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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEElementary Achievement test 4 (Units 10–12)

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Elementary Achievement test 4 (Units 10–12)



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Listening 1 Recording 7 Listen to the weather forecast. Match the weather to the days. You don’t need all the weather items. 1 Monday a 2 Tuesday ____ 3 Wednesday ____ 4 Thursday ____ 5 Friday ____ 6 Saturday ____ 7 Sunday ____ 8 next week ____ a) hot and sunny b) hot and windy c) cloudy, heavy rain, stormy d) warm and dry e) warm and cloudy f) warm, cloudy, some rain g) cold and rainy h) windy, cool, chance of rain i) hot and cloudy j) mostly dry with some sun.
2 Recording 8 Listen to two phone conversations. Complete the messages. 1 2 Grammar Message For: 1__ Mr Jackson__ From: 2 ______ Barnes Time: 1.15p.m. Your 3______ will be ready at 5.30 this evening. Please Bill, Jimmy called. Do you want to see the Chelsea match on 6 _______ afternoon? He can get 7 _______ tickets - £30 instead of £8 _______. Call him before 9 ______ tonight.
Grammar 3 Underline the correct alternative. 1 She’s got a job in Brazil. She __should__/won’t learn Portuguese. 2 We’ve sold our house because we ’ll/’re going to travel round the world. 3 Have you/Did you ever seen a crocodile? 4 You shouldn’t/might not work so hardly/ hard. You’ll get ill. 5 Do take a coat. You might/should get cold. 6 We aren’t going to the USA again. We went/’ve been two years ago. 7 The weather forecast said it won’t rain/hasn’t rained tomorrow. 8 I might/will go to the doctor. I ’ll/won’t see how I feel in the morning. 9 They haven’t called/didn’t call us last night. .
4 Complete the text with the correct answer, a), b) or c) You 1__ might__ remember getting lost when you were a child. It probably wasn’t a happy experience. But have you ever 2 ______ lost in the mountains? It can happen 3 ______ and it’s very frightening, but it 4 _______ be so dangerous if you prepare carefully. First of all, tell your family or friends where you are going and when you 5 come back. Check the weather forecast but 6 _______ prepare for bad weather. You never know, it 7 _______ change. Wear a warm coat and boots, take extra clothes, food and lots of water. You can survive for weeks without food but you 8 ______ survive long without water. Take a map, a compass and some matches 9 ______ . You can also take your mobile phone and GPS. They might save you if you get lost but it 10 ______be possible to get a telephone signal. Finally, remember you 11_____ never go walking in the mountains alone. 1 a) did b) have c) might 2 a) to get b) got c) getting 3 a) easy b) very easy c) easily 4 a) will b) won’t c) might 5 a) are going to b) going to c) don’t 6 a) too b) also c) as well 7 a) might b) will c) is going to 8 a) might b) won’t c) shouldn’t 9 a) as well b) after that c) finally 10 a) might b) might not c) will 11 a) won’t b) shouldn’t c) should.
Vocabulary 5 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 1 to climb __jogging__ to drive to swim 2 warm stung clubbing sunburnt 3 a film a drawing a paintinga photo 4 head hurt hand ear 5 thumb headache flu cough 6 grown wrote given swum 7 through slowly under across.
6 Underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 I’ve never __b__ a camel or elephant. a) driven b) --ridden-' c) climbed 2 Have you ever _____ to a live sporting event? a) seen b) been c) watched 3 Look out. There’s a car coming _____ us. a) towards b) away fromc) into 4 I love walking ______ bridges and looking down. a) through b) across c) into 5 It’s really tiring walking ______ that hill at the end of the day. a) up b) through c) towards 6 Don’t _______the phone now. It’s really late. a) leave b) answer c) call 7 Can you ________a message for me and tell him I’ll call him back after lunch? a) write b) leave c) take.
7 Match sentences 1–9 with a)–i). 1 Why don’t we go __c__ 2 He didn’t have any food so _____ 3 I’m tired. Let’s take______ 4 She’s really good at remembering _____ 5 He’s pushing his _____ 6 I think we should go _____ 7 Did you remember to turn off _____ 8 I watched the old man crossing _____ 9 Have you ever done ______ a) your phone? b) for a walk and get some fresh air. c) for a meal tomorrow night? d) the road. e) he got hungry. f) people’s names. g) car to the garage. h) a break for half an hour. i) a bungee jump?.
Function 8 Underline the best response, a), b) or c). 1 Let’s go to the zoo. a) I want to see a film. b) -That doesn’t sound very interesting.- c) I might. 2 Shall we book tickets? a) Yes, you should. b) Sounds interesting. c) That’s a good idea. 3 The TV is too loud. a) Shall I turn it down? b) That sounds good to me. c) Great. I’ll do it. 4 I can’t open the window. a) OK, don’t move. b) No problem. c) Let me try. 5 That’s so kind of you. a) You’re welcome. b) Are you OK? c) Thanks a lot. 6 Hi. Is Kirsten there? a) Could you ring me back? b) No, she’s gone out. c) It’s Suzanne. 7 My number is 0490 393950. a) Let me check that. 0490 . . . b) I’ll hang up straight away. c) Thanks for picking up. 8 Could I leave a message for Phil? a) Of course. Could you give me the number there? b) Just a moment. Let me get a pen. c) I’ll call you back. .
9 Complete the conversations. Use one word in each gap. Conversation 1 A: Let’s 1 _do__ something different this weekend. 2 _____ don’t we go away somewhere? B: I don’t really feel 3_____doing that. A: OK. Well, how 4______ going out for a meal? B: That 5 ______ like a good idea. Let’s do that. Conversation 2______ A: Hello. 6_______ is Matt Paton. Is Simon there? B: Let me 7______ . No, I’m afraid he’s in a meeting. A: 8______ you ask him to call me? B: Certainly. Does he have your 9 ______? A: Yes, he does. Thanks. .
Reading 10 Read the article and complete the gaps with headings a–f. A Dream Job 1 _d_ Michael Palin has travelled all over the world several times but he has lived in the same house in London since 1968. 2 ____ Some of you might remember him from the Monty Python films he acted in between 1969 and 1983, but in 1989, Michael started doing TV travel programmes for the BBC. He’s now more famous for his travel books and DVDs than for his acting. 3 ____ His first series Around the World in 80 days followed the same route as the Jules Verne novel of the same name. And like Phileas Fogg, the hero of the book, Michael didn’t get on a plane. 4 ____ His programmes have taken Michael from the North to the South Pole, around the Pacific Ocean, across the Sahara desert, up into the Himalayas and through Eastern Europe. 5 ____ He has had breakfast in Alaska, Sunday lunch at 5,000 metres on Mount Everest, and slept in a tent in Antarctica. He’s met the Dalai Lama in India, done Tai Chi in Shanghai and driven one of the last steam trains in Poland. 6 ____ It’s hard to believe that Michael Palin hasn’t been everywhere, but there are still places he would like to visit: Syria, Georgia, Brazil, Argentina – the list goes on. He hasn’t got any plans for another TV series at the moment – but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s off on his travels again. a) Before he began his travels b) Where next? c) Crossing continents. d) -'No moves at home-- e) In the footsteps of a hero f) Unusual experiences.
1 Read the article again and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 Michael Palin has never moved house. a) True b) False c) --Doesn’t say-' 2 He acted in the first Monty Python film in 1989. a) True b) False c) Doesn’t say 3 He travelled around the world in 80 days by plane. a) True b) False c) Doesn’t say 4 When he was in India, he met the Dalai Lama. a) True b) False c) Doesn’t say 5 There are three steam trains in Poland. a) True b) False c) Doesn’t say 6 Michael is going to do another TV series in May. a) True b) False c) Doesn’t say.
Writing 12 Rewrite the email with full stops and capital letters. the best time to visit my country is in february that’s when we have the winter holidays it’s the perfect time to go skiing the weather is cold because it’s winter it’s also very sunny with blue skies too bring warm clothes and boots or you’ll get cold bring lots of hats as well! The best time to come to my country is in February. That’s .
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