | Tenerif a) b) c).
2 Recording 6 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Fiona spent a month in Spain. T 2 The trains were expensive. ___ 3 Barcelona has a castle and beach. ___ 4 Fiona liked the new part of Valencia the most. ___ 5 It took Fiona four hours to get to Malaga. ____ 6 In Malaga, Fiona walked up a large hill to visit an old friend. ___ 7 Fiona stayed with friends in Seville. ___ 8 Plasencia is quite close to Portugal. ____ 9 The people in Plasencia were not friendly. ___ 10 Fiona ended her holiday in Bilbao. ____ 11 Fiona wants to go to Cuba for her next holiday. ____.
Grammar 3 Complete the phone call with the present simple or continuous. A: Hi, Mel. Where 1 _are you _(you / be)? B: Sweden! A: What 2______ (you / do) there? B: I 3 _____ (visit) my Swedish friend, Magritte. She 4 _____ (study) here. A: 5 _____ (she / live) in Stockholm? B: Yes. She 6 ____ (work) parttime for a magazine, too. A: Great. 7 _____ (you / have) a good time? B: Yes. It’s her birthday. We 8 _____ (sit) in a lovely restaurant at the top of a tall building and 9 _____ (enjoy) the view of the city. A: 10 _____ (drink) champagne? B: Yes, of course. And we 11 _____ (eat) salmon. A: Mmm . . . that sounds wonderful!.
4 Complete the text with the correct answer, a), b) or c). I recommend living in 1 _c_ smaller university cities. They’re usually 2 _____ than large cities like Manchester. I was born in Oxford, went to 3 _____ university in Cambridge and now I work in Brighton – so I know quite a bit about university towns. Cambridge is 4 _____ beautiful place but it isn’t 5 _____ place to live. You 6 _____ have to have a car but it’s a long way from other cities. Oxford is bigger and has 7 _____ transport system. Buses go to London every 15 minutes so you never 8 _____ book a ticket. Brighton is 9 _____ for music and nightlife. You 10 _____ great restaurants and clubs there. And it’s by 11 _____sea! 1 a) the b) a c) – 2 a) the quieter b) quieter c) most quiet 3 a) – b) a c) an 4 a) a b) the c) – 5 a) cheapest b) the cheapest c) cheaper 6 a) aren’t b) can’t c) don’t 7 a) a better b) better c) best 8 a) can b) has to c) have to 9 a) best b) the better c) the best 10 a) are finding b) can find c) finds 11 a) the b) a c) –.
Vocabulary 5 Write the correct word next to the definition. 1 It’s very hot in this place. d e s e r t 2 There are thousands of trees. f _____ 3 You can buy fruit and vegetables here. m 4 You can often swim outdoors here. l _____ 5 People like climbing these. m _____ 6 It’s smaller than a town. v _____ 7 You can only walk on these roads, not drive. p_____ s______ 8 Not safe. d_____ .
6 Add one word from the box to each group. __________________________ boring corner moustache `````````````````````````````````````` 1 quiet slow empty __boring__ 2 park square road _____ 3 helicopter tram lorry ______ 4 beard glasses make-up ______ 5 slim overweight tall _____ 6 romantic horror sci-fi _____.
7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 1 You can’t get _off_ the bus until it stops. 2 Mike’s ______ the phone. He’s chatting his sister. 3 She always takes photos _____ buildings. 4 I’m waiting _____ a tram. It’s late. 5 Eddie’s always talking _____ rugby and often listens _____ sport on the radio. 6 We looked ______ her holiday photos. 7 It’s a good idea not to think _____ your problems all the time. .
Function 8 Choose the best response, a), b) or c). 1 Can you recommend a good book? a) No, I can’t. b)__ What sort of books do you like?__ c) Why? 2 Can you tell me where the station is, please? a) It’s at the end of this street. b) There’s a pedestrian street on the left. c) No, turn right. 3 So that’s straight on and third left? a) It’s on the right. b) No, first left. c) Yes, third right. 4 Do you think I’d like it? a) Who’s in it? b) Yes, I think so. c) It’s a comedy. 5 I’m sorry I’m late. My train was delayed. a) a) I’m OK, thanks. b) I feel very bad about it. c) That’s OK. No problem. 6 Why are you so late? a) Believe me, it’s a long story. b) I’m terribly sorry to hear that. c) The boss wants to see you.
9 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. ________________________________ best cheaper expensive looking or recommend shirt terrible ``````````````````````````````````````````````` A: Excuse me. I’m 1 __looking__ for a men’s clothes shop. Can you 2 ______ one? B: Yes, of course. There are one 3 ______ two nice ones here in Midtown. A: Great. I need a new 4 _____ and some other things. I lost my luggage and I have to buy some clothes. B: Oh, that’s 5 _____ . Well, 6 _____ Styles in South Street – or Ben’s in King Square. They’re both good. A: Which do you think is the 7 _____? B: Well, Styles is more 8 _____ but their clothes are the best quality. A: Do they sell modern clothes? B: Um, no, not really. I think you’d like Ben’s more. It’s a bit trendier – and 9 _____ . It’s more popular with 10 ______ people. A: That sounds good. Is it near here? B: Yes. Go straight on, 11 _____ turn right. A: Thank you very much. .
Reading 10 Read the text and underline the correct answer, a, b or c. The holiday of a lifetime The Trans-Siberian Railway journey is one of the most amazing train journeys in the world. It is not only one of the most famous railways in the world but it is also the longest. It starts in Moscow and finishes in Vladivostock, on Russia’s Pacific Coast, 6,500 miles (10,500 kilometres) away. You travel from Europe into Asia, go through seven time zones and pass by 87 towns and cities.If you don’t stop anywhere on the way, you can get to Vladivostock, on the Pacific Ocean, in six days. But that isn’t a good idea. The train stops at thirteen different stations and there’s so much to see. First of all, you should go to Lake Baikal, the World's largest and oldest fresh water lake. Then there’s the city of Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, with just over one and a half million people. It’s a relaxed and interesting place with unusual museums and a great nightlife. And you really have to visit Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city, where the last Tsar of Russia and his family died in 1918. It’s famous for its theatres and has over thirty museums for you to visit. There are of course, other things to do along the way, like visit the Kremlin or the Forbidden City. These make the trip more expensive but also make it the journey of a lifetime. The train is very comfortable. It has two or four-bed compartments, with first-class as an option. Food and drink are sold both on the train and at each stop. There is also a dining car. For the best trip, try to travel in the spring or autumn because the weather is better then and look out for great offers. The cheapest ticket is around £300. But at the top end of the scale, if you have more money to spend, you can take a two-week guided tour from London for about £9,000. However you do it, you’ll have a great trip! 1 The Trans-Siberian Railway . a)__ covers a total distance of 6,500 miles__ b) leaves from the Pacific Coast c) has the best trains in the world 2 During the journey, the time changes . a) thirteen times b) six times c) seven times 3 Lake Baikal is_____ . a) the second stop after you leave the capital b) the best place to stop on the journey c) the biggest area of fresh water on the planet 4 Novosibirsk has a population of _____ . a) nearly 1.5 million people b) more than 1.5 million people c) exactly 1.5 million people 5 The journey _____. a) is more amazing if you stay on the train b) costs more if you decide to take stops c) takes you to visit the Tsar of Russia 6 The most expensive travel option is to . a) travel with a guide for two weeks b) travel alone from London c) take a one-week guided tour from London .
11 Read the article again. Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). 1 The Trans-Siberian Railway is Russian. T 2 Vladivostok is by the sea. ____ 3 The Trans-Siberian Railway only travels through Europe. ____ 4 The train stops at 87 stations. ____ 5 It is possible to reach Vladivostock in less than a week. ____ 6 The best way to travel is to go non-stop. ____ 7 The capital of Siberia is Novosibirsk. ____ 8 The last Russian Tsar died at Lake Baikal. ____ 9 It’s better to stop and visit different places on the journey. ____ 10 It’s a good idea to do the train journey in summer. _____ 11 It’s cheaper to take a guided tour _____.
Writing 12 Find and correct ten more mistakes in the travel article below. Check spelling, past simple, singular/plural forms and comparatives/superlatives. Last summer we spend spent three weeks travelling in France and it was the better holiday ever! We taken our car and get a ferry from Dover to Calais. We wanted an adventure so we didn’t planned our trip. We drived and then stopped when we liked the look of a place. Our French weren’t excellent but everyone understood us. The people in the countryside were friendlyer than in the cities. Often when we stoped somewhere, people invited us to eat with them. It was the more exciting trip I have ever been on and I want to do them again!.
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