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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEElementary Mid-course test

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Elementary Mid-course test



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Listening 1 Recording 9 Listen and match speakers A–C with pictures 1–3. Speakers: A B C .
2 Recording 9 Listen again and decide which Speaker (A, B or C) the following statements are true for. 1 I live near the train station. __Speaker A__ 2 I have a two-bedroomed flat. ______ 3 I am married. ______ 4 I like watching TV in bed. _____ 5 I think my flat is great. ______ 6 I have a job and study too. _____ 7 I really enjoy listening to music. _____ 8 I don’t enjoy cooking. _____ .
3 Recording 10 Listen and complete the notes. Sydney Bus Tours name of tour: 1 __City__Tour__ a.m. or p.m.:.
Grammar 4 Write questions for the answers. 1 When __were you born ?__ I was born in 1985. 2 Where ________? My parents were born in Canada. 3 How _________? She’s got two brothers and one sister. 4 When __________? I saw them last weekend. 5 What time _________? They start school at 8.45. 6 What _________? We bought a new sofa.
5 Complete the second sentence using the information in the first sentence. 1 There aren’t any plants in my house. I haven’t __got any plants in my house .__ 2 We never go to bed early. We always . 3 We haven’t got any milk. There . 4 My husband works late every night. Last night . 5 This town only has a few shops. shops here. _____________________________ 6 They always have breakfast in a café. Yesterday _____________________________ .
6 Complete the text with one word in each gap. I was 1 __born__ in Highbury 2 _____ 1975. We lived in a quiet street and I 3_____ lots of friends. There were few cars so 4 _____ played in the street and rode our bikes. 5 _____ parents worked at the sports 6 _____ . They didn’t drive us 7 ______ school or meet us after 8 ______ cinema. Now Highbury’s a ______9 different place. Children can’t play outside or ride 10 _____bikes because there 11______^ too many cars.
Vocabulary 7 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 1 be from Thailand / Peru / India / -Italian- 2 play tennis / football / exercise / computer games 3 have breakfast / lunch / dinner / bed 4 go to bed / married / running / to the library 5 be interesting / slowly / kind / intelligent 6 eat a strawberry / bread / banana / pear 7 on Tuesday / 10th February / September / Valentine’s Day 8 last afternoon / Saturday / week / year.
8 Write the words in brackets. 1 Have you got your __passport__ (sopprsta) and flight information? 2 Can I have a_______ (eignls) ticket to Brussels, please? 3 We start school at_________ (turqare) past seven in the morning. 4 The _______(summue) has a lots of interesting old objects you can look at. 5 Jenny likes listening to music with her new________ (sehendhapo). 6 Would you like to _________ (rerod) something to drink? 7 In the USA, _________(denInecpeedn) Day is on July 4th. 8 She went to __________(nuytiresiv) to study mathematics.
9 Add one word from the box to each group. There are two extra words. _______________________________ balcony children French funny ```````````````````````````````````````````` 1 Turkish Chinese Russian __French__ 2 camera keys mobile _____ 3 parents sister husband ______ 4 serious friendly kind _____ 5 shelves armchair mirror ______ 6 potatoes broccoli peppers ____ 7 carton can packet ______.
Function 10 Match questions 1–6 with responses a)–f). 1 Could I have the roast chicken, please? _d_ 2 How much does that red jacket cost? ____ 3 Do you accept credit cards? ____ 4 Are you free tonight? _____ 5 Where do you want to go tonight?_____ 6 Would you like something to drink? ______ a) No, but I am tomorrow. What would you like to do? b) How about going to the theatre for a change? c) Yes, please. Could we have two small glasses of red wine. d) Yes, of course. Would you like it with vegetables? e) Yes, we do. f) It’s £69.99. .
11 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. ___________________________ got Have in know medium shame ```````````````````````````````````````` A: Look Michael. That’s a nice 1 __suit .__ B: But I’ve got a suit! A: Yes, but it’s 2 _______ small for you. You need a new one for Cathy’s wedding. B: Yeah, you’re right. How much is 3 _____ one? A: I don’t 4 ______ . Ask the assistant. C: Can I help you, sir? B: Yes, how much is that grey suit, please? C: It’s £129. B: Have you 5 ______ it in medium? C: Hold on. I’ll check . . . Yes, here 6 ______ are. A: Sorry, it’s too 7 _____ . B: Yes, it’s very small. 8 ______ you got it 9 ______ large? C: Sorry, sir. We’ve only got it in small and 10 ______ . A: Oh, that’s a 11 _______ . B: It’s OK. We can look again next week. A: Michael! .
Reading 12 Read the article and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). Team GB – Olympic heroes The year 2012 was a very special one for British sportsmen and women. Firstly, the Olympic Games were in London for the first time since 1948. Secondly, Team GB (Great Britain) won a total of 63 medals: 28 gold, 17 silver and 18 bronze. This performance was even better than for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, when the British team won 47 medals. Two of the most popular heroes of the 2012 team were cyclist Chris Hoy and heptathlon ٭ athlete Jessica Ennis. Chris won two gold medals in London and Jessica won her first one. Chris was already a world champion cyclist with four gold medals from the last two Olympics in 2008 and 2004. Born in Edinburgh in 1976, he began cycling after he saw the Steven Spielberg film E.T. in 1982. He started winning races in 1999, and won his first Olympic gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Jessica is a new name on the Olympic gold medallist list. Born in Sheffield in 1986, she started doing athletics at school and won her first prize when she was ten: a pair of running shoes. In 2009, she came first in the World Championships and was also first in the 2010 World Indoor Competition. She won the 2012 Olympic Games gold medal with an amazing total of 6,955 points for her seven events and had 306 more points than the silver medallist. When the London Olympics finished, there was a big parade in London to celebrate Team GB’s success. Team GB came 3rd in the Olympics and the Paralympics. On this day, all the British sportsmen and women went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Today, though, they’re all preparing for 2016 – the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil. Will they repeat the successes of 2012? ٭A heptathlon is an athletic competition for women and is a mix of seven different track and field events. 1 Team GB was the Olympic team from . a) England b) Beijing c) __Great Britain__ 2 Team GB won seventeen ____ medals. a) gold b) silver c) bronze 3 In the 2008 Olympic Games, Great Britain won_____ medals. a) 47 b) 63 c) 28 4 The London Olympics was Chris Hoy’s Olympic Games. a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd 5 Chris began cycling because of _____ . a) a school b) a film c) his dad 6 Chris won his first Olympic gold medal in ______. a) Edinburgh b) Athens c) 2008 7 Jessica won a pair of for ______her first athletics competition. a) shorts b) boots c) running shoes 8 Jessica first became a world champion in . a) 1986 b) 2009 c) 2010 9 After the Olympics, there was a ____ to celebrate Team GB’s success. a) party b) event c) parade 10 All Team GB met the _______. a) Queen b) Prime Minister c) President of the Olympic Games 11 A heptathlon is a special athletics competition for women. They compete in a total of _______events. a) six b) seven c) eight.
13 Read the notice and the message. Then complete the notes. Dunn’s Bookshop Author Bryce Courtenay talks about his new book The Silver Moon. Friday 22nd November at 7.00p.m. Helen, Bryce just called. He’s on the train. Can you meet him at the station at 6.20? Please bring him to the bookshop. There’s some tea and biscuits for him in the kitchen. See you later. Name of author: 1Bryce Courtenay Meet at: 2 ______ Time: 3 ________.
Writing 14 Rewrite the text with the correct punctuation. when i was fourteen i loved reading music and films so there were lots of books cds and dvds on the shelves I really liked brad pitt and watched one of brads films fifty times When I was fourteen I loved reading, music and films so . . .
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