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ENCORE 350-401

Virtualization Questions

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Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that R1 is a CE router, which VRF is assigned to Gi0/0 on R1? VRF VPN_B Default VRF Management VRF VRF VPN_A.
Which statement about route targets is true when using VRF-Lite? When BGP is configured, route targets are transmitted as BGP standard communities Route targets control the import and export of routes into a customer routing table Route targets allow customers to be assigned overlapping addresses Route targets uniquely identify the customer routing table.
Which two statements about VRF-lite are true? (Choose two) It can increase the packet switching rate It supports most routing protocols, including EIGRP, ISIS, and OSPF It supports MPLS-VRF label exchange and labeled packets It should be used when a customer’s router is connected to an ISP over OSPF It can support multiple customers on a single switch.
Which statement explains why Type 1 hypervisor is considered more efficient than Type 2 hypervisor? Type 1 hypervisor runs directly on the physical hardware of the host machine without relying on the underlying OS Type 1 hypervisor enables other operating systems to run on it Type 1 hypervisor relies on the existing OS of the host machine to access CPU, memory, storage, and network resources Type 1 hypervisor is the only type of hypervisor that supports hardware acceleration techniques.
What are two benefits of virtualizing the server with the use of VMs in data center environment? (Choose two) increased security reduced rack space, power, and cooling requirements reduced IP and MAC address requirements speedy deployment smaller Layer 2 domain.
Which statement describes the IP and MAC allocation requirements for virtual machines on type 1 hypervisors? Each virtual machine requires a unique IP and MAC addresses to be able to reach to other nodes Each virtual machine requires a unique IP address but shares the MAC address with the physical server Each virtual machines requires a unique IP address but shares the MAC address with the address of the physical server Each virtual machine requires a unique MAC address but shares the IP address with the physical server.
What is the main function of VRF-lite? To allow devices to use labels to make Layer 2 Path decisions To segregate multiple routing tables on a single device To connect different autonomous systems together to share routes To route IPv6 traffic across an IPv4 backbone.
Refer to the exhibit. You have just created a new VRF on PE3. You have enabled debug ip bgp vpnv4 unicast updates on PE1, and you can see the route in the debug, but not in the BGP VPNv4 table. Which two statements are true? (Choose two) *Jun19 11:12: BGP(4): rcvd UPDATE w/ attr:nexthop, origin ?, localpref 100,metric 0,extended community RT:999:999 *Jun19 11:12: BGP(4): rcvd 999:999:,label 29–DENIED due to:extended community not supported VPNv4 is not configured between PE1 and PE3 address-family ipv4 vrf is not configured on PE3 After you configure route-target import 999:999 for a VRF on PE3, the route will be accepted PE1 will reject the route due to automatic route filtering After you configure route-target import 999:999 for a VRF on PE1, the route will be accepted.
What are two reasons why broadcast radiation is caused in the virtual machine environment? (Choose two) vSwitch must interrupt the server CPU to process the broadcast packet The Layer 2 domain can be large in virtual machine environments Virtual machines communicate primarily through broadcast mode Communication between vSwitch and network switch is broadcast based Communication between vSwitch and network switch is multicast based.
Which two entities are Type 1 hypervisors? (Choose two) Oracle VM VirtualBox Microsoft Hyper-V VMware server VMware ESX Microsoft Virtual PC.
A server running Linux is providing support for virtual machines along with DNS and DHCP services for a small business. Which technology does this represent? container Type 1 hypervisor hardware pass-through Type 2 hypervisor.
Which two actions provide controlled Layer 2 network connectivity between virtual machines running on the same hypervisor? (Choose two) Use a single trunk link to an external Layer2 switch Use a virtual switch provided by the hypervisor Use VXLAN fabric after installing VXLAN tunnelling drivers on the virtual machines Use a single routed link to an external router on stick Use a virtual switch running as a separate virtual machine.
What is a Type 1 hypervisor? runs directly on a physical server and depends on a previously installed operating system runs directly on a physical server and includes its own operating system runs on a virtual server and depends on an already installed operating system run on a virtual server and includes its own operating system.
Which element enables communication between guest VMs within a virtualized environment? vSwitch virtual router hypervisor pNIC.
What is a benefit of using a Type 2 hypervisor instead of a Type 1 hypervisor? ability to operate on hardware that is running other OSs improved security because the underlying OS is eliminated improved density and scalability better application performance.
Refer to the exhibit. interface Vlan10 ip vrf forwarding Customer1 ip address ! interface Vlan20 ip vrf forwarding Customer2 ip address ! interface Vlan30 ip vrf forwarding Customer3 ip address Which configuration allows Customer2 hosts to access the FTP server of Customer1 that has the IP address of ip route vrf Customer1 global ip route vrf Customer2 global ip route Vlan10 ip route Vlan20 ip route vrf Customer1 Customer2 ip route vrf Customer2 Customer1 ip route vrf Customer1 Customer1 ip route vrf Customer2 Customer2 ip route vrf Customer1 global ip route vrf Customer2 global ip route Vlan10 ip route Vlan20 .
A customer has deployed an environment with shared storage to allow for the migration of virtual machines between servers with dedicated operating systems that provide the virtualization platform. What is this operating system described as? hosted virtualization type 1 hypervisor container oriented decoupled.
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